Was Kong defeated or reconciled in Godzilla vs Kong?

Kong had just come back from the ICU and barely survived. He didn’t even rest for a few minutes. He grabbed an axe and chopped it from Earth to Mars.

All of a sudden, the fire-breathing lizard not far away made another sound that scared Kong so much that he immediately stood up with his axe in his hands, expecting to fight again. Suddenly he was angry and anxious, saying, “How could you do that? I just helped you, and you are going to fight me again.” When Kong picked up the axe, he said, “Don’t come here!”

In fact, he was very afraid but he tried to act fierce.

However, Kong suddenly realized that the situation was a little tricky. The older brother didn’t seem to want to fight. He just tilted his neck and gave him a look.

Kong was exhausted, aching, hungry and tired. Since the opposite elder brother does not play, it certainly does not want to play ah, and not full of support. So I looked down at the axe and thought: I just want to go home. This weapon is not important anymore.

When Brother Lizard saw that Kong was no longer interested in fighting, he dropped his axe voluntarily. He thought to himself: Now that the enemy is dead and Kong has lost his weapon, there will be no enemies left on earth.

Then he turned and left

Godzilla ends up turning his back on Kong, something a fighting creature doesn’t do without fully trusting his opponent. So my personal understanding is not that Kong gives up, after all, he has been defeated once before, and in the previous battle, Godzilla stood on Kong’s chest and both sides shouted at each other, and Godzilla didn’t use atomic breath, so for Kong, Godzilla just wanted the strongest result you can see, but it can’t be said that the two sides reconcile. All they could say was that they understood that the mechanical Godzilla, devoured by Guidora’s psionic powers, was the real enemy and that they were too confused to fight against him. If you pay attention to see, in the battle of Hong Kong in the middle, godzilla by atomic breath after playing king kong always wins, he satisfiedly smile, is the monster in the setting of the film series IQ is not low, just the language, not to say they are clever to understand their own appearance and stature is unable to accomplish and human in-depth communication, So it’s the easiest way for them to just use force every time there’s a problem.