Top 8 must-see classic movies

About the good movie we first point to like and collect, and adhere to watch, you will find a lot of surprises!

  1. “As Good as It Gets”

You make me want to be a better man.

I think that’s the best compliment to a woman ever!

This is a simple art-house movie, no flashy special effects, just the story of the film can win praise. “Titanic” nearly completed the Oscar Grand Slam, the result because of this halfway out of the arch-rival, finally failed to do so, so this film is still very weighty!

The movie tells the story of a best-selling author with obsessive-compulsive disorder, a gay painter, and a beautiful restaurant waiter. Each of them wants to have a good life, but the reality tells them that life will not be perfect.

Love makes two imperfect people strive to be better for each other. Just as Melvin was willing to go from being a “nasty old man” to being a caring gentle gentleman for Carol.

In fact, what the movie wants to say is — we all suffer from the imperfection of reality once, but when we meet the beloved one by some opportunity from the outside world, we change ourselves and become a better person, instead of complaining about the world. The process of change is meaningful.

Take a romantic confession from the movie and feel the love words of the hero:

I may be the only woman in the world who knows that you are the greatest woman in the world.

Knowing how lovely you are,

And how you treated Spencer.

Every thought of your soul,

Have shown integrity and honesty.

A lot of people are missing this,

I can’t imagine how they can watch you serving food and clearing the table without thinking that they’ve met the greatest woman in the world!

PS: Love has no age, although the movie is about the love of middle-aged people, but I think young people who are falling in love can also learn to use it,

2. “BigFish”

A man keeps telling his own story, making himself the story itself. The story lived on after his death, and so he became immortal.

I saw it a long time ago. At that time, I thought it was just a funny fantasy movie. When I saw it for the second time, I was a little thoughtful, but when I saw it again, I felt a little sad… Take a look at… My God, this is really a “still waters run deep” good work!

The father of Liar Liar has been telling his son about his adventures as a young man, such as finding a job for a giant, seeing his fate through the eyes of a witch, meeting a circus leader transformed into a werewolf, rescuing conjoined sisters… He also fantasizes that he is a big fish swimming in the water, and his family is used to his gibberish. The son was disgusted with the father who had been bragging and felt that his father was humiliating him.

However, my father said that these are not made-up, in reality, one by one found the corresponding prototype.

The film also has a big highlight, as if the fairy tale world as beautiful picture, just cut a picture can be used as wallpaper. (And the words of a young father when he meets true love, really touching!)

What touched me most was that at the end of the film, the son held his aged father to the river. The warm water sparkled on the father’s face, and the father smiled like a child, as if he really was a big fish and only the river was his real paradise…

Every one of us is holding my arms since childhood dream, look forward to a good career, immature in the eyes of all kinds of beautiful, describes the future as we grew, however, our dreams, looking forward to, being realistic things away, we realized they are just an ordinary common people, can only put the dream in the heart, the world each of us is a great writer, Directed his own unique life movie.

Time, like a river, can only flow in one direction. Therefore, the young time, especially the period from study to marriage, is the most precious stage in life, I hope you are in this period, to cherish, to feel the life, cherish the people around you, in order to tell your children and grandchildren with relish in the future.

3. “Whiplash”

Once people have a dream, how to live is a soul.

The brief description of the movie was “How Greatness Is Made.” My immediate reaction was “Is that overstating the truth?” And then I was hit in the face! I think the movie could have been called “How the Honors Student Was Made,”

Male is a music college student, specializing in jazz drums, he has a strong sense of career. In his heart, career is undoubtedly the first place, he thought that love would interfere with his training, so he broke up with the beautiful girl friend he just got.

There are a lot of infuriating scenes in the movie, like the music teacher throwing stools at every turn, and you have no idea what’s wrong. Obviously one second promised to give you a performance, the next second to find someone to change you. Although there is no denying that teachers help the hero achieve a breakthrough, but such education style is still controversial.

