Jagten Review: How terrible it is to be falsely accused of wrongdoing by a girl

The Danish crime film “Jagten” was born in 2012 and won the Catholic Spirit of Humanity Award and the Vergne Prize at the Cannes Film Festival, and the “sexiest man in Denmark”,

Don’t Breathe theft was imprisoned, the heroine’s father chased and killed touching

Born in 2016, this film, despite an investment of only $9.9 million, has earned $157 million at the global box office, making it a dark horse blockbuster. The three burglars are chased

lack Adam review: super surprise ending, where will the DC Extended Universe go?

Black Adam story background can be traced back to 5,000 years ago, in the Middle East there is an ancient kingdom of Kandak, where the king worshiped black magic, so he began

Lady Bird movie review: the brightness and confusion of a different kind of youth

At the 75th Golden Globe Awards, “Lady Bird” won two awards in the categories of Best Actress in a Motion Picture – Musical Comedy, and Best Film in a Motion Picture –

Castle in the Sky Movie Review: The Ultimate Care for Peace and Beauty

Castle in the Sky is a classic animated work created and released by the famous Japanese director Hayao Miyazaki in the 1980s, which achieved not only great success at the box office,

Once Upon a Time in America movie review: Looking back on the past, there is no place to pay tribute to the sentiment

Once Upon a Time in America” is a classic gangster crime film directed by director Sergio Leone and released in 1984. Although the film focuses on the legendary story of the gangsters,

5 thoughtful science fiction films, so you can not intention

These thoughtful films are far more frightening than horror films. This time to bring the 5 science fiction films, are not visually frightening to you, but will certainly make you think back

Wonderful 10 R-rated zombie movies

The zombie movie is the love of many movie fans. Splattered blood, flesh and blood, horror, brain, novelty. I have recommended many classic zombie movies before, such as “Resident Evil”, “Busan Row”,

Bullet Train review: six months did not wait in vain, Pitt’s latest film

Brad Pitt starred in this new R-rated movie just released in theaters. Six months ago to see the trailer, it feels that the visual effects of this movie is extraordinary, and now

“Fall” movie review: the dark horse of the year beyond imagination, scared out of their wits

Fall” movie review: the dark horse of the year beyond imagination, scared out of their wits First of all, people who are afraid of heights should not watch this film. Even if