Wonderful 10 R-rated zombie movies

The zombie movie is the love of many movie fans. Splattered blood, flesh and blood, horror, brain, novelty. I have recommended many classic zombie movies before, such as “Resident Evil”, “Busan Row”, “The Walking Dead”, but today I have compiled 10 different types of zombie movies, so you can watch them all at once.

1、I am a legend (2007)

The most lonely zombie film. Will Smith starring is the doomsday zombie science fiction film. About the year 2012, people are generally infected with a zombie virus. Just when the protagonist thought he was the only one in the world, things took a turn for the worse. The first half of the movie creates the image of the main character being the only one in the world. It is full of the sadness of the end and the loneliness of human beings. The movie also has two endings. It satisfies the audience with different interpretations of the ending.

2, Planet Terror (2007)

Blood plasma and violence go hand in hand, and a toxic gas leak from a military base turns people into zombies. Stripper Xiao Mei and her boyfriend run away together, but on the way to encounter zombies, Xiao Mei’s leg was bitten off by zombies, only to amputate. How to fight zombies without weapons, her boyfriend gave her a machine gun attached to her leg. Xiao Mei instantly encounter God kill God encounter Buddha kill Buddha …. A veritable B-movie, plasma violence as well as sex beauty … And a cameo by Quentin.

3 、Daughter of Heaven (2016)

Anti-trope zombie film. The future zombie outbreak of the end of the world, a group of people use “corpse two generation” to do research. These “corpse two children” has been considered a brand new species, neither human, nor a full zombie. The main character, a little girl, is a second generation of corpses with her own mind. She and her companions are kept in captivity by humans …. The competition between the “second generation of corpses” and humans, the two species will have what kind of amazing reversal? The situation of the zombie children being tortured in the movie, as the zombies want to eat human flesh produces a strange contrast. The survival of the fittest? The movie does the reverse thinking.

4 、Zombie Attack (2016)

The operation of the end of the day cool film, zombie apocalypse, but the soldier Reese is living a good life, he built a camp, but the use of zombies to bring “free resources”, the days are very beautiful. The operation is constantly, developed a variety of brainstorming inventions: a piece of rotten meat as bait, there is a zombie engine; zombie gas, zombie alarm clock, zombie workers …. Brainy and interesting settings!

5、Please call me hero (2015)

Brainy zombie film. The hero is a failed comic book artist. At the time of the zombie outbreak, he protects the half-human, half-corpse schoolgirl on the one hand. One side and the people who survived together to resist the zombies. This movie is based on the original work of the same name by manga artist Kengo Hanazawa. The hero transforms from a loser to a hero of the end of the world. There are very frightening and scary images, but also very exciting spoof plot. For example, the zombie brother who can jump high.

6、Zombie World War (2013)

The zombie apocalypse. Adapted from the novel of the same name by Max Brooks. It tells the story of survivors fighting against the crisis after the zombie virus outbreak. This is a zombie action blockbuster with no pee. The action sequences are climactic, the scenes are huge and very impressive!

7 、The Wonderful Family (2019)

Comedy zombie film. One day, a mysterious zombie man appears in the village. The family not only catches him and knocks out his teeth, but also makes him gnaw on round cabbage. One day, they suddenly found that the zombie bite not only fine will become younger. This movie breaks the usual horrible and serious theme of zombie movies. Also set a very new and interesting funny settings. For example, zombies not only do not bite people, but also eat vegetarian. People have to line up to let the zombies bite themselves in order to become younger.

8、Weighted Forward (2017)

Warm-hearted zombie film. This movie is an extended version of the diu of the same name. It is about a father who knows that he is going to turn into a zombie in 48 hours. For the sake of his daughter who is still a small baby, he has to think of all the ways. This zombie film is surrounded by fatherly love throughout. It earned the audience’s tears. Because the movie filled in the previous short film.

9、Little Monster (2019)

Cute zombie film. The story takes place during a kindergarten outing excursion. The zombies next to the U.S. Army base ran out. The teacher lies about it being a game in order to keep the children from feeling scared. In the moment of crisis, the teacher lied about the game in order to protect the children, and even played with the zombies and the eagle catching chicks. Fortunately, the zombies in this film are running slow.

10, overlord (2018)

World War II zombie film. The movie is set on the eve of the Normandy landings. A group of American paratroopers arrive at a Nazi-occupied village and find out. They have to face the enemy is the Nazis through human experiments to get the zombies. This movie is an R-rated film. There is enough gore, violence and horror in it. There are also many viewers who call this movie “Call of Duty” in zombie mode.