5 wonderful scam films, one of them will lie to you

The Hollywood film “The Sting” filmed in 1973 is one of the two most famous works of George Roy Hill. This film, which won the 46th Oscar for Best Picture, Best Director, Best Music and other seven awards, is in line with the characteristics of the golden age of movies. Its fascination goes beyond the story and the form to a kind. Hang around for fun. In the 1970s, during the hurricaneous advancement of Hollywood, the appearance of such a retro film should also be a very rebellious thing. From the story to the technique, there is no exception; Newman Redford Hill three together, there is one. Kind of special texture.

The Sting

“Matchstick Men” is based on Eric Garcia’s novel of the same name. It tells the story of Roy and Frank’s liar career. In this movie, Nicolas Cage’s acting skills are impeccable. Such a liar, who is obsessed with cleanliness, is afraid of sunlight, and obsessive-compulsive disorder, often changes different roles. For an actor, it must be difficult and superb. He undoubtedly added a lot to the film. Everything in the film turned out to be fake. I thought everything was arranged like this, but who knows, the ending turned around at this time. It made people feel painful, that desperate cry, lost everything in an instant, and the gradually cooling heart, I don’t know how to resolve it, only crying.

Matchstick Men

“The Italian Job” is really a wonderful film. The producer of this movie spent nearly ten years preparing for such a film. There is no doubt about its sincerity. Appreciating this film will give you a kind of personal experience. The sense of environment, as if you are one of them, can “stealing the sky” or “changing the day”, thrilling, exciting, and playing is the heartbeat. The movie is even a star-studded movie. The cast of male characters in this film is too strong. Even the old man who sacrificed at the beginning is a drama-level character!

The Italian Job

“Now You See Me”​This is a film about theft and a story about magic. The film tells about four little-known magicians who have completed a series of amazing high-level magic tricks after being guided by an expert. While completing these magic tricks, they also completed revenge for the expert. “Now You See Me” connects magic and crime. The four knights use the most cutting-edge technology and gorgeous stage as a cover to show the audience three magical and fantasy shows.

Now You See Me

The plot of “Catch Me If You Can”​ is very rigorous and quite exciting. The story is based on real life. Even if this is the script of a famous screenwriter, the story is unbelievable. However, “real life is sometimes a hundred times exaggerated than a fictional story.” The plot is not spoiled here. Although it was a crime movie, it still showed me a different place. The beginning was unexpected to me, but it also became the fuse of what happened later. Frank, played by Leonardo, is lovely, smart but lonely, and unknowingly makes me feel distressed. The movie is very good.

Catch Me If You Can