The stunning result of the Spanish movie Contratiempo

The Movie premiered in Spain in 2017. Since this is the main suspense film, it is to test the audience’s IQ, suspense films are mostly like this, will set up a mystery at the beginning, and the audience is trapped in it, how to let the audience who had been wary at the beginning can also enter the trap set for us by the director, depends on two points.Either it’s a beautifully written script, or it’s small details and blind spots that confuse our judgment, and the film does both very well.

First let’s take a look at what the story is about.

Adrian (Mario Casas Mario Casas is acted the role of) managing a technology company, the career is thriving, there is a beautiful and virtuous wife and lively and lovely daughter in the home, career and family double harvest he is the envy of others.

However, ambitious Adrian did not cherish the hard-won life at present, all the time, he and a woman named Laura (Barbara Lennie Barbara Lennie ornaments) photographer to maintain a physical relationship.

Some day after tryst, two people drive to leave villa, traffic accident happened on the road however, to cover up the truth of the incident, two people decide to be in the youth Daniel died in the traffic accident together with his car to sink to the bottom of the lake.

Later, Laura met a kind-hearted old man, the old man will Laura’s broken car home to repair, however, Laura did not think of is, this old man, turned out to be Daniel’s father.

It revolves around two mysteries, two bodies. A promising young entrepreneur is accused of killing his lover, and the scene of the murder is a secret room. The lover’s death, and the two of them killed a young man. The female lawyer defending the entrepreneur went to great lengths to get the truth out of her uncooperative client.

First, the overall story structure is compelling. Recall and narrate in a confined space, the female lawyer says at the beginning “we only have 180 minutes”, which is almost the time the movie gives the audience. There is a lot of dialogue, and all the characters talk a lot, but almost none of it is nonsense.

The mixed dialogue information makes us have to follow the movie, but fortunately it’s not too tiring. After all, if you miss a line of dialogue, the movie may go in a different direction in your mind.

First of all, it brings a sense of urgency to the feature movie. The first tantalizing moment after the long opening credits is when the female lawyer explicitly says, “We only have 180 minutes.”

She also turned on the stopwatch, using the same countdown, which was only three hours.

You’ve probably seen a lot of backroom killings in suspense movies,

Rather than a spatial chamber of secrecy, the film is more like a 180-minute time limit for the film and its audience,

As the clock ticked, it was not just female lawyers who pressed entrepreneurs: you’d better come clean quickly; As time goes by, we have less and less time to find the final truth.

“We’ve already used ten minutes.” The stopwatch is getting another look.

Now that the whole story is clear, all that remains to be done is to reverse it,

For the next 90 minutes, it’s hypothesizing, it’s the message to the audience, and for the next 90 minutes, you can connect the details, you can complement the truth,

Countdown also puts a lot of pressure on entrepreneurs,

The female lawyer presented the probable truth, and with only 50 minutes left,

With only a few seconds to go before all the truth is revealed,

The occasional stopwatch countdown and close-up of the stopwatch, coupled with the verve of the female lawyer, were a stimulus to our nerves,

The rhythm of the movie is well controlled, including the rhythm of the story and the rhythm of the picture. The movie does not waste time on unnecessary pictures. The cutting speed is as fast as the progress of the story, so that the audience’s attention is highly concentrated throughout the whole process and consciously follow up.

Finally, the movie also has shortcomings, that is, the clues given by the last reversal are too sufficient. If you have read too many mystery novels or suspense movies, you may guess the ending before the final disclosure, which leads to the feeling of being a little discouraged when approaching the end.

Another drawback is that the movie is too obsessed with narrative skills. The emotional description of the main characters is very weak. Combined with dark and calm photography and deep music, it is difficult for the audience to be emotionally invested in the characters in the film, which makes it impossible for them to be moved no matter who or what happens to them.

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