What to say about Jason Statham’s crime action movie “Wrath of Man”

Wrath of Man

Who in this room would touch Liam Neeson’s daughter? Who dares touch keanu reeves’ dog? Add one more item to your list of “not to mess with” : Jason Statham’s son. Guy Ritchie recently came out with a new John Wick-esque movie called Wrath of Man. As the name implies, star Jason Statham is going to be angry! Boy, do you remember the last time Jason blew up? In the opening scene of Furious 7, Jason washes the hospital, runs to the police station and beats up Dwayne Johnson… In this episode, Jason’s son was shot dead by a robber. Everyone knows it. Let’s observe a minute of silence for the robber gang.

The story of the movie “Wrath of Man” is very simple. It is about a group of veterans who robbed the armored truck. Jason Statham’s son was killed because he saw the robber’s face, and Jason went undercover to get involved in the security company for revenge. The FBI has been trying to catch Jason for a long time, but when they hear that Jason’s son was killed, the FBI comes up with a cheap plan to kill him. Jason wants to find an enemy, like the golden lion king Xie Xun to find Cheng Kun, in the river’s lake set off a bloody storm; The FBI immediately handed over a blacklist, which has a variety of FBI wants to purge but due to the process of more troublesome characters. Jason was carried away by hatred, as expected, a big killing ring, the relevant irrelevant all dada da da, the FBI enjoyed the ride. Killed a circle, the enemy’s hair was not found, Jason decided to “outsmart”. The key point to outsmarting is that Jayson’s men believe that none of the people they’ve found so far have the ability or “style” to do the crime. The robbers who killed Jason’s son were well organized and probably involved a security firm. So, Jason decided to undercover security company, from the “ghost” check up; While waiting patiently for the robber to act again and reveal himself. This wave is called “phishing enforcement”.

That’s why, and then just enjoy Jason Statham’s performance. B movies, excitement is the first thing; Commercial film, chipper is the core – Jason lives up to expectations, undercover security company as a escort driver, the first time out of the car on the group out of a group of robbers on the road, the whole security company hate can not blow him! The first show on the explosion cut 6 people’s head, Jason workplace wind water, by the way to win the heart of the company’s female employees, no surprise Jason will sleep her. This section of the plot of the group portrait is also quite interesting, realistic and explicit, inadvertently came a bunch of real American emperor “cultural output” : the worker manager think this guy is too risky, money can have a life is important? Capitalist boss but feel to keep Lao Tzu’s money is the first, we want to learn to Sen Sen life, as long as the money to keep the boss! And female colleague there, really strength decides hormone, Sen Sen you are good oh my belt is loose for you…… Of course, Jason did not take this little scene seriously. As soon as he finished sleeping with his female colleague, he pointed his gun at her and said, “I have checked you and said, you have a sum of ten thousand yuan of unexplained money. Where did you get it?” Really pull up the pants not to recognize people ah! The female colleague had to confess that the money was picked up in the trash can in the hallway of the company and she did not know what the inside story was. That would confirm Jason’s suspicions that the security company might have an inside job with the robbers.

Day by day, finally, the gang decided to act again. They plotted to infiltrate Fortis’s security lair on Black Friday and emptied the warehouse of $180 million. Crazy plan, of course, has to have a crazy deployment – robbers gang method is, “Troy”! Sure, a couple of guys trying to break into the security company is impossible, but the whole Trojan horse getting inside and then making a surprise, quick attack, you still have a chance of winning. First of all, with Jason car ghost unloaded Jason pistol bullets, a few words on the control of Jason – of course, can also be regarded as Jason deliberately controlled – and then use Jason to open the armored car to pick up the robbers, open into the security company warehouse; Later, the robbers quickly tied up the staff outside the vault, but missed the female staff and Jason’s other car partner; The gang then blew open the bulletproof glass door of the vault, exchanging gunfire with security forces inside the vault and winning by wearing body armor up to the teeth beforehand. The overall success of the robbery plan, but in the exchange of fire in the vault security wounded one of the robbers; Jason overpowers the watching robber, puts on his bulletproof armor, and wounds another robber; Two “escaped fish” and Jason rescued a colleague, in the chaos of the fight shot the enemy, the result is easily invited to eat box lunch by the ghost. Wait until the robber gang escapes successfully, they also remain inside ghost, Yang, captain 3 people. the captain is low-key, often admonish Yang do not show rich, Yang this anti – bone young has long had the heart to kill; This time, the captain was seriously injured, Yang killed the captain without mercy; Of course, Yang then killed the ghost and pocketed $180 million! The story ends quickly when Jason slips a cell phone into one of the robbers’ moneybags during the shootout. He finds Yang’s house and kills him easily.

Evaluate objectively “the anger of the person”, that is next meal piece, wait later the net had, it is ok to open next meal when having a meal. Guy Ritchie and Jason Statham have big names, but this is really just their work. The film is in line with director Guy’s consistent film language, fast shots, close shots, shots from different characters’ perspectives, and his style of expressing characters’ emotions through the lens continues in this film. In the editing, and in the narrative, Guy does try his best to fidget with the timeline and the narrative perspective, but because the story is so simple, it’s almost as if he didn’t do it… Those who want to see the maddening multilayered narrations of Lock, Stock, and Snatch will be disappointed. On the bright side, we can comfort ourselves with the fact that, according to the nature of the Gay director, this one is not good enough, and the next one will probably be good enough. If there’s one thing that should be overrated, it’s that Jason Statham’s performance is arguably the most consistent in the film. Although he kept a straight face and played cool, he won for a long time. He didn’t pull his crotch in every shot: When training the younger brother of majesty, save the son of eager, destroy the enemy’s cold, even a small bar with colleagues derided bye, are in place, when you received any case Jason statham is the face so cold set, then he is acting in a logical and invincible, because he just need to keep a straight face…