Give you life, how will you choose to spend it? — Review of Big Fish

A good movie is worth seeing again and again, and each time you see it, you get a different result. During the epidemic, I watched “Big Fish” again at home and still felt a lot.

The moive is directed by Tim Burton, known as the ghost director Tim, who has been obsessed with creating a Gothic style in the movie, extremely bizarre plot, hysterical characters and depressing scene design, all constitute a unique landscape in the history of movie.

We are familiar with “Corpse Bride”, “Edward Scissorhands”, “Alice in Wonderland” and a series of dark fairy tales are his masterpieces.

Although Big Fish is consistent with his fairytale style, it is more relevant and realistic, and deserves praise for promoting a more positive and optimistic way of life in the flow of fantasy and reality.

Big Fish follows the tense father-son relationship between Edward and his son Will, using different characters to draw out the father’s account of his life.

Film from the beginning of the tension of parent-child relationships, to the end of a dying father and son Edward relation, film by Edward’s story, will visit, and after Edward’s death he appeared all the characters in the story and to see him off, to the audience presents a diligence, sincerity, brave, kind, specificity and confident character, It also advocates a positive, brave and optimistic way of life for the public.

Edward’s bombastic talk and sociability make him the object of public affection. This affection is not only for his humorous way of telling stories, but also for Edward’s high evaluation of his whole life. As a son, Will liked to listen to his father telling stories when he was young. However, as he grew up, he felt that his father’s exaggerated stories were too false and became disgusted with him gradually. He even chose to move away from his parents after he got married and didn’t say a word to his father for three years. The story unfolds in such an ambivalent relationship. As the story progresses, it also shows the audience Edward’s life of striving to make progress.

“Big Fish” is still the director Tim’s usual gothic style, inside the image such as big fish, witches, giant, circus boss, conjoined twins, FengDu town, etc. In Edward’s story, with a beautiful fairy tale color, but behind the dark style is still the hope of good.

The big fish is a fictitious image. Although there are many big fish in the film and the big fish turns into a mermaid, it is actually an incarnation of Edward.

One day when Edward was a teenager, his body suddenly grew up, and he imprisoned himself to prevent the infinite growth of his body. In the meantime, he had been reading, and a sentence in the book touched him: “Goldfish in a small bowl will never grow big, if given more space, they will grow many times.”

That made Edward feel like the little fish who needed to go bigger to be more ambitious. Look, although the body has stopped the infinite growth, but the heart has opened the infinite to explore more wonderful ideas.

So he was brave enough to go and talk to the giant, for he knew that it was a good chance for him to leave Ashton. He persuaded the giant to leave the village with him, which, on the one hand, was a relief to the villagers, and on the other hand was a good excuse for his formal entry into the new world.

The witch was not a legendary demon, but a kind heart beneath her ugly exterior. Because of her ugliness, she was promoted by the local people as a dark symbol “who could see her future death through her glass eyes”.

Only Edward, not afraid of her appearance, and kindly communicate with the witch, won the witch’s trust, but also from the witch from the power. Just like the encouragement given by the witch to Edward when she saw him off, she also pointed out the theme of the movie: “the big fish will not be caught”, which gave Edward enough courage to face the unknown predicament of life. At the same time, it also implies that Edward, as the incarnation of a big fish, always follows his inner idea on the road of growing up. No matter how difficult it is, he has confidence to break through all difficulties and live the life he wants.

Fengdu town is Edward’s first stop after leaving his hometown. Its appearance for the first time gives the audience a sense of visual comfort. Here is a completely isolated fairy tale world with green lawns, white roofs, spring-like climate all the year round, carefree people…

People here all enjoy the place to their heart’s content, such as the poet from the town of Ash, Nord, more than ten years as a day, did not step out of the step.

However, Edward is different, after a short stay, although the place is nostalgia, but he is very clear that his road in the distance, he is “a fish that can not catch”, so, even if he has no shoes, he still want to go forward, to find a wider world.

Town is more like a video Settings in Edward’s life is a test on the road, if he had not withstand test, his life may be, and then all the video town, fortunately, he is not the same, so he became the man save video town, it may also be Edward and video town, the fate of a best explanation.

