Top 10 confined space brain-burners, Forbidden Island is third and the top three definitely score high

Suspense films have always been a favourite of many fans because of their ups and downs and their sense of atmosphere. Among the many secondary labels for suspense films, there are countless good films with high scores and high acclaim. Among them, the closet mystery is one of the top suspense films due to its closed nature, strong reasoning and excitement, as well as the high demand for actors’ performance. In today’s article, we will take a look at ten classic suspense films with high scores and high reputation to ease the drought!

Top10 The Cube
Douban 7.9 IMDb 7.2
Directed by Vincenzo Natali
Starring: Nicole DeBoer/Nicky Guadagnoli/David Hewlett
Release Date: 1997

The first film in the CUBE series, THE CUBE is also one of the best and most acclaimed in the entire series. The film follows six people who don’t know each other: a policeman, a prison design and sensor specialist, a doctor, an architect, a mathematics undergraduate and an autistic academic who, simply by waking up, are suddenly enclosed in a running Rubik’s cube like maze of identical shapes, but with a complex and highly sophisticated structure.

After experiencing repeated breakdowns and despair, the mathematics major finally relies on mathematical theory to reason and calculate the laws of the maze’s operation. Just when the six of them are working together to break the maze one by one and are on the verge of cracking it, an unexpected reversal occurs …… The greatest highlight of the film is that it is about human nature in the guise of science fiction. The six men, whose professions represent the state apparatus, conscience, empiricism, science and ordinary people, have formed a small society.

When nothing happens, there may be peace and tranquillity. But when disaster strikes and crisis strikes, with only one chance for trial and error, selfishness, competition, and jealousy are all on display, providing the film with endless scope for reflection.

Top9 Ten Little Indians

Douban 7.9 IMDb 7.4
Directed by Rene Clair
Starring: Barry Fitzgerald/Louise Hayward/Jon Dupré
Release Date: 1945

No Life Left Alive is one of the most famous works of Agatha Christie, the “Queen of Reasoning”. It is one of Agatha Christie’s most famous works, and has the highest profile, ratings and acclaim of any of her works. There have been numerous theatrical, cinematic and television adaptations of No Life Left Alive, but one of the most iconic and highly rated is the 1945 version of No Life Left Alive.

This black-and-white version not only recreates the classicism of the period, but also makes a bold innovation from the original novel – from “no one lives” to “two lives”. “The end The ending of the play is still controversial, but it is undeniable that the theatrical version has been altered from the original. In any case, this classic Agatha classical speculative masterpiece is the granddaddy of insular enclosures and horror atmosphere building. The cast is all on line, presenting a sense of drama scene, with a retro humour seasoned while having a touch of screen romanticism.

Top8 The Thirteenth Floor

Douban 8.4 IMDb7.0
Directed by: Joseph Rusnak
Starring Craig Bielke/Armin Müller-Stahl/Gretchen Moore
Release Date: 1999

The film tells the story of Hall and Fuller, scientists who use a computer to simulate the Los Angeles of 1937 on the thirteenth floor of a building, where people can enter a virtual world and experience their own lives in 1937, in the vein of today’s hugely popular “metaverse”. But then the accident happens one night when Fuller, a scientist, is killed and Hall becomes the prime suspect. A mysterious woman claiming to be Fuller’s daughter appears out of nowhere, but paradoxically, Hall has never heard of Fuller’s daughter. So, in order to clear his name and find the truth, Fuller has to enter this ‘otherworldly’ world to find answers.

It is a film with a very forward-thinking concept, whose only regret is that it did not become a hit in its day, but will thankfully be rediscovered more than 20 years later. The film is inspired by Borges’ novel, and further down the line you can see hints of Alice in Wonderland. And yes, this chilled-out masterpiece also plays with the same creative structure that permeates almost all sci-fi suspense films: hackers, dream stealers, source code, in the same vein as both Inception, which burst onto the scene years later, and The Matrix, which was released the same year.

At the same time, the film is also inextricably linked to its Western cultural background, both in terms of its title (aka The Thirteenth Floor) and its various settings. Although the depth of the story, the setting and the narrative are a little less than those of later blockbusters, it is a fine conceptual ‘forerunner’ with much to think about and discuss.

