Very detailed Memento plot review, hidden secrets revealed

This analysis is after I read all the analysis on the Internet, I feel that the story carding is not satisfactory, so I feel it. This should be the most detailed analysis available on the web.

Thank you for your patience and welcome discussion.

Lenny: I’m an insurance investigator. I investigate insurance claims. He is methodical, good at distinguishing between true and false, and is a good judge of people. Lenny has a wife who loves him. He works hard and lives a happy life. This is background one.

As an investigator for the company, Lenny’s first case is Sammy’s short-term amnesia. Sammy’s insurance claim is peculiar. He was involved in a car accident, which was not a serious accident, but he claimed that he suffered from short-term amnesia, unable to form new memories after the accident. After going to the hospital for tests, doctors suspected that Sammy had brain damage, but could not confirm that Sammy’s memory was for only a few minutes. Sammy’s inability to work and expensive medical bills are grounds for a claim. Lenny uses the inertia method, a test in which doing the same thing over and over again can be learned without short-term memory, to call Sammy’s deception. This establishes one of the film’s key principles: the inertia method works for people with short-term memory loss. This is background number two.

One night, when Lenny was asleep, two drug dealers thought Lenny was not at home, so they raped Lenny’s wife in the bathroom. Lenny wakes up and shoots one gunman, but another blows him in the head, leaving him with short-term amnesia. His wife survived. This is background number three.

More than a year ago, Teddy helped Lenny find the real John NG. Lenny killed him himself and took a picture of him pointing at his chest. But Teddy took the picture, so Lenny forgot about it. Teddy, for his own benefit, helps him find the next John. This is background number four.

And so the story begins.

Lenny wakes up in his hotel room. Unable to remember why he was there due to short-term amnesia, he searched the room and found only a Bible in a drawer. When he looked down, he saw a tattoo on his left hand that read “Remember Sammy,” and remembered Sammy, who also suffered from short-term memory loss. They both use notes to help them get by, except he’s organized and Sammy’s notes are left all over the place. After searching, he found a note on the front of his left thigh that said “shave”, which was left by his “previous self”, and that he was supposed to do now, which was to shave off the hair on the front of his thigh and tattoo the prisoner’s clue.

While preparing to shave, Lenny thought to herself, “Keep things in order so that people don’t confuse you. He felt that there were always such people in the world. (In fact, this is a sign of inertialmemory.) Also, having important information tattooed on your body is a good option for permanent memorization. “Suddenly, the phone rings and Lenny hesitates to answer.

It was Teddy on the phone. Because of short term amnesia, Lenny doesn’t remember talking to Teddy, so Teddy mentions Sammy directly because Lenny tells Sammy’s story to everyone he meets. So, everyone who knows Sammy’s story is someone Lenny has met before, which is the second key rule of the film. Lenny begins, as he always does, to tell the story of his own Sammy: “Sammy suffers from short-term memory loss, but he misplaces his memos because he doesn’t have the motivation to help him remember.” Meanwhile Lenny walks to the mirror and looks at the tattoo on his chest. “John G raped and killed my wife,” Lenny says. “I have it.”

Lenny: I used to be a good judge of people. He says he now relies on his expertise to know if someone is in front of him (another sign of inertial memory). The first person he observed was Sammy.

In his mind, Sammy suffered from short-term amnesia after a traffic accident that left her unable to work and with expensive medical bills. So Sammy’s wife sued the insurance company for compensation. After Lenny investigated, he found that although Sammy had no new memories, he was able to complete complex tasks that he had learned before the accident, such as injecting insulin for his wife. Every time he goes to see Sammy, Lenny feels as if Sammy remembers him in her eyes. So Lenny suspected him of acting and ordered the inertial test.

Sammy was asked to choose three of six shapes, several of which were electrified, and always the same ones. The purpose of the test was to see if Sammy could rely on instinct to avoid an electric shock model without having to remember it.

Tests eventually confirmed that Sammy’s illness was not physical, but psychological. Insurance doesn’t go with psychology. Lenny got promoted because of it. But for short-term memory loss, inertia worked for Lenny. Lenny can live by instinct.

Lenny: I don’t think Sammy is faking it. Sammy’s wife not only had to pay for the medical bills, but she thought Sammy could be cured and did everything she could to do so. Lenny: I’m sorry, Lenny. I’m sorry, Lenny.

Lenny: I think Sammy’s wife doesn’t understand that you can’t force your memory. At this point, it was as if Teddy had heard enough of the countless stories and said he had hung up the phone. Lenny is ready to concentrate on the tattoo.

Lenny: Clue 5: It’s related to drugs. I was about to start when the phone rang again.

Teddy, of course. Lenny: Teddy, what do you know about John? When Lenny checks the report, he notices that several pages are missing and some important clues have been crossed out. Lenny also thinks that the police don’t want him because it’s unnecessary, so the matter is not resolved.

Under the guidance of Teddy, Teddy changes the clue five from close to drugs to drug dealers. In this way, the outline of Johng seems to be clearer.

