Jason Statham’s Top 10 Classic Action Movies

The name Jason Statham is familiar to anyone who likes action movies. Do you like to watch action movies? What movies has Jason Statham seen? Here are my top 10 Jason Statham movies.

  1. Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels

“Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barks” leaves the audience speechless in many aspects, such as the script, lens, performance and music. Although the movie is humorous and funny, it is not a comedy to win the audience’s laughter with funny language actions, but an unexpected black humor with its unexpected plot.

2. Crank

“Crank”, excellent creativity, intense plot and actual combat action, even more exciting! In the film, Statham’s love affair with Butterfly Effect actress Amy Smart is a rare tenderness beneath her rugged exterior.

3. The Transporter 1

“The Transporter 1” was a mixed U.S. critics, part of The viewer action praised The film feast for The eyes, feel that The director yuan KuiDaYou credit, there are also critics evaluate The film “plot cliche, difficult to cause The audience’s interest”, even someone said “see half already think themselves’ express ‘home”. And the fact proved that the film is not by the audience cold, but is affirmed.

4. The Machinist

The key words of The Machinist are blood, violence and individual heroism. As a typical Hollywood gunfight movie, The Machinist doesn’t have much in the way of new storylines, but the details are real. “The Mechanic” is a vivid stick figure, simple and clear, without supernumerary colors.

5. Snatch

A bunch of people, a diamond, and a few “acting for profit” plots make up a messy but powerful “postmodern gangster movie”. Then there’s Brick Top, the ring owner with the weird glasses, who is the coolest enterprising gangster in history.

6. The Transporter 2

Chinese kung fu, Western explosives, underwater gunfights and busy cars, the usual commercial elements, are too much to take in Luc Besson’s 88-minute shot, and Yuan Kui’s martial arts choreography makes you feel like watching a Chinese version of a martial arts movie. The film received a lot of applause when it was shown, and most of the applause from the audience was focused on the action part of the film, which undoubtedly proved that the action of the film was successful.

7. The Expendables

The greatest value of this movie is that it makes you, as a veteran action fan, cry for the old days in the cinema.

8. Fast & Furious 7

It satisfies fans on every level, and it’s Paul Walker’s last film. This is another huge movie, whether it’s the number of actors, the cast, the length, or the damage it does to the city. The story doesn’t matter. ‘Family’ is everything, and it’s a full-throated movie.

9. Death Race

Judging from the entire film production process, the quality of the film is not particularly good. In addition to the same directors, producers, distribution companies, lead actors, scripts, etc., are constantly changing. The speed of the wild and the impact of the bang is bound to fill the beginning and end of the film, just this little gimmick is enough to become a reason for us to watch.

10. The Bank Job

The Bank Job manages to break out of The historical event itself and innovate by turning it into a hilarious comedy. With its nostalgic streets, retro colors and crudely hand-cut, “The Bank Job” feels like it was dropped straight out of The 1970s.

I don’t know if these 10 classic action movies from Jason Statham will stimulate your adenosin.