Top 10 Love Movies: Good movies have stories

Today I would like to recommend 10 heartwarming old movies about love and healing. Let’s take a look at the timeless classics.

  1. Groundhog Day

I want to be with you even though life is repetitive. This is love.

Strange things happen to Phil, the acerbic weatherman. When he went to town to cover the news, he found that every time he woke up in the morning, it was the same day: February 2nd, Groundhog Day!

Phil, feeling so miserable, tries to end everything by committing suicide, only to wake up the next day after experiencing the pain of death over and over again.

All this changed when Phil became interested in his female partner Rita. He began to make use of this bug to spare no effort to understand Rita. Every day, he used the information he learned the day before to please Rita, even if he spent time to make Rita fall in love with him the next day.

Phil also finally knows that liking a girl is not opportunistic, but in a long time of repetition, let oneself become better and better. So instead of being mean, Phil learned to be grateful, to give, to do good deeds, even though he already knew who was saying what and what was going on in the next moment, it would all be different because of Rita.

This movie, is also “repeat the same day” the plot of the beginning of the mountain.

Warmth: Although Phil saw the same people every day, through the same thing, but he did try various means to Rita and favorite people together, and then find a more love Rita’s reason, is not here right now before one day, suddenly become extraordinary because of love, so not too boring life, but you lack of love, only love is the magic of the boring life.

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2. Elizabeth Town

Love is helping you find yourself when you are weak and helpless

After stylist Drew is fired by boss, abandoned by girlfriend, sink into life trough period. When the Drew that cannot find hope prepares to commit suicide, receive the news that father leaves suddenly again however, he must return home town of Elizabeth handles father’s afterlife.

On the plane, Drew meets air hostess Claire.

When a frustrated man meets an angel girl, worry, exhaustion and despair become stars in the evening sky.

Do you dare to show your most cowardly side in front of your lover? Will you stay with your lover when he is in despair? Drew in the most painful time, call Claire, tell their cowardice; Claire plans a trip in order to help Drew regain the meaning of life.

Drew is painful, cold and numb, Claire uses his enthusiasm, inclusive, optimistic let Drew extricate from inside despair, let him face setback bravely.

Sometimes, true love is a practice, need a strong faith and courage; Sometimes true love is also a redemption, even the greatest difficulties will make you believe that after winter, spring will come again.

Warmth:A happy woman is willing to use love to influence a man full of despair to the life, is this story TM not great? Then, when you feel painful, it is better to put down the burden and travel. Even if there is no one with you on the way, how do you know that he or she will not be waiting for you at the destination?

3. 10 Things I Hate About You

Love is when I have so many reasons to hate you, but I still love you.

According to family rules, Bianca is allowed to date only when her sister Kate does.

And the elder sister Kate is a girl who only knows to read and refuses to associate with any boy. Then the younger sister Bianca’s boyfriend Cameroon in order to open the date, hatched a plot: to find a person to chase Kate.

With a thousand choices, he found Patrick, the meanest and most intimidating boy in the school. Cameroon gives Patrick a sum of money in exchange, and Patrick creates various romantic opportunities, gradually transforming the cold Kate, and Kate chooses to be with Patrick regardless of anyone’s eyes.

Accidentally, Kate learned that it was just a deal, the only person she trusted and loved cheated on her. The teen’s heart was filled with pain. During a class speech, Kate burst into tears and told Patrick that she hated 10 things.

I hate the way you talk to me, the way you cut your hair.

I hate the way you drive my car and when you stare at me.

I hate your heavy boots, and the way you know me.

I hate you hate to disgust, hate you hate to rhyme;

I hate that you’re always right. I hate that you’re always lying.

I hate you make me laugh, hate you make me cry;

I hate that you’re not around, and I don’t call.

But most of all, when you are near me, I don’t hate you, not at all!

But we understand that the most annoying part of love is “not you who cheats on me”, but “myself who loves you all the time no matter how you cheat”.

Be tender: After Kate learns that she was cheated by Patrick, she is so angry that she wants to get back at him, but she is restrained by love. He just turned his hatred of Patrick into a sonnet. But in this indictment, every sentence seems to say: I want to be myself, I want to be free, I want you to know me, I want you to love me.

It’s also worth noting that Patrick is the late Heath Ledger, who played the Joker in the movie and was at his best in his youth.

4. Adam

Love is when you need me, I’m always there

Toy designer Adam is an “Asperger”, a genius who is unable to communicate or take care of himself.

He only studies the explosion of the universe. He doesn’t know anything about the world, let alone what it means to be sad. Until a new neighbor, a warm and cheerful girl named Beth, met him in the laundry room.

Instead of treating this strange man coldly like everyone else, Beth used her enthusiasm to slowly lead Adam into a normal life. When Adam got into trouble at work, Beth did her best to help him overcome his fear.