Top 7 Murder by Death

Douban 8.2 IMDb 7.3
Directed by Robert Moore
Starring: Irene Brennan / Truman Capote / James Coco
Release Date: 1976

This film is a unique suspenseful “Smash”, an original “anti-genre” film. The story follows a mysterious mansion owner who invites five world-famous detectives and one of his relatives to a mysterious dinner party he is hosting. But magically, the owner does not show up, and instead a series of elaborate murders await the detectives, as well as an eerie and sinister mansion.

At first glance, the film’s setting does not escape from the parent theme of “No Life Left Alive”, but what is interesting about the film is that it “avenges the reader”, spitting out the famous detectives and oddities of many mystery novels with a darkly humorous and clever “play on words”. The story is a series of spoofs on the famous detective and the oddities of detective fiction. The spoofing, the strong reversals and the golden words are all very enjoyable. Truman Capote was nominated for a 1977 Golden Globe Award for Best New Actor for his performance in this film.

Top 6 The Message

Douban 8.4 IMDb 7.3
Directed by: Chen Guofu/ Gao Qunshu
Starring: Zhou Xun / Li Bingbing / Zhang Hanyu / Wang Zhiwen
Release Date: 2009

As one of the rare suspense films on the Chinese screen that is both well-received and well-received, the sophistication and status of The Sound of the Wind speaks for itself. Unlike most suspense films, The Sound of the Wind has a gripping suspense element, but it is also tied closely to the spy plot, adding a touch of history to the tense visual excitement. This is why The Sound of the Wind has been hailed as a ‘masterpiece’.

In the closed interrogation room, in addition to the frightening torture devices, the battle of faith, the Stockholm love affair and the brain-burning Morse code metaphors are all in the background. The plot is brain-burning and interlocking, and the film is smooth and well-written. It’s also great to revisit the classic with a second brush from time to time, looking for the moving details of the eggs.

Top5 Ten Days to Die HardMisery

Douban 8.4 IMDb 7.8
Directed by Rob Reiner
Starring: James Caan/Kathy Bates/Richard Farnsworth
Release Date: 1990

Ten Days of Peril is based on the book of the same name by the master of horror fiction, Stephen King. Like The Shining, it is a rare adaptation of a Stephen King novel. And the setting of this story is even more interesting – about a crazy fan who really sends in his razor blades. The best-selling author, Sheldon, is driving home with his new book when a snowstorm causes a car accident that injures his legs.

Coincidentally, Annie is Sheldon’s biggest fan of the book. When she learns that her favourite character has died in Paul’s new novel, she becomes furious and takes revenge on him by various means, gradually driving the writer to despair.

The film plays with the contrasts between ‘restraint’ and ‘excitement’ almost to the extreme. The narrative is slow-paced and unpretentious throughout, but there is no shortage of tension. In addition, the pairing of James Caan and Kathy Bates, two of the most skilled actors in the business, adds to the film with their progressive and accomplished performances. Detail, excitement, addiction and fun are the key words that sum up this film perfectly.

Top4Knives Out

Douban 8.1 IMDb 7.9
Directed by Ryan Johnson
Starring Daniel Craig / Anna De Armas / Chris Evans
Release Date: 2019

Unlike the old classics, Sharp Objects is one of the rare gems of recent years, a well-done commercial suspense film. The film follows the “bizarre suicide” of wealthy novelist Harlan, also creating a “Rashomon” style mystery in the back rooms of a mansion, creating an “all-villains” effect. The “all-villain” effect.

Instead of relying on forced reversals and dented personas, the film is a “doughnut” style case that lacks a central focus, relying on strong logic to peel back the fog of suspense layer by layer, with a flowing narrative. The more you unravel the mystery, the further you get from the truth, and the more you get into the human nature and deeper metaphors.

Top3 Shutter Island

Douban 8.8 IMDb 8.2
Directed by Martin Scorsese
Starring: Leonardo DiCaprio/Mark Ruffalo/Ben Kingsley
Release Date: 2010

Martin Scorsese’s film is a unique adaptation of an American novel by Dan Dan. Based on the book of the same name by American novelist Dennis LeHaan, the story is about Teddy, a police officer, and his partner Chuck, played by Mark “The Hulk” Ruffalo, who investigate a bizarre escape from Arkham Asylum in Boston. Rachel, a woman who was ruthless enough to kill her own flesh and blood, escaped from the maximum security prison. Fortunately, the island is isolated and she must be hiding somewhere.