Lenny: I don’t blame the police for ignoring me. It’s not easy to understand. Sammy’s wife can’t get Sammy’s memory back, so she comes to the office to see him. She just wants to know what Lenny really thinks, and out of sympathy Lenny tells her that Sammy has the ability to remember. Lenny: My right forearm, where I have a tattoo on it and it’s wrapped in gauze, starts itching.

During the conversation, Lenny RIPS the gauze. It says: Never answer the phone. “Who are you?” asked a surprised Lenny. Teddy hung up.

After some thought, the phone rang again. Lenny: I’m really nervous. I hang up and tell the receptionist I don’t want to take any calls.

Lenny: I have someone claiming to be a police officer. I need to speak to you. Lenny asked for an interview and closed the door.

The phone is ringing again. The reception desk hung up. Then an envelope slipped into the crack under the door. It says, “Answer the phone.” Lenny opened the envelope and found a photo of himself happily pointing to his left chest. His hand was stained with blood. At that moment, the telephone rang again.

Lenny: No one believes you. Then he tells the story of Sammy and his wife. Sammy’s wife came home and ran the final tests on Sammy. She thinks Sammy still loves her, so she keeps asking him to give her insulin to expose him. But Sammy did have short-term memory loss, so after an overdose of insulin, she died. Sammy lived in a nursing home, unaware of his wife’s death. He knows you in his eyes, but he pretends to know you for the sake of approval. (This is the end of Lenny’s Sammy story.)

Jimmy Grants was found on the phone selling drugs at girlfriend Natalie’s bar. He will come to the trading place, and Teddy demands that Lenny overpower him because Jimmy is John. Lenny: Yes, I’m at the hotel. Teddy: Yes, I’m at the hotel. Lenny puts on his old clothes and goes to see Teddy, calling him Officer Gammell. Lenny: Teddy, please take a picture. Teddy asked to have his picture taken by the door to prevent the license plate from being recorded, and said he looked very thin (because he had been photographed before). Teddy then asks to be named Teddy in the photo because he’s undercover (because his first name is also John NG). Then Lenny gives Lenny the address where Jimmy is going and asks Lenny to fix Jimmy. Lenny drove his pickup truck to the shabby shack on the address. After a while, Jimmy arrives with $200, 000 in his own Jaguar to trade. During the exchange, Lenny discovers that Jimmy knows him and strangles him in the ensuing scuffle. After taking Jimmy’s picture (which shifts from black and white to color), Lenny changes into his clothes and moves him down to the basement, where Jimmy says Sammy’s name just before he dies, making Lenny realize that Jimmy really knew him (see Rule 2).

Just then Teddy arrived in his car. Clever Lenny pretends not to know what’s going on and asks Teddy for help. Cunning Teddy immediately says that he doesn’t know Lenny and Jimmy, which makes Lenny realize that Teddy can’t be trusted. He attacks Teddy and demands that he tell the truth.

Teddy is still saying that Jimmy is John, until Lenny turns him on. Teddy finally begins to confess that he used Lenny to kill Jimmy in order to steal the money. Moreover, Lenny’s wife was still alive after the event. She did not believe that Lenny was sick, so she tried to wake him up with insulin and finally died of Lenny. Sammy doesn’t have a wife, so the story of Sammy and his wife is really the story of Lenny and his wife. All of this is Lenny using the inertia method to convince himself that this is the case, so that he has a reason to live, to revenge.

Lenny is determined to put an end to it, but he must make Teddy pay the price for using him. Lenny took Teddy’s car keys and threw them in the grass. While Teddy is looking, Lenny sits down on Picari, unloads his gun, and writes “Don’t let him fool you” on the back of Teddy’s picture. After burning the pictures of Jimmy and himself, Lenny uses Teddy’s license plate number as clue number six, because it will tell him what to do if he loses his memory.

(That’s the end of the story. Now it’s time to deal with Teddy and put an end to it.)

One came to a screeching halt in front of a tattoo parlor. Lenny: I forgot everything. I thought of tattooing six clues on my body. Teddy barges in and offers to help him out, offering to take his car away (for the first time). Lenny: Teddy, what did you say? Lenny: Teddy, what did you say? Lenny: Teddy, what did you say? On the way, he finds a disposable coaster in the pocket of his Jimmy coat. It says, “Meet Natalie at Fiddis after work.” At the back door of the bar, Natalie knocks on the window of his car, but it’s not Jimmy.

Lenny goes into the bar and talks to Natalie. Natalie didn’t trust him, so she tried to test Lenny with sputum beer. Lenny falls into the trap, but Natalie’s trust is won, so she brings Lenny back to her home. (??)

At Natalie’s house (Lenny, of course, tells the story of Sammy and his wife), after talking about revenge plans, Natalie decides to let him stay for a few days and heads out. Lenny: That’s right. I’ll take a picture of you.

When Natalie comes back in a hurry, the two argue about Dodd. Unable to stand Natalie’s obscenity, Lenny fixes Natalie. Natalie went out and sat in the car for a while because she knew Lenny wouldn’t remember anything in a few minutes. At this time, Lenny frantically looking for the pen at home, but the pen has been hidden by Natalie. Just then, Natalie walked in.