Adam would do some funny things to show his affection for Beth, such as taking her to Central Park on a date. The park was cold and deserted at night, and she didn’t know what to look at and was just about to get mad when she saw Mr. And Mrs. Raccoon sneaking around. She was surprised that Central Park was not an ideal environment for raccoons, Adam said. But they live here, they live here.

Falling in love with Adam is a matter of moments, but living with him is a lifelong challenge.

Beth felt that love and courage were strong enough to overcome all obstacles and that she could change Adam. She had forgotten that Adam was suffering from a strange disease which all the doctors in the world could not cure, and that love always makes people lose their heads.

Then Beth’s father had an accident and might be in prison, but Adam quarreled with Beth because of her good-faith deception.

Beth’s heart is very painful, so desperately to protect the people, there will be a day to understand their own?

Warmth:Adam is an idiot, standing in the snow, unable to read a road sign, only Shouting his own name, unable to distinguish between a white lie and a white lie, when asked, all he can do is to say “I need you”.But Adam is also the lucky little prince, because he and Beth have a quarrel, separated, Beth said: Adam, but you don’t know whether you love me or not, you just need me to take care of you.Strong love is really extreme tolerance, even if the wronged, but also because of understanding and can not bear to blame.Not every love has a result, but in this love you can grow, this is life ah!

5. Letters To Juliet

Love is remembering the promise no matter how long it takes

The Sophie that falls in love for many years and fiance Victor travels to the Verona of Italy, after preparing to return to the motherland, get married. Victor, on the other hand, spends all his time attending all kinds of food events, leaving Sophie alone.

The young Sophie is confused. What is love? What is the meaning of marriage?

Lonely and bored Sophie accidentally joined an organization to help the women who wrote letters to “Juliet” to solve all kinds of emotional problems.

Sophie read a letter from 50 years ago: Claire has always regretted not being with her first love, she wants to find him, do not know if it is necessary.

Sophie wrote back thoughtfully: “If your heart is about true love, then you are never too late. If this was true love, and it still is, all you need is the courage to follow your heart.”

But after reading the letter, Claire’s grandson Charlie found out that his grandmother had decided to find her first love again.

Next 3 people began the journey that searches for love of a soul-stirring, Sufei feels the intensity of love for the first time, a beautiful agreement, can be collected by an old person unexpectedly 50 years. The persistent grandmother let Sophie understand that love is not only together, but also the strongest belief in the heart.

Warmth: Claire has found many men with the same name as her first love. She hasn’t seen them in 50 years, but after just one conversation, she knows he’s not her first love. Grandson Charlie thought grandma was ridiculous and kept stopping, but on a casual road, he saw a person in the distance. Claire cried, and she told Sophie and Charlie with trembling: “It’s him…” . What is true love? No matter how many years apart, one glance can be sure: he is the one I love. It’s never too late for true love. I hope you catch it at the right time.

6. The Proposal

Love is finding your faults, yet accepting you

Margaret is absolutely a bully female president, even big leaders have to respect him three points, she is more strict with employees, is simply the devil in the mind of employees.

Workaholic Margaret is suddenly told that her visa cannot be renewed and she has to be deported back to her native Canada.

She didn’t want to give up on everything she had worked so hard for. So in order to stay and get the visa, she coerced her assistant Andrew into a fake marriage with her. The immigration office gave the married couple one week to confirm that they had true feelings before approving the visa.

Then Margaret followed Andrew back to his hometown. She always looked down on Andrew, but found him kind, warm, and capable; Margaret is selfish, tyrannical and overbearing, but she is infinitely tolerated by the kind Andrew family. It turns out she had a miserable childhood, no one to rely on, only to become strong on her own.

Then we see a subtle change in the relationship between the two actors.

Until the wedding, Margaret confessed that all this is just a fraud, because she understood that love can not tolerate lies, especially when the true love comes, she first consider the feelings of the other party. Then Margaret left, full of guilt. With low self-esteem, she thought she was unworthy of love.

I’ve done bad things, but I admit it, I deserve to have you again: that’s the power of love, love makes me alive again.

Warmth:The test time is over, sad Margaret goes back to the company to collect the last things, ready to go back to Canada. Andrew suddenly appeared and denounced all Margaret’s shortcomings in public. Margaret was so angry that she cried. He said, “I love you, would you marry me?”

Even if you have 10,000 flaws, only “I love you” is enough.

7. De Surprise

Love is having no reason to live, but wanting to live for you

This is a movie that requires hard thinking. Single rich Jacob feel alive completely meaningless, try to commit suicide by all means, but the fate of the people, how can not die.

Inintentionally, he discovers that there is an “accident manufacturing company”, can help others make death spot, he signed a contract with the company at once, tailor made “accident death program”.

