The Little Mermaid: beauty mixed with interest, just like dead fish

Compared to the casting of actors, the live-action version of “The Little Mermaid” the bigger problem is the plot. Disney in this movie clearly chose a new image instead of the traditional concept of the mermaid, but the whole story is not as innovative as the casting version makes people feel different, the old story and the new image of incompatibility, is the most embarrassing part of this live-action fairy tale film.

In the original “Daughter of the Sea”, the appearance of the Little Mermaid has this description “Her skin is light and tender, like the petals of a rose; her eyes are azure, like the deepest lake.” “At this time she found that her fish tail was no longer there, but to get a pair of only a young girl, the most beautiful little white legs.” But what we see today in “The Little Mermaid” is a completely different image of the mermaid, this image, in fact, the film needs to make trade-offs to the original plot, and to make drastic changes to make this fairy tale character become more relevant to modern times, more reasonable to appear in front of the audience, rather than copy the past to restore some of the famous scenes.

The most typical example is in the Little Mermaid out on the reef at that moment, in the original Disney animation, because the character is in line with the depiction of Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy tale, so the appearance of this scene, will not bring a sense of incongruity, while in the audience has a preconceived impression, a completely alternative to the real Little Mermaid to do the same action, it will give a kind of East to the East embarrassment. This kind of embarrassment in the film are numerous, Disney did not really fit the character to turn disadvantages into advantages, but also did not belong to the star of the Little Mermaid Hailey Bailey’s advantages amplify the presentation.

So in the live-action version of “The Little Mermaid”, although the black actors on the surface became the star of the show, but in reality still do not have the right to speak, Hailey Bailey is only a reference to a Danish fairy tale template, to interpret a Western world of the Little Mermaid, which is the same as the actor who should play the Monkey King to play the Monk, naturally will not fit in, if Disney really wants a black version of the Little Mermaid If Disney really wants to make a black version of the Little Mermaid story shine, what it should do is to create a new world for the story on the basis of the original, to conceive a customized image of the Little Mermaid that really matches Hailey Bailey, so that the story bursts into new life, not like the current self-righteousness of the snake to add to the foot.

In the live-action version of “The Little Mermaid”, Disney actually added some new elements to the plot, to make an adaptation, so that the whole plot at first glance no longer seems to be just a cross-racial love story, with the spirit of the global village of the world. But the embodiment of this spirit is absurd and ridiculous, shallow, for example, the film adapted the death of the Little Mermaid’s mother, the responsibility placed on humans, but as the daughter of the Little Mermaid, not only does not hate humans, but also obsessed with human civilization? This idea of not growing up can put down the hatred, even in fairy tales will seem difficult to justify.

Once upon a time, the unparalleled creativity and imagination of today’s Disney, and today’s “Little Mermaid” take actors to do “hot” in vain values correct, mixed with too much of the interests that do not belong to the story, this beauty, like dead fish, fishy hard to remove.