Lenny: I don’t remember what happened. Natalie deceives Dodd and asks him to avenge her injury. Lenny: Yes. When he got on the bus, he suddenly found Teddy sitting next to him.

As usual, after Teddy identifies himself (Law 2), he asks Lenny not to trust Natalie, and offers to let him go to a special hotel and get out of here (the second time). After listening to Teddy’s bullshit, what he said after the photo alerted Tenny, so he ignored Teddy, but because of the note, he went to the discount hotel anyway.

In order to recreate the day of the rape, Lenny calls a prostitute and tells her to place her belongings and so on. As he fell asleep, he was awakened by the sound of the door closing.

Lenny wakes up and sees a prostitute and can’t remember anything. After letting the prostitutes go, he took his wife’s belongings and set off on his way.

Lenny drives to a construction site and burns his wife’s belongings, as if her smile is still in front of him. After dawn, Lenny set off again.

Lenny is pulled over on the road by Dodd. Dodd thinks that Lenny has stolen Jimmy’s money, so he plans to kill Lenny and get back 200,000 yuan. He also shoots and breaks the Jaguar’s left front glass. After a chase, Lenny escapes into the Jaguar and finds Dodd’s address in his pocket that Natalie gave him. After sneaks into Dodd’s house, Lenny picks up a bottle of wine as a weapon and waits in the bathroom for Dodd to return.

Lenny, once again amnesiac, overpowers Dodd and takes a picture. But he doesn’t know why. He called Teddy to help him release Dodd and then went to Natalie.

Lenny and Teddy, once again amnesic, let Dodd go and take his gun. Meanwhile, Teddy asks Lenny for his car keys (for the third time) and then offers to exchange them on the way back (for the fourth time), but again without success. Lenny then drives to Natalie’s house to ask her about Dodd.

Natalie was happy and grateful to Lenny. Although she could not tell him the truth, she could be an attentive and warm listener. Lenny felt her sincerity and wrote on the back of her photo, “She also lost someone important. She will sympathize and help you.” Then he got a good night’s sleep.

After waking up, Lenny once again loses his memory and even wears the wrong shirt. Natalie offers to help him find the owner of the license plate. He makes an appointment with Natalie for their next meeting and receives a kiss from her. Lenny drives off, and Teddy shows up again.

Lenny: Yes, Teddy. During the meal, Teddy talked a lot but didn’t mention the car keys (haha). Lenny: I don’t have a key with me. The hotel has let me an extra room. Lenny: I don’t know what Natalie is, but I don’t know what Natalie is.

Natalie: That’s right. Lenny: That’s right. Lenny: Remember Sammy! I’m going to the bathroom to wash my hands. Back at the hotel, Lenny checks the tattoo and it all points to Teddy. So he is going to kill Teddy. He loaded Dodd’s gun.

After talking to Porter, the receptionist, Teddy arrives to die. Once again, Teddy wants to swap cars (for the fifth time), to Lenny who has a picture of his Jaguar. Lenny: Well, Teddy, I’ll fix the glass for the sixth time. Together they went to the broken house where Jimmy had died. In the pickup, Lenny spotted the bullet he had dropped and offered to check it out. After reviewing the photos, Lenny subdues Teddy and kills him when he tries to resist with a bunch of bullshit.

The film goes back to the very beginning, with Lenny shaking a picture of Teddy’s death. It’s all done.

The end! Thank you for reading this. Now let’s look at some of the issues that everyone is talking about.

  1. Does inertia really work for people with short-term memory loss?
  2. Is there a hint of Teddy’s “pats me thin”?

The answer is yes, because Lenny has taken pictures of him before. Teddy and Lenny have known each other for at least a year. Lenny and Teddy have always had pictures of each other. So, it was Teddy who took away his own picture in order to rearrange his plans.

  1. Is the lack of information Lenny’s fault?

I think Teddy did it. Although both have reasons to do this, Lenny for a reason to live, Teddy for his own interests. But the fact that Teddy took a picture of Lenny getting his revenge after Lenny got his revenge suggests that he got Lenny in the loop first. So I’m leaning toward Teddy.

There are more questions you can ask. But the question of to be or not to be is to be avoided.


  1. It’s no secret that Sammy from the nursing home was transformed into Lenny in the last scene.

2.Sammy never said anything when giving his wife an injection, only saying “it won’t hurt” when giving her an injection in the leg. When Lenny gave her another shot in the leg, she cried out “Och” in pain.

  1. All the male names in the film have duplicate letters. Lenny, Teddy, Sammy, Jimmy, Dodd. It was impossible to see what puzzle was hidden. Ask the friend who can answer the question to give the answer.

As for the deeper aspects of the film, I personally don’t want to discuss them, because such questions are too heavy. What is the meaning of existence? Sometimes I feel like my hand is covering the sky, sometimes I feel like the mayfly is shaking the tree. There are different answers for everyone. Does the world still exist if you close your eyes?