Just signed the contract, in the coffin selection of the room, met another company to the death of the woman Anna. Two people fall in love at first sight, but the contract cannot be broken, regret also cannot be done, so two people began the activity of a race with death.

They go dancing together, they drive together, they hold hands and feel the heartbeat of a truck as it zips by, they dance the tango on the beach. The “transparent glass separated from the world” in Jacob’s mouth gradually melted in the ambiguous day after day. The two hearts were close to each other and their love became more and more intense.

Life is full of cracks, but only in this way can the light of love penetrate. When I was alone, I just wanted to die, but then you came along and my life just started.

Status, status, money do not bring happiness, only love can save the soul. The so-called “accident manufacturing company” does not exist at all, it is a symbol, with death to deduce love, with deception to create accident.

Warmth:Two people choose to die together, but after an accident, discover however to rescue the other side. The indifferent Jacob learned the joys and sorrows and understood the meaning of life. Anna, who has no sense of belonging, finds something to rely on to make her feel at ease. To live for each other has become their goal in life.To die and live, the unexpected arrival of whether death or love, it is really hard to say. But the only certainty is that life without the people you love is meaningless. So don’t be afraid of the dark, love will come.

8. Definitely,Maybe

Love is turning around and finding you’re still there

Will had recently divorced his wife, and they were separated. Maya, her 10-year-old daughter, was upset about her parents’ impending divorce and asked her father to tell her the story of meeting her mother.

In order to satisfy his daughter, Will had to go back to the past and tell her that all the people in the stories were aliases. She had to guess which one was her mother.

Originally just tell a few love experience, but found that this is actually a spiritual atonement and purification.

Will is trying to remember all the love fragments, the heart of the most soft part of the pain, originally he has been escaping, has been missing.

Fortunately, when I look back, you are still in the same place, after going through all kinds of hardships eventually married couple, also finally came together.

Warmth: Maya says, “All the women in the story had fictitious names, but only one of you had a real name. Dad, she’s the one you love the most. I want you to be happy. See here direct tears collapse ah, when the real open heart to accept all the past, only to find that they lost love. How many people want to take away such a considerate, loving father of the clever daughter.

9. When Harry Met Sally

Love is when I find that I love you, and you love me

Harry and Sally meet on campus and are friends. But maybe the timing wasn’t right, or the mood wasn’t right, and the couple never became a couple. Later, because of a verbal discord, they parted in discord.

Five years later, they meet again. Sally has a relationship and Harry has a fiancee. The two reached a consensus that if they had loved each other, what was the point of being friends? The two said goodbye again.

Ten years later, the two are reunited. This time the two agreed to be friends, but also for each other’s love advice. They genuinely analyze each other’s potential partners and, most importantly, whether they will be as good to each other as they are. In this process, two people discover, already fell in love with each other.

Maybe love will come in time is, you fell in love with her at first sight, but you just know it after a long time.

The best relationship is to go from hate to know to get to know to get to know to get to know each other and then to sleep with each other. After going through this process, what difficulties can’t two people overcome in the future?

From the joy of enemies, and then to intimate friends, finally to the intimate lover, thank you, when I love you, you just love me.

Warmth:This is a very difficult movie to watch, but it solves an age-old problem: whether there is pure friendship between men and women without the intervention of “sex”.From the pure hormonal impulse, sharing the pain of a broken love, to sharing the little pleasures of life, to supporting and saving each other, to climbing into the same bed,When you think about it, you realize that love has already arrived. Fall in love with his stubborn tone of speech, fall in love with his frowning look at you, fall in love with his little action of licking his mouth, want to be the last person to speak before he goes to bed.

10. The Holiday

Love is when I am disappointed in love, you help me find the most beautiful appearance of love

A love story between two women.

British woman Alice found that three years of love colleagues boyfriend, and other people engaged; Amanda, an American woman, is too successful to have a good love with anyone.

So two lonely women face the coming Christmas, meet online, go to each other’s house for two weeks to relax.

Alice went to the United States, lived in a luxury house, she buried their own sadness, began to help neighbors living alone old man, for him to create a life of surprise.

Amanda also went to the British love town, despising any man she met Alice’s brother on the first day, while escaping love, but imperceptibly change self.

Unconsciously, love takes the initiative to find two people.

There is no match in love, only right. No leading lady is unimportant. It has nothing to do with being perfect. When you meet the right person, everything will be right.

Warmth: At the last moment of her departure, the powerful Amanda suddenly understood what she really wanted and turned around to rush into the arms of her lover. Alice makes a clean break with the past when she discovers what it means to respect and share the same interests. Alice meets her true love Miles. He says, “It’s Christmas Eve. We’re going to sit in the yard, build a campfire, open a bottle of champagne and celebrate youth!” Celebrate life!

So don’t be disappointed in love, it just might happen the moment you open your heart.

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