From the first moment he saw Sandra, he firmly believed that this was the one he wanted to be with for the rest of his life. Three years of free hard labor, positive and optimistic attitude and persistent pursuit finally made his dream come true, and Edward’s sincerity and single-minded attitude also earned Sandra a lifelong relationship.

Edward hugged the beauty after the return of the predictable plot is the end, but no, this is just the beginning of his second half of life. During the period of military service, a mission is discovered by the performances of the conjoined twins, but with good eloquence, Edward, and he always moved by the deep love to his wife twins, eventually helped him flee, in return, he also helped the twins have a better development, it also laid a solid foundation for their friendship.

After marrying Sandra, he began to work hard to give his wife a better life. In order to better promote his products, he often went out for ten days and half a month, which is hard to say, but he never told his wife and son.

He had to stop his car when he was on a business trip because of the heavy rain. Once again, there was a fairy tale scene. The rain gradually turned into seawater covering his car, and outside the car was the mermaid of the big fish turning around the car for several times. “Big fish can’t be caught”, which means there are no difficulties that can’t be overcome, you just move on. After the rain stops, his car is rarely seen hanging from a tree, in a fitting fairytale setting (the car floats in the water and eventually ends up in a tree, where it ends up when the rain stops). As he was wandering about how to put the car down, he found a key lying on the ground. This key was the one he had lost in the litter at the entrance to Fengdu when he left the town a few years ago.

The second time he entered Fengdu was a completely different scene from the first time. Just as Jenny said later, “the first time he went to Fengdu early, but the second time he went to Fengdu late”. Edward patronized Fengdu by strange circumstances and saw the two extreme scenes of prosperity and decline. The depression of FengDu town makes Edward feel very sad, once a beautiful picture again appeared in his mind, he could not believe that this was once like a fairy tale like a place to yearn for. Although he was not rich, he still tried his best to buy the town, and then tried his best to restore it, and finally made the town back to its former vitality and prosperity. His kindness did not make him haughty on the matter. On the contrary, he was so sensitive to the feelings of the people of Fengdu that, fearing that they would not accept a handout, he signed a real estate agreement with each of them. however, Fengdu restored after he never went to the town, Edward knew that he should have done, the other fame and wealth do not need to pursue.

Just like Jenny who has been secretly in love with him, even after several years, Jenny once again showed her love to Edward, Edward still offered her warm help just as he had done to his little sister, but he refused it reasonably. This was also confirmed when Will came to visit Jenny. Jenny was able to talk about the former Edward with Will frankly and freely. There was no resentment or sadness in the calm tone, but only respect and respect for Edward.

Busy Edward, who was absent from Will’s childhood, was doing these important things, but Edward never mentioned them. He covered them all up with his usual exaggerated language, and it was only when Edward was dying that Will learned the “truth” from the doctor.

Together, Will gets to know his father, and his wonderful life begins to unfold before him. With my father in the critically ill, Edward will take the initiative to be reconciled, and with a father grandiose style is arranged to have a good ending, Edward Edward embodiment for the big fish with a contented smile passed away, so wonderful ending and echo of before and after the opening of the story, the false fairy tale to meet the needs of all people.

Edward died, but his funeral was devoid of sadness. Most notable is his wife Sandra symbol is dressed in a festive red clothes, sweep across her face, no sad, maybe only she know, Edward did not die, he just back to belong to his sea, as a big fish, from now on to live in a carefree way.

To Will’s surprise, at his father’s funeral, all the heroes of his story came, but the giants were not as tall as they had imagined, the twins were not joined together, and the circus owner was a gentle old man. It turned out that all this was true, but told by his father with exaggerated humor. They talked about the stories of Edward’s life together, and they talked about some happy things, just like Edward’s own life, which was less grandiose and more real. However, Edward’s positive and optimistic life influenced all the people at the funeral.

At the end of the story, Will chooses to tell the story of his grandfather to his son in his own way to show his respect and memory for his father. However, Edward’s story has been passed on. I think what is passed on is not only Edward’s legend, but also his positive and optimistic spirit of loving life.

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