The Double Tragedy of Greed and Lying — Parasite Personal movie Review


Yesterday saw this film, this is the 72nd Cannes Film Festival of the Palme d ‘Or film, worth a look oh! Like Snowpiercer, it’s about a collision between rich and poor, but Snowpiercer is also pretty good.

The spatial construction of this film is very clear, from the opening scene of the semi-basement at the beginning, to the vast and open courtyard of the rich family, from the narrow situation where the poor family had to go up several steps to go to the toilet, to the spacious living room of the rich family, which is about the total area of 5.6 poor families. Different space, the collision of rich and poor is obvious.

A couple of interesting points:

  1. love

The relationship between the young daughter of the rich family and the male tutor. In the beginning, the poor boy was recommended to be a tutor by his friend, because his friend was going to study abroad as an exchange student. Moreover, he liked this girl from a rich family and planned to pursue her as soon as she went to college. Therefore, he did not want other boys to go to her, so he asked this poor boy to be a tutor instead of him. As we all know, the girl and the new tutor developed the same romantic relationship as the last one. Now you have to wonder, is this girl going to have this kind of relationship with every male tutor? Is it really love? What kind of relationship is that? The poor boy later told his parents what his friend had said before: When she gets to college, it will be serious.

2. the political

After the fat maid is fired, she comes at night in the pouring rain to find what she left behind in the basement – her husband, the two servants’ secrets about each other are discovered, what does the husband represent in the basement, and the fat maid’s impassioned singing of the Great Leader Kim Jong Un in the accent of the North Korean broadcasting is politically charged. There seems to be some kind of metaphor here, an insinuating that North Korea is like her husband locked away in a basement, cut off from the outside world, closed off, having her own time almost stopped? In fact, in his bones but very envious of South Korea’s wealth. The scene is very meaningful, welcome to add your own views.

3. sex

In this rich home, you find the distance of all family members is alienated, everyone has everyone’s life and enough big space, their space geometry does not have any superposition, the kind of family warmth you can not find in this big house. Younger son spirit have a problem, running around, there are odd behavior, daughter and ambiguous between teachers, between husband and wife with a scene is the sex of the sitting room, and they were wearing pajamas, the hostess to the genitals, male host male master hands to the genitals of goodwife, they need is each other’s genitals. They just need each other, not love each other, the audio-visual language here is very clear, sex is the structure of the marriage between these two people, can you feel that there is love in any scene between these two people? Not at all, just sex. Have you ever seen the man smile in a marriage? Is there any scene in which the rich family is indulged in domestic joy? Not at all.

4. A collision between two men

Gold driver and male master’s first exchange is in the car, their dialogue is very meaningful, gold driver said the male master “lonely man”, which has exposed the true heart of the male master, he asked: do you love the lady? Sitting in the back seat of the master did not answer for a long time, this dialogue in the long pause, really very advanced, is silent lines, he was asked by this question stunned, perhaps he was thinking: there is a thing called love in this world? It doesn’t seem to exist in the hero’s world, and he never seems to feel that love is a necessity. Or maybe what he’s thinking is I don’t love my wife What’s the problem? After this pause, the content of his reply was not important, for the answer to such a question from a strange man must be: I love my lady, of course I do. But it all came out in the long pause that followed the question.

The two men collided for the second time at the end, when they played the role of Indians celebrating the birthday of their son from a rich family. The two men began to look each other in the face. Kim’s words seemed to infuriate the male host, he said: After all, you love your wife so much. This sentence is quite painful to the host, because driver Kim has already seen into the heart of the host, he said this sentence is equivalent to saying to the host: you do not love your wife I already knew. But the male host here can only see through the heart of the angry eyes, two people look at each other, but the eyes produced speechless lines: driver gold, I do not love my wife, but this is my thing, do not need you to manage, you see through me, expose me, you do not cross the line, shut up.

The daughter of a poor family was stabbed and fell to the ground, while the younger son of a rich family was also frightened and fell to the ground. At this time, the parents went to save their children. The male owner asked for the car keys like the driver, and the driver threw the keys to the male owner. Because there is no rich or poor in front of life, he saved his son, is the poor child’s life to give up in front of wealth? Gold driver is angry, so depressed in the heart of all the dissatisfaction, the hard struggle of poverty together to vent out, mercifully stabbed to the master. The mistress of a poor family once said: If I am rich, I can also be kind.