The five most iconic lines from The Three Stooges, word-for-word and solid!

There are a lot of classic lines in The Three Bodies, and they all come from some wise man’s mouth, with extremely deep meanings behind each sentence. Therefore, the Secretary has specially selected five classic lines for you to take stock of the wave.

The fish that dried up the sea went on land before the sea dried up, running from one dark forest to another.

This line is from the dialog between Gravity and the Lord of the Rings. At that time, the USS Gravity went from the warp point and strayed into the fourth dimension. They then found countless spaceships gathered together to form a ruin. The people of Ragnarok called this place a graveyard and said that they had come from the sea, which was now dry, and that this place was the equivalent of a puddle. Because the sea is drying up, the fish have to gather in the puddles, and the puddles are drying up, and the fish are disappearing. The fish that dried up the sea had come ashore before the sea dried up, and they ran from the fourth dimension to the third dimension.

This simple conversation left a very deep impression on the Director. They were originally from two worlds, but they met by mistake and revealed the cruel truth of the universe. That is, in the vast and infinite universe, the dimensional descending strikes were ubiquitous, and it happened in almost every dimension. They had always practiced the principle of “destroying you, what has it got to do with you”, and so, before their enemies developed, they transformed their self-civilization into low-dimensional beings, and then launched an indiscriminate strike against the entire four-dimensional universe, collapsing all the space into three dimensions. In this way, all civilizations in the four-dimensional world would be destroyed, and those civilizations that ran fast came to the puddle zone, the last piece of pure land in the four-dimensional space, one step earlier.

They not only destroyed other civilizations, and they themselves have run to the three-dimensional world, ready to be king in the three-dimensional world, which may be the truth of the cosmic involution.

Lose your humanity, lose a lot; lose your animal nature, lose everything.

These words were Vader’s advice to Cheng Xin. At that time, Vader woke Cheng Xin up from the dormant warehouse with a begging gaze, wanting Cheng Xin to continue to support his light-speed spaceship program, but Cheng Xin did not take his advice and flatly chose to give up the light-speed spaceship program, and led to Vader’s execution for crimes against humanity, while the curvature flight technology was banned, and the last hope of mankind was completely dashed.

Cheng Xin was the embodiment of all humanity, and her choice was also the will of the people, so the humanity at that time chose humanity. Vader, on the other hand, was the antithesis of Cheng Xin; he was the other extreme. From all the things he did can be seen, he is a cold-blooded and ruthless person, in order to accomplish a goal, can give up all the principles, do whatever it takes to do things, so, he chose bestiality.

From the conclusion of “Three Bodies 3”, Cheng Xin’s life is a flop, although she chose the true goodness and beauty, but the true goodness and beauty can’t make the human civilization constant at all, and it’s precisely the cold-blooded and ruthless person like Vader, who understands the king’s way of survival. Because he is the representative of animal nature, and human nature is the biggest obstacle to survival.

Weakness and ignorance are not the greatest obstacles to survival, arrogance is.

This statement adequately summarizes the current state of mankind. After the Great Depression Era, the human race began to become very arrogant, they had long forgotten about the blockade of the three-body people against the Earth, and thought that because they had built a few thousand spaceships, they would be able to fight against the three-body people, and even underestimated the strength of the three-body people, thinking that they could be able to run over the scientific and technological level of the three-body civilization. In fact, all of this is just an illusion, a kind of false prosperity like a mirage. Compared to the fleet of the three-body people, the thousands of ships of the Earth civilization were as fragile as wooden ships, and could not fight against the warships made of steel. So, after the United Government’s fleet came into contact with the Trisomes, their battleships were destroyed by the water droplets in less than 2 hours, and that’s when the human civilization realized how weak they were.

So, under the big size of the universe, no matter how weak and backward a civilization is, as long as they are not arrogant and keep a low profile, it is very hard to be wiped out. This was because once a civilization realized their weakness, they would hide themselves very well, while only those arrogant civilizations would flaunt it around, or even strike a stone with an egg, ultimately leading to the extinction of their self-civilization.

Within the cone of light, all is destiny.

Within the universe, the speed of light is the fastest, and the propagation path of light is a conical state, that is, it spreads from one point to three directions, and the universe is like a sleeping giant, and the conduction speed within the body of this giant is the speed of light. Since the diameter of the universe has 93 billion light years, that is, from one end of the universe to launch a signal, spread to the other end, at least need to light walking 93 billion years.

In fact, the starry sky we see today is the starry sky of billions of years ago, because the light radiated by those stars, to come to the Earth needs light to walk for billions of years, so the Earth is outside the cone of light, and the light that is still on its way is inside the cone of light. For the things that happen within the light cone, although they have not yet been conducted into the vision of human beings, have long been facts that cannot be changed. Humans will only ever be able to see lagging cosmic events, and that is the limitation of the universe.

Give age to civilization, not age to civilization

This statement fully articulates the core values of The Three Bodies. It means that survival is only a means to civilization, not the ultimate end, and that life in the present is the end of civilization. Even if survival is the first need of civilization, civilization cannot sacrifice the quality of life for the sake of survival.

Although the reasoning is like this, but the “Three Bodies” is exactly the opposite of this point of view, the book describes all the events, all are implying that survival is the first purpose of civilization, in order to survive for a long time, countless civilizations will be transformed into a low-dimensional creatures, and even the destruction of their own original world, this kind of civilization will only give the years to bring darkness, rather than light.

Perhaps the phrase “to give civilization to the years, not to give civilization to the years” is only a kind of aspiration of higher civilizations, not a real purpose to be achieved. In any case, the Earth’s civilization practiced this phrase, and as a result, the self-civilization quickly fell apart.