But as the investigation progresses, Teddy finds the mystery grows. Psychotherapist John Cowley seems intent on hiding something, and then the shocking crime of human experimentation emerges. The truth seems further and further away, while the fear grows deeper and deeper. In addition to the “fear of the unknown”, which is well placed to hold the audience’s interest with its drawbridge effect, the film also creates an “inner tightness” that digs deeper into psychological metaphors and psychoanalytical dimensions.

As for the film’s ending, it appears to be open-ended, but it is always full of hints of the “given”. The film’s narrative seems to be full of logic, but in fact the fog gets deeper and deeper. As one reads deeper and deeper, one feels a deeper and deeper chill. The weight of history, the hints of spirituality are hidden here. Martin’s camera has produced a number of masterpieces, and beyond the violent aesthetics and dark humour, The Island is also a must-see.

Top 2 Dial M for Murder

Douban 8.9 IMDb 8.2
Directed by Alfred Hitchcock
Starring: Ray Milland/Grace Kelly/Robert Cummings
Release Date: 1954

One of the best and most beloved of the many works of the master of the thriller Hitchcock, Murder on the Telephone brings together almost the best parts of Rear Window and Psycho. Like Raiders of the Lost Souls, Murder on the Telephone is based on a stage play whose original author, Frédéric Nott, also wrote the screenplay for the film.

In France, Murder by Telephone has another name – A Seamless Crime – and this translation perfectly demonstrates the suspenseful atmosphere of the film as well as the success of the narrative. In the film, Tony and Margot are a couple who are at odds with each other. Tony’s obsession with his career and hobbies leads Margot to fall in love with writer Mark, who is a “phoenix man” who is plotting against Margot’s fortune. So Tony devises an elaborate murder plan to scare off his “lover”. The killer’s alibi and even small objects such as keys are used as props.

The best part of the film, of course, is not the elaborate murder itself, but the farce that follows, which lures the audience into a “pseudo-omniscient perspective” and then plays with them. It’s hard to imagine that this narrative technique, which would seem novel today, was used by Hitchcock almost 70 years ago. Not to mention the beauty of Grace Kelly and Robert Cummings at the time. It’s also a beautiful treat to enjoy classic films.

Top1 Twelve Angry Men 12 Angry Men

Douban 9.4 IMDb 9.0
Directed by: Sidney Lumet
Starring: Henry Fonda / Martin Balsam / John Fiedler
Release Date: 1957

When it comes to closet suspense, it’s the most classic of them all, Twelve Angry Men. Unlike other crime solving and mystery oriented films, the core of Twelve Angry Men is also “crime solving”, but the main scenario is “trial”. All the visual elements of thriller and violence are absent from the film, which is instead based on the strong logic of the law and Ben-Gur reasoning.

However, this is a “hit piece”, but the director is unconventional, allowing for a single scene, a huge amount of information, and without showing any artifice, refusing to be “labelled” without precedent, breaking free from the shackles of boredom and adding to the film’s recognition. The film is not only a good example of how to make a film, but also a good example of how to make a film. Twelve Angry Men not only overcomes all of these problems with its subtlety, but also elevates the film to the level of legal science, justice and truth, making it a rare “life lesson” film.

The existence of 12 Angry Men is an example of the essence of cinema. Without the need for fancy tricks or extraneous superimposed objects, it is the solid script and the performances that present a heart-stopping exchange of ideas and concepts and serve as a social lesson. It is not the “anger” but the “feeling” that keeps the film alive even today, almost 70 years later. This, I think, is what every good film with ambition and strength seeks to achieve.

Whether it’s the subtlety of the audio-visual language, the suspenseful atmosphere of the thriller, the charming black and white, or the old Ben Hur classics that don’t rely on external forces, but only on the script and reasoning, there is always a classic suspenseful chamber film worth watching. There is always a classic suspense thriller that is worth watching. It’s a great way to get a sense of reality, to expand your imagination, to analyse human nature, or even to gain a life lesson or two.