The world’s top 10 classic science fiction movies

The world’s top 10 classic science fiction movies: “Top Gun”, “Artificial Intelligence”, “Avatar”, “A Thousand Clips”, “2001 A Space Odyssey”, “The Butterfly Effect”, “The Matrix 1”, “Truman’s World”, “Inception”, “Star Trek”.

10.Top Gun

Brush up I do not know how many times, why love to see I do not know, like the tone, picture, the plot is actually moderate, but the process of discovering eggs makes people want to stop.

You can empathize with the joy of playing the game eggs! Got the eggs, but the real world is still not saved. The story is still rough, like a big fantasy of the game geeks, the first pass + company operations + beauty are there.

9.Artificial Intelligence

The director told me that artificial intelligence is not terrible, they are kind and naive, believe in fairy tales, what is terrible is human. In a sense, this is a utopian world built by the director, blind optimism and confidence in technology.

When I studied for my exams, the textbook of journalism and communication told me that I should hold a technology-neutral view of technology, and that it is human beings who make technology good or bad. A while ago, I watched Bozeman’s trilogy, in which he held a techno-evil view of technology and criticized the world of entertainment constructed by television.

  1. Avatar

Pandora planet is an allegorical intention, the brainchild of the fusion of alien races and species is very big, the special effects scenes and scenes are beautiful.

Colonization and plunder are in the technology and other material civilization crushing advantage of the formation of the beginning of the expansion, but also will certainly be from the historical accumulation of civilization power of resistance, more than ten years later will look at the feeling that the structure of the story is more regular, but the impact and feelings to people is still huge.

  1. A Thousand Closes

Back to the flash is Nietzschean philosophy, genes, “Modernity and the Holocaust. Deterministic innate superiority and inferiority may lead to a perfect rationalism and modern order, except that this standardized order regards genetic inferiority as a constraint and genetic superiority is achieved as utility maximization.

When people are moving forward for a set goal, they should look back at the road they came from and not forget their originality and lose their originality.

6. 2001 A Space Odyssey

You can hardly say what he is talking about, but what is fascinated, I can hardly imagine in 1968 to launch such a world of wonders, what kind of impact on the people at that time.

Even in today’s view, those fantasies of the future to the unknown still have not revealed the full picture, but in the dark, and feel that everything seems to have been predetermined, as if guided by the black stone, in the vast universe to explore the traces of life.

5. The Butterfly Effect

At first I thought it was a thriller was transferred to the sound effects scared … Why hand over the butterfly effect, a small change will affect the development of all people, change the end of all people.

At the beginning really did not understand, see the back of the male lead began to cross the change in the past will be able to understand. Even after watching the film, if I am given this opportunity, I think I will be righteous to go back and fix it. Life is full of regret and resignation, no solution.

4. The Matrix 1

Watching me in the room hugging the computer screaming, from 38 minutes since my brain did not stop running, the limits of my visual imagination on the scene after scene to be constantly broken.

With 41 minutes left to watch, my brain is already overloaded with what it can chew, so I’ll get up in the morning and keep watching. To reshape the audience’s worldview in a limited amount of time is the most fascinating part of science fiction films.

3. Truman’s World

A very unique idea, until the last moment of the ending I was wondering if he would walk out. Truman’s world is our world, full of falsehoods, lies, but he can escape, we have nowhere to escape.

I can’t imagine what it would be like if I were in his shoes. This drama illustrates the evil of human nature, but also keeps a light of love in this world full of evil, giving people redemption. Even after years of watching it again, it is still full of memories.

  1. Inception

The simple kernel of the story under the gorgeous veneer, the strange and magnificent dream world, the thrilling experience, just to reach the depths of the heart, love and affection is a deep obsession. Although “Inception” is quite complex in terms of drama structure, from the viewer experience point of view.

The surface story of this film is still a typical Hollywood genre: a group of people in order to complete a seemingly impossible task, deep into the dangerous land to experience some adventures, and finally complete the task at the same time, to achieve their personal wishes.

The story is still a typical Hollywood genre: a group of people go on an adventure to complete a seemingly impossible mission, and finally complete the mission and achieve their personal wishes. There are gun battles, car chases, explosions, fights, and other commercial elements.

  1. Star Trek

This is a typical science fiction film, centered on humanism, in the fire and dust-prone Earth, the retired astronaut Kubo again took up the task of going to outer space to find the rescue of mankind, they went through wormholes, overcome deception, and finally reached the five-dimensional world, with his love and mutual understanding and trust with his daughter to overcome the disaster.

After awakening, he and her daughter has saved the world, the world is intact as before people’s lives back to normal, but because only he returned home through the five-dimensional space, leaving a female doctor alone in space alone wandering, the end of the film and take a spaceship herald to pick her up home, leaving room for reminiscence and imagination.

The world’s top 10 science fiction films recognized as zero bad reviews, the plot brainstorming, each is a visual feast.