After watching the moive, my biggest feeling is that we have heard people around us always say “almost enough” since we were young. Obviously, we have done a very average job, but we have been praised by our elders for being “good” and “great”. As a result, we are content with being “just fine” and no longer striving for “refinement” or “excellence.” As a result, we are unable to stimulate our potential and become more and more mediocre in the praise of those around us until we have spent most of our lives doing nothing at all.

Not to blame their own not good to others, just want to say, want to be better than others, often have to endure more than others.An outstanding player usually stands behind a strict mentor, but it is not to say that you can not become a “genius” without a strict teacher, more importantly, to their own requirements.

4. “The Grand Budapest Hotel”

In the barbaric slaughterhouses, there is still a glimmer of civilization, which is human nature.

What you see is comedy, humor, absurdity, comical, actually talking about human beings, civilization, history, philosophy and other profound topics.

The war brought savagery, which destroyed the civilization of human beings to the brink. Despite the cruel reality, hunted and framed, Gustav still retained the elegant image of a gentleman, the basic conscience, and passed on the noble character to the doorman. Perhaps that is the only brilliance of human nature left.

A lot of people don’t understand this movie, but if they did at first sight, it wouldn’t be a good movie. When you think about what the director is talking about, you learn something about it

5. “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button”

It was a strange thing to be home. Everything looked the same, smelled the same, and felt the same. You realize that what has really changed is you.

The plot of the movie is well worth watching. Benjamin’s track is the opposite of everyone else’s. Others go from the beginning to the end, he is from the end to the beginning. But eventually two people from different directions met.

God is equal to everyone. Benjamin had suffered everything from the beginning (the diseases, physical defects and ridicule of old age). As the years went by, Benjamin had a strong and young body and was able to live like a normal person. But he must also face the inescapable reality that he must watch those who love him grow old while he grows younger.

6. “The Bucket List”

What is the meaning of life? I still can’t say for sure. But the least I can say is this: I know that when he died, his eyes were closed, but his heart was open.

Rich also can’t prevent the arrival of death, a disease, let have hundreds of millions of wealth Edward, and repair a lifetime of the car Carter become a patient, in the dying, past achievements, instant become floating clouds. It made him wonder if he had really lived a meaningful life along the way. In order to live a life with no regrets, the two men wrote a “bucket list” and set off on their journey.

Going to see the pyramids in Egypt, jumping parachutes, climbing Mount Everest, racing cars — these young people might not dare to play sports, they have conquered. Perhaps, life really want to take a good wanton once, is really lived. Life is meaningless, but that doesn’t mean we lose our enthusiasm for it. Life is full of meaning when we are pursuing our dreams, building ourselves, helping others, and creating value.

7. “Before Midnight”

That’s life, not perfect but very real.

Don’t waste too much time on love. Friendship and work will bring you much happiness.

The movie is the last part of the trilogy, the third film has lost the romance and passion of the first two, the male and female protagonists also can not escape the erosion of time, leaving them is, after the passion of daily necessities.

In this movie, the hero and the heroine discussed a lot of philosophical topics about life and love. Perhaps the beauty of love only lies in the moment, and the rest is the ordinary years, which no one can escape, but also because of the short time, love is very precious.

Young people today are apparently more rational than ever when it comes to getting married. After all, “no material love is like a mess of sand”, after the romance of the ordinary reality, is the real test of two people’s feelings. Therefore, it is particularly important to get rid of poverty before taking off single.

8. “Titanic”

Winning the ticket is the luckiest thing in my life, let me know you, know you really honored, very honored, you must help me, promise me to live, promise me, you will not give up, no matter what happens, no matter how the environment… Promise me now, Rose, and never let go of that promise.

The high score of Titanic lies in the fact that every place is perfect! The acting skills of the male and female protagonists, picturesque shots, clear and moving melody… Touching the softest parts of every viewer’s heart.

The movie, which may be older than some of its readers, has a famous director and a $200 million production budget that has made Titanic not just a love story, but an icon of film history.

PS: If couples can sit together and watch Titanic, it’s also very romantic.

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