Groundhog Day is a good movie that gets buried

We can achieve tomorrow by making today meaningful.

Time is a timeless theme, and Groundhog Day reflects a time cycle.

Phil is the weatherman, but is arrogant, arrogant, then such a groundhog day, as usual, he and the company of the camera and the female colleague rita three people together to do the site registration, drove to the local in our usual day past, in the ordinary people eyes when they are ready to go back, only to meet the storm a road, but had to return to town to live a night. The magic begins here. Phil wakes up, and the radio comes on the same voice as the day before. The first words of everyone he meets when he goes outside are the same as the day before. Is that a good thing or a bad thing? He does it himself: for example, over time he knows exactly who will be where, what will happen and what will be said in the next second. Bank cash when distracted him a bag of money can arrange go unnoticed, casually chatting up a girl, can a few words of personal information, the second day can complete tiger one leng one leng of as if really lost years old classmate, for a one-night stand, etc., wonderful in, because men have memory, while others in a new day, like the reduction, That is, the money will still be there the next day, gradually groped to this law, Phil began to crazy indulgence, because even if drunk driving into the detention center, as long as you close your eyes to sleep, the next day still wake up in the little bed in the hotel. Who can stand it like this? Is it true that only dead people can get rid of it and escape from the curse? Phil tried jumping off a cliff, off a building, on a train, and all sorts of other ways to die. It didn’t work, but he was still safe in his hotel cot the next morning.

Such a routine is like Sisyphus, always pushing the stone up the hill, and when the top of the stone rolls down, pushing it up again… That is, if everything you do doesn’t work out, would you still do it? You’ve got to have a goal, something to aspire to, something to think about, and if you can’t get it, you want it. And if it’s not worth dying in Phil’s place, you’re going to live it. Why? Go after his female colleague Rita. The hardest thing in the world to understand is women. Fortunately hero aura of phil can correct, today don’t know the goddess rita likes to read poetry, like to eat what, interested in what, well, know the next day, remember, after back, along the direction of the do you like to do, for it ~ just think, who don’t like to see your state of mind, only a guess, intended-and not to take a hint when a hint is not intended that kind of feeling? Unfortunately, Phil couldn’t get to the final step of pushing the goddess down anyway. Even in the naked manifestation of his own god-like existence.

Therefore, to a person to deliberately change their own, not good. So how do you squeeze it? Phil rose in despair, understood. Be yourself without distractions. Become a charity ambassador, Lei Feng Xia, full of goodwill to everyone around. Self-study various skills, playing the piano, do ice sculpture, first aid knowledge. For he had plenty of capital to spend, and the last thing he wanted was time. Even if it is the existence of God, but he still can not change the fate of others. In a warm scene in the film, he loves so much that he knows when a man in a restaurant chokes on his food, which can save a person’s life, but it can’t change the fate of an old beggar on the street who dies that night. This humble beggar also appeared in his track every day. He paid for him from the beginning of the morning, and then directly invited him to have a big meal, but still could not change the fact that he would live to the end of his life, even if he was sent to the hospital. That is also a life ah, compassion. I want to share some insights from it: said that this is a science fiction, in fact, I think it is not science fiction, because it is too like our every day, remember the line in Yang Dechang’s “one by one”? What am I doing every day like a fool? That’s right. Do we live more than 10,000 days, or do we live only one day and repeat 10,000 times? Isn’t it like a recurring day in a movie? The key is how to make every ordinary day taste and meaning.

Because or love the main theme of the film, since phil’s scheming, this road does not work, so there is no female with male or male after female, interlayer yarn or every mountain, who want to perfect, but this kind of good it is not like a math problem, a equation formula of input can be obtained as a result, after two of a kind is naturally, naturally, Instead said to each other to change, deliberately for it, not for a long time, the pack is not installed. So when the outside can’t be changed, maybe what you need to change is your mind. Socrates said before, how do you get the woman you like? A woman is like the moon in the sky. The more you chase her, the more she hides from you. When you go your own way, she sneaks along. If you are good enough, like children, willing to help others, understand poetry and music, and have a strong magnetic field, then the goddess will naturally favor you. Who doesn’t want their partner to be humble, kind, funny, versatile and loving? Of course, this is a positive, sunny version of the film, with American characteristics, full of biblical spirit. It’s encouraging to overlook a few small bugs.

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