What are some movies based on true crime stories?

If movies originate from life and are larger than life, movies based on reality are best at bringing things we don’t know to our eyes through the screen. Here are a few I’ve seen.

  1. Bandits

Based on the true events of Joe Dowdy and Teri Lee Connor, two of America’s most wanted men.

2. The Imposter

This is a documentary. According to the United States Texas San Antonio a 13-year-old boy mysteriously disappeared four years later by a man in Spain impersonation of the event adapted.

3. American Hustle

Based on the story of American con man Wayne Burger, the names of all the characters in the film have been changed.

4. The Frozen Ground

Based on the late 1980s Alaskan psychopathic killer Robert Hansen’s prostitute hunt.

5. Catch Me If You Can

The movie is based on Frank Abagno Jr. ‘s autobiography Catch Me If You Can: The Amazing True Story of a Fraud.

6. An American Crime

The movie is based on a real case in Indianapolis, USA in 1965.

7. The Exorcism Of Emily Rose

Based on a true story, the film tells the story of a female lawyer’s search for the truth after a failed exorcism in the Catholic Church leads to a lawsuit.

8. The Bank Job

Based on the 1971 Lloyds Bank robbery in Marybourne, London, the film weaves together the corruption, embezzlement, corruption, murder and sex scandals at the top of 1970s Britain in a high-powered thriller.

9. Black Heart White Soul

Based on the true stories of Donnie Brasco: My Undercover Life in the Mafia, written by former FBI agent Joseph D. Pistone and Richard Woodley.

10. Dark matter

According to happened in 1991, a sensation at home and abroad to study in the United States student Lu Gang shot his mentor’s case adapted.

11. Father Hood

According to the 70’s French famous thief Jacques Meslin true event adaptation.

12. Public Enemies

The movie is an epic gangster saga that focuses on the short and perilous life of famed bank robber John Dillinger.

13. Lord of War

According to international arms smuggler Victor. Bout’s original movie.

14. Die Welle

Adapted from the novel of the same name by German novelist Todd Strasser, the film tells the story of high school teacher Rainer Wenger, who leads his students to experience the fascist dictatorship through classroom experiments.