You have to know why you’re here The Legend of 1900

People always like to ask why. When summer comes, they start to ask about winter. Before winter comes, they start to care about summer.

He was terribly lonely and great. On February 9th, 2019, at exactly 1:00 a.m., I finished watching the movie for 2 hours and 49 minutes. At 34 minutes, I started trying desperately to remember the name “Danny Budman TD Lemmon 1900”.

I only keep the habit of school after graduation is, will never be carefree and comfortable holiday, total want to do something does not make me feel I’m in a waste of time, although this is a kind of psychological comfort, the lunar New Year holiday last night, I began to decided on the third day, “tomorrow I must do something, such as I want to make a daily plan, such as I want to read a book, For example, I want to start to do the cause of the topic, such as I want to write WeChat public number, such as…” In The end, I only finished one thing seriously, which was “The Legend of 1900”. I was being corroded a little bit by The life like a frog boiled in warm water. I used to muddle along and talk about my ideal, but now I am living, born and living. After watching this movie, at least my humble appeal has been answered, I have done a meaningful thing in the holiday.

List of recommended the film I’ve seen a lot of films, but hasn’t been aroused my curiosity, my in the mind have a strong sense of “this is a fierce and film, I at the moment of mood is not suitable for such movies”, of course, sometimes my mood is suitable for this movie, but I will forget it’s there, in a mood is very calm, I was done on nights without any motivation or interest. The beginning of the film is a group of people, from the first person eyes flashing dazzling light, India is hazy but very clear in the eyes of the statue of liberty in the United States, people were Shouting, “New York”, I don’t understand at that time the United States, just feel there shine, the city has a forest of tall buildings with countless streets, magnificent behind is infinite, It is this infinite let 1900 scared, think this is really terrible, in large cities, you can only choose a person to be your partner, can only do a job, can only live in one house in the street, and this choice is infinite, 1900 ready to get out for the first time carefully watched it again, the city and then determined to return to the ship, When he left, everyone thought he was for the girl. The power of love finally made this lonely man have the courage to see the world. My subconscious don’t agree with this point of view, I think of the movie 1900 cry a few times, is the first time when I was a child his adoptive father Daniel died, the second is that he and the famous pianist, and his fight, that is the first time he heard the foreign music, he tears tell Max he bet on the black pianist to win, because he is good at play. For the first time this mysterious force from the outside world had clearly touched his heart. The girl’s presence had also touched his longing for the outside world. As he went out, he told Max: “I want to hear the sound of the sea, to hear its roar, not on the sea, but on land, somewhere else.” He stepped off the boat with a desire to hear new sounds and find new music. But when he stood on the stairs and looked at the city, there were no glances from others, only melancholy, and he knew that this infinite mystery would not lead him to make new music, but would constantly erode the territory he had established. He started out in the red light district and created a unique style of music. But in that showdown, he was too eager to express himself. Instead of using the music he was good at, he got lost and was disguised by his arrogance as an inventor of jazz. Recently read the most touching words is “I also want to be one of someone’s insistence”, insist on the word burden is too heavy, not only do half to give up is called halfway, all only one second of insistence is halfway, insist on the result should be death as the end. Like Nineteen Hundred, playing his insistence with his fingers on a boat full of more than six tons of dynamite, then drifting away to the sound of the dynamite and the music. Finally he can be called only “The Legend of 1900”.

If you can’t make jokes, I won’t think you are low in EQ, but you are not good enough. Most people’s jokes are based on other people’s pain points and awkwardness points, and people always like to make jokes to ease the awkward atmosphere. Recently, an article appeared on Weibo entitled “How to ruin a child during the Spring Festival”. Adults always like to take pleasure from the child and make the child nervous but helpless. The child is naive enough, so the parents always get away with it, and then talk to people about the little temper of the child when he is cheated. The word “joke” has no real meaning. Sincerity and laughter are more appropriate.

My most moving joke in the movie comes from two people, Daniel and the music store owner. When Daniel found the child lying on the piano, he insisted on adding TD when he named the child with his worker, because he firmly believed that the TD on the cradle was “Thanks Daniel”. He became the father of 1900. In the movie, Daniel taught 1900 to read and write, 1900 asked Daniel, “What is an orphanage?” “Orphanages are for adults who don’t have children, and if you don’t have children, you’re sent to an orphanage.” This is a joking but sincere way of saying that, in Nineteen Hundred’s heart, it was because of him that Daniel was not sent to the orphanage. So when Nineteen Hundred meets Max for the first time, he asks him if he has any children. Max says no. Nineteen Hundred tells him in a boyish but solemn tone, “Then you will soon be sent to an orphanage.” The word orphanage has a new interpretation in Daniel. The length of a person’s life is extended by children. The parents who abandon their children are the orphans of this world. See a lot of critics said Daniel have no knowledge, to 1900 a lot of bad influence, which lists example is Daniel will orphanage interpreted as “childless adult prison” mother interpreted as “horse race”, I don’t know is my through have a problem or my understanding there is a problem, I am very fond of this explanation. It is said in the movie that Nineteen Hundred sometimes resembles his father Daniel, so stubborn and unexpected, from the moment Daniel picked Nineteen up, the world lost two orphans. The second joke is about the Third Perspective Musical Shop Owner, an old man on a budget who is sometimes found angry and malevolent, at other times lovable. He would haggle with Max to buy instruments, with no respect for his musical dreams, and would point a long gun at Max, roaring in anger. He would also listen carefully to Max’s story and lend him his record to find Nineteen Hundred. “You’re not a worthless man,” he would say. “You have a good story.” First said this sentence is the man who is 1900, he told Max: “as long as you have a good story and a listener, you are not really die”, Max in the most down and out again when heard these words, he with a good story and listener to regain his trumpet, the moment he is no longer a useless man.

I had passed the world by. All these years, it seems that you have been around, the more love, it seems that there is no love. Although we laughed at each other and said, “See you later,” we both knew that we would never see each other again. No one in the world remembers me. Forgive me, my friend, but I’m not getting off. I’m afraid my name isn’t on God’s list.

At last I saw little Nineteen Hundred lying on the bottom of the boat through the window looking out to sea; Finally I saw Nineteen Hundred steal a piece of white cake; At last I saw Daniel die after a long laugh; Finally I saw the eight-year-old Nineteen Height sitting at the piano and playing a beautiful piece of music after a week’s disappearance. Finally I saw Nineteen Hundred secretly making two cold calls; Finally I saw Nineteen Hetty sitting at the piano in third class, playing his favorite music. In the end I saw Nineteen Hundred sweating against each other; At last I saw Nineteen Hundred staring at the girl through the window; At last I saw Nineteen Hundred steal off and give the girl a kiss; At last I saw Nineteen Hundred disembark in Max’s coat; At last I saw Nineteen Hundred return to the ship; At last I saw Nineteen Hundred covered with dynamite. Finally, I want to ask: “Do you have a dream? If not, you can be sent to prison very quickly.” I said that every time I finished reading a novel, I would have the feeling that my life has come to an end. This moment is nothing else. I just want to seriously recall the past before I leave. On February 9, 2019, I dream in the brain flashing “watch” two words, I want to give myself a pen name, called “watch”, I can do is hope that the wind back, hope to watch.