Marvel’s top ten organizations, the Guardians of the Galaxy only ranked tenth, the Tian Shen group background is the most mysterious!

Marvel layout ten years, now has constituted a relatively complete universe, with the debut of the major heroes, some mysterious organizations have also surfaced, and their forces are intertwined and influence each

Why is the invasion of the Triumvirate 400 years in the future, when humanity has to prepare for war ahead of time?

Why is it that the invasion of the three-body civilization is 400 years away, while mankind has to prepare for war in advance? According to the earthlings’ concept of “living in the

The five most iconic lines from The Three Stooges, word-for-word and solid!

There are a lot of classic lines in The Three Bodies, and they all come from some wise man’s mouth, with extremely deep meanings behind each sentence. Therefore, the Secretary has specially

‘Joker 2’ Continues the Mythos with Harley Quinn’s Stunning Appearance as the Twin Kings Team Up to Get Things Done

The Joker 2 is finally returning, and with a whopping $200 million investment this time around, it looks like Warner really put their money where their mouth is. Since the last one

Ten details you didn’t know about Dune 2! Sisterhood is the most complicated

On March 8, the second part of Dune, which has been dormant for three years, finally met the audience. This famous director, star-studded, with the sci-fi world “Lord of the Rings” called

Legendary top ten monsters, Mothra only ranked sixth, snow devil can freeze the world!

This time, we will update the “Monster Universe” battle power rankings, with the latest monsters as the focus of the inventory, to sort out these mysterious monsters for you.Tier 3: Skrull, Sea

Was Kong defeated or reconciled in Godzilla vs Kong?

Kong had just come back from the ICU and barely survived. He didn’t even rest for a few minutes. He grabbed an axe and chopped it from Earth to Mars. All of

Groundhog Day is a good movie that gets buried

We can achieve tomorrow by making today meaningful. Time is a timeless theme, and Groundhog Day reflects a time cycle. Phil is the weatherman, but is arrogant, arrogant, then such a groundhog

The stunning result of the Spanish movie Contratiempo

The Movie premiered in Spain in 2017. Since this is the main suspense film, it is to test the audience’s IQ, suspense films are mostly like this, will set up a mystery

Top 10 Love Movies: Good movies have stories

Today I would like to recommend 10 heartwarming old movies about love and healing. Let’s take a look at the timeless classics. Groundhog Day I want to be with you even though