10 Modern and Contemporary War Movies I Favorite

Of course, these ten movie are all positive, telling stories on the battlefield or reflecting humanity or the horrors of war. Maybe I’ve mentioned some of them more than once or twice, but great movies are worth watching over and over again. Ten war movies.

  1. Saving Private Ryan 1998

Probably the most famous of the war movies, directed by Steven Spielberg. The story happened in World War II, after the Normandy landing, Ryan, an American paratrooper, was trapped in the rear of the enemy, Ryan’s two brothers have died in the front, the United States combat headquarters after the news, decided to send a combat team to rescue Ryan, so that he can go back to his hometown to accompany his mother.

The war scenes in the movie are not bad, the sniping is my favorite part of the movie, and the story is full of depth and thought-provoking. Everyone is pondering a question, for a Ryan, and labor, is it worth it? Life is not worth asking.

2. Taegukgi 2004

By far the best war film in South Korea, Taegukgi is one of the best, both for its depiction of war scenes and for its exploration of humanity.

The film tells the story of a pair of brothers who were displaced in the war. The brother played by Jang Dong-Gun and the brother played by Yuan Bin were torn and transformed on the battlefield for several times. At the end of the film, Jang Dong-Gun was killed with red eyes, and I still remember the part where he regained his normal consciousness because of his younger brother.

The most moving parts of the film are the revelation of the distortion and destruction of the individual by ideology, the indictment of the cruel war that dehumanizes humanity, and the eulogizing of the overarching emotional power.

3. Enemy at the Gates 2001

Compared to the other films, this one is less bitter and less bitter, with the main focus being a biographical scene about a war hero, and of course there are still some propaganda tricks in the film.

The right side is not so just, the opposite side is not so heinous. In general, this story about the Soviet Union’s war hero sniper Vasily in the Battle of Stalingrad still focuses on people, and the movie even spends a lot of space to tell a love story of Vasily.

But the movie is good in the setting of Vasili as a sharpshooter sniper, unparalleled control and display of the battle scenes, almost all sniper gunfight in the film is fascinating, especially at the end of the two sides of the German and Soviet snipers battle is very exciting.

4. The Front Line 2011

The Front Line is a small and medium budget movie, The scenes in The film are not so detailed or huge, but for The war, The story of this movie, especially worth watching. The story takes place in the final moments of the Korean War, around the time of the signing of the Armistice. North and South Korea have been locked in a stalemate over the ownership of the plateau, which has changed hands several times. Back and forth, through the communication of buried boxes, led to a different kind of friendship among the three or five soldiers on both sides.

Though this side helps each other unpredictably; There was no fighting on the ground, and though the armistice had been signed, though the two men had met, they were all killed in the last twenty-four hours of the treaty, in the last battle on the highlands. In war, your enemy is never your real enemy, the real enemy is the war itself.

5. Black Hawk Down 2001

It was a battle to be seen as the world’s policeman, sent into Somalia in 1992 in response to widespread outrage at the country’s crumbling tribal wars and the looting of aid by international agencies by its dictator, Mohamed Farah Aidid.

The movie tells the story of the war after 160 special forces troops landed in Somalia. The biggest highlight of the movie is the long and real battle scenes. The movie runs for nearly three hours, at least two hours of fighting, but it doesn’t feel tiring. It is worth mentioning that “Black Hawk Down” as a collection of Hollywood at that time many popular male stars of the war film, many stars in the film also have a certain entertainment, such as “elf prince” Bloom in a parachute landing accidentally fell and died.

The image of the United States as the “world police” has always been the focus of international public opinion. Fortunately, this film is not blindly American theme, but as neutral as possible to try to record, there is a line in the film, I still remember: “This is our war, what do you Americans come for? !”

6. Assembly 2007

To this day, I still think Feng Xiaogang’s Assembly is one of the best war movies in China. The war scenes in the movie are worthy of praise, after all, they were done by the same Koreans who made Taegukgi. And the story of the movie is also deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, a company commander millet in order to help their brothers who died in the war to find a view of the main story is also very good, at that time is still in the little known Zhang Hanyu deduction, millet this character is very touching.

I love it. Assembly is no worse than other war movies in my opinion. It’s a little less intense, maybe, but it’s good enough.

7. Hacksaw Ridge 2016

Last year’s high-scoring war movie, the focus of the story is not so much about the reflection of war or human nature excavation, more is to create a legendary character on the battlefield, but to tell a great love story about faith.

The scene is bloody and deadly. A story of crossing the battlefield refusing to take a gun and saving dozens of people with his bare hands is as good as it gets. What’s more, the characters in the real history are even more incredible than those in the movie. The most moving part of the film is the documentary footage after the film about the real story of history.

Directed by Mel Gibson, the whole film has the kind of vibe that belongs to the classic films of the past, and there are probably very few movies with that vibe that are particularly good to watch, it’s a film that belongs to that era and is born according to their ideas of making movies. A war to save lives.

8. Flags of Our Fathers Letters from Iwo Jima 2006

In 2006, the director Clint Eastwood returned with two war films, Flags of Our Fathers, and Letters from Iwo Jima, a film about ordinary American soldiers, It tells the story of several American soldiers who somehow become heroes after the Battle of Iwo Jima. Another tells the story of a family torn apart by the Battle of Iwo Jima from the perspective of an emaciated Japanese soldier.

When you watch these two films together, you will find how a great director views the same war from different points of entry. There is no theme and no exaggeration of the so-called “family sorrow, hatred and self hatred”, but only reflection on the war and the immutability of the war.

9. Full Metal Jacket 1985

There are many movies about the Vietnam War, such as Platoon, Apocalypse Now, etc. But I recommend Full Metal Jacket here. It’s not because they are not good, but because they are also very old films.

Before and after the movie Full Metal Jacket “is a” split “(split here not offensive, just little story relevance) before and after the film, the first part tells a group of new recruits an egg shaped thing under the drillmaster’s cruel devil training apart story, one of the soldiers were tortured to mental disorders, the theory of how the killing machine is tempered.

The second half tells the story of this group of recruits into the Vietnam War, personally participate in the war to kill the enemy, write press releases to whitewash the war, witness the death of teammates and the heart of the story, a movie to make you fear the war.

10. Windtalkers 2002

Director John Woo’s Waterloo in Hollywood, a film with huge investment but little return on capital, gradually lost the voice of director Wu and eventually returned to China to develop. But I still like this movie.

Set in the Pacific War, the movie is about a soldier’s choice as a Marine, played by Nicolas Cutch, who is assigned to protect the Whisperer and protect state secrets. Usually, the character is a loose cannon drunk, but on the battlefield, he is a brave man. At the end of the movie, he says, “No more people will die. He fulfilled a promise with his life.”

The movie may not be perfect, but the battle scenes are well shot.