Uncharted review: entertainment adventure treasure hunting experience wonderful movie

Uncharted as a PS exclusive action-adventure game, players in place of the protagonist Nathan Drake, launched in the world adventure treasure hunting, experience a variety of tense and exciting twists and turns of events, there is a thrilling action shootout fights, solve the mystery suspense scenes in turn, but also give players to enjoy the mysterious and exotic scenery and breathtaking natural landscape of various countries.

From 2007 onwards “Uncharted” game series is a big seller, after each game update word of mouth and sales are record-breaking, become the ceiling of this type of game, is a must-play masterpiece for every console party players, for me, “Mysterious Seas” game attracts me more is his mature and impeccable plot, each game alone is a rich and wonderful Hollywood action adventure blockbuster.

In fact, I used to play when wondering why not adapted into a movie, the result is how it is possible not to adapt into a movie, “Uncharted” movie version and everyone to meet.

The old rules first set the overall feeling, “Uncharted” as a pure entertainment film, the film focus on how to create a greater degree of joy and excitement, as well as a sense of fun, I looked at is very happy and addictive, cool on the end! Especially if you can also get some of the hidden laughs, the effect will be doubled.

The overall pace of the film is fast, the adventure tasks are interlocked without delay, the plot design of the play, although formulaic but good because there is a strong task plot traction, the sense of immersion is still very strong, more than 110 minutes to follow the protagonist to solve puzzles around the world to find treasure, it has been a long time in the big screen to experience this classic old-school secret adventure.

Since it is an adaptation, “Uncharted” in accordance with the background and role of the game’s setting, in consideration of the real-life shooting did not make too fantastical, so I think if you have not played the game, you will be able to enjoy the film version of “Mysterious Seas”, because the film in order to take care of more public to understand the “Mysterious Seas” world background and story, as far as possible to lower the threshold of the film to do easy to understand, so that the audience in the In the shortest possible time, the audience will be able to understand a whole set of character relationships, the cause of events, the mission itinerary.

Uncharted” movie is roughly about Nathan usually in the bar as a bartender, part-time is a pickpocket, by the way to the gold customer to a handful, one day a man named Sullivan approached Nathan, and Nathan wanted to partner to find a legendary Magellan route to the hidden treasure trove.

Nathan, of course, refused, usually mix drinks, and chat with beautiful women, and then take some jewelry list he does not smell, but Sullivan moved the killer, said Nathan’s brother Sam was originally with him to do this treasure hunting expedition, but then mysteriously disappeared and disappeared, if Nathan can start an adventure with him, will help Nathan find Sam.

Sam and Nathan grew up as orphans, the brothers have very good feelings, 15 years ago Sam left alone to venture into the world, every New Year’s Day will not forget the little brother Nathan sent a postcard, Nathan also always miss the big brother Sam.

So, Nathan in order to find Sam, decided to partner with Sullivan, began to layer in to do the task, to achieve the big goal. During the period also met Sullivan’s contact Chloe in Barcelona, the three teamed up together to start a global treasure hunt battle.

Uncharted” is directed by Ruben Frescher, who has done the “Zombieland” series and “Venom: Deadly Guardian”, and stars the familiar Dutchman as Nathan Drake, and Sullivan is played by Mark Wahlberg.

It’s amazing that “Venom” when the Rotten Tomatoes viewing experience aesthetic isolation polarization, now is also a repeat, “Uncharted” Rotten Tomatoes index and popcorn is also a big difference, popcorn index up to 90% on really have enough popcorn, the film does not need to over burn the brain and tedious meticulous detective-like logic line, more like you walk into an amusement park, take a ride on a tour bus, relax The film is more like you walk into an amusement park, get on a car and relax, and take you to experience the thrill and excitement of the tour.

As mentioned before if you have not played the game, perhaps more into the role and plot of the movie “Uncharted”, one of the reasons is that Dutchy played Nathan, and the game of Nathan’s image and age are some gap.

Many people think that Dutchy is not suitable for the role of Nathan, I actually have not quite the same point of view, first of all, after watching the film I think the film is trying to distinguish the story with the game, just like super British comics and film and television works, we have the same IP, the world view and character settings and relationships can be more or less the same, but film and television to film and television, the game to the game.

The main plot background of the movie “Uncharted” this time, it feels like an earlier timeline than the game “Uncharted1”, which is a serious story about how Nathan became a treasure hunter’s origin story, so it makes sense that Dutchy looks younger, if the film and television version of “Uncharted” can continue to make a series, maybe Nathan is also the need to keep changing actors, or become more mature over time. Become more and more mature, or over time, according to the film series 10 years to shoot 2-3, as Dutchy grows older, but also gradually and the game version of Nathan’s sense of age closer and closer.

That said, Dutchy finally put on a gun holster on the boat, a bit of the game version of Nathan’s younger look, the film put this classic look on the back, but also shows that the film is a source story, highlighting the growth of Nathan’s role in the film and television version.

Of course, I know that many of the film’s bridge, are references to the game’s links, such as the film can put you in the air that cabin fight, is the plot of the game “Uncharted3”.

And although the Dutch brother is now a big hit, but the film he is also very dedicated, he almost all the action scenes are also personally on the field, worthy of the previous practice street dance, whether it is Spider-Man or Nathan, swing play jump are very sophisticated, and if you look closely, Dutch brother’s moves and mannerisms of performance, are trying to restore and follow the game version of Nathan’s talk, is also trying to do the right thing.

The action scenes in the film are also seen by many people with a tribute to the shadow of Jackie Chan, such as Dutchy jumped from the upstairs corridor to grab the chandelier, as well as being a bear hug by the big man fell body twisted and rotated to find some of the scenes.

The Dutchman and the recent years always play the mouth of Mark Wahlberg part of the drama, Dutchman also continue to talk style, the two talkers tease each other but also friction out a lot of fun.

And Dutchy in order to play a good bartender, in reality, but also really specifically applied for a bar bartender’s job to learn how to bartend, and later recognized directly by the boss fired.

And Dutchy more than once to show their upper body muscles, you say not intentionally I do