5 thoughtful science fiction films, so you can not intention

These thoughtful films are far more frightening than horror films. This time to bring the 5 science fiction films, are not visually frightening to you, but will certainly make you think back and think carefully.

1, the man without a name – the butterfly effect of the esoteric version

A film that is always climactic from start to finish. In the film, despite the fact that Nemo gave himself a variety of options, trying a variety of possibilities, hoping that life can be a hundred times better than it is now, but still ultimately controlled by fate. We always want to predict what will happen at the end of our lives. But we forget that the end of each of us is actually death.

  1. Parasitic beasts – humans parasitized by parasitic creatures

The closest thing to a demon is a human being! I have to admit that the Japanese brain is really unbeatable, the publicity posters are fresh and vulgar, but the film is very heavy mouth oh. Through the hypothetical “parasitic beast” species, the main character Izumi Shinichi’s experience and perspective, reflecting on the selfishness of humans, and appreciation of human love.

3、Black Mirror Christmas Special – Science fiction thriller movie

The use, reconstruction and destruction of human nature by high technology! This Christmas special continues the tradition of Black Mirror – high technology = destruction of humanity and the rhythm of human desire. Black Mirror always provokes a great deal of thought. Only this too sad ending diluted the Christmas atmosphere. In a group of people in the carnival a person alone.

4、Mythbusters – a masterpiece in film noir

A fierce mockery of the authoritarian social system! The movie begins with a “bug-induced bloodbath”.

It creates a dystopian but chilling world of the future. This seemingly orderly world, seemingly carefree world, is in fact a highly centralized and highly stifling world of humanity.

5、Metropolis — Unsurpassed science fiction film

Although 90 years have passed, Metropolis has an unshakable place in the history of science fiction films. Its rich imagination and ideas that transcend time can still shock us immensely. It is hard to imagine that this is a work from 1927, and its depiction of the future world and the relationship between robots and people is chilling.

Born to be human, the same way.