M3GAN: Machine girl bloody murder thoughtful

In early 2023, M3GAN was a hit! The film only 12 million investment, the first week box office exceeded 30.2 million dollars earned crazy! Artificial intelligence dolls rebel against murder, although not enough to be amazing, but slightly more subtle thinking!

Katie’s parents were killed in a car accident, so she is taken care of by her sister-in-law Jemima. The latter is the latest toy “M3GAN” can not get the trust of investors and suffering, did not expect her to create the “M3GAN”, and Katie became a good friend, so she thought of a good marketing strategy! Unexpectedly, “M3GAN” accepted the wrong instructions and began to kill people out of control, and one thing led to another!

M3GAN’s design is sophisticated, beautiful props are very good, a bit like the “Scarlet Witch” Elizabeth Olsen, but she is desperate to protect the child’s obsession, killing without blinking, but also a bit like the “ghost child back” Chucky. “After all, she is artificial intelligence, bizarre expressions and movements are very cold!

When Auntie was promoting M3GAN, she emphasized her ability to read with children, supervise things, play with them, and protect them, like a 24-hour tireless full-time nanny! On the contrary, she neglected to take care of her niece, and the little girl eventually pinned her loneliness and pain on “M3GAN”, making the twisted relationship between the two more convincing!

In the film, M3GAN’s “malevolence” is gradually deteriorating, it is initially like a machine doll nanny, and Katie live in harmony, but the neighbor’s vicious dog once bit the little girl, began to make M3GAN have a hatred! She spied through the window in the middle of the night, secretly killed the puppy, from then on it wants to cover up the evidence of guilt, when the Buddha killed the Buddha, evil on the road of no return!

Several killing scenes concentrated in the second half, especially the little boy bullying Katie, grabbed Megan blind trampling, machine doll its flexible tear off each other’s ears, and crawling backwards bending over to chase each other, more like a mechanical killer, not a toy. Her agile and flexible aggressiveness, afterwards immovable eyes, chilling!

M3GAN secretly abused an old neighbor lady with a high-pressure water gun late at night and deleted the video of her own murder record, which began to make her sister-in-law suspicious. She risked the risk of being slapped by her niece, Megan sent back to the lab to destroy, did not expect the “kill girl” to kill, from hanging each other stabbing knives to elevator crazy chopping, bloody and cruel!

With the face of an angel doll, brown flowing hair, but like to kill before suddenly jumping paragraph hot dance, such as machine-like twisting their cold arms and legs and feet, but also too magical. The little girl, Katie, is overly dependent on this robot, and the robot starts to go on a killing spree because of wrong instructions, which is what my sister-in-law was not expecting.

M3GAN seems to represent the darkest side of human heart, as long as the ability is big enough, what do you want to do what you want to do, the teeth for the teeth, blood for blood, regardless of the consequences! No matter what the consequences!

The front of the pavement over the family mechs, I did not expect the climactic scene, aunt was pressed to the ground friction, Lori control mechs against Morgan counterattack, the machine killed Ji’s face was smashed, body was cut in half, but still continue to crawl to the death, which makes the film into a cheesy action movie, a little bit of cool, but not enough to enjoy.

The film’s rhythm is smooth, the machine “kill girl” full of magic performance, brutal and vile methods of harming people, plus the original finale of the battle, can make the film together to watch. It is said to make a sequel, in Hollywood today’s big IP linkage, Alien can fight Iron Man, maybe someday the machine will kill the girl Megan PK ghost child Chucky it!

This film can not be like the “ghost children back” “Terminator” as famous in film history, only assembly line ordinary popcorn movie, but is the fall of years of horror master Wen Ziren in recent years, the only thriller that can be held! It explores the blurred line between technology and intimacy, the growth of children under the gloom of repression, a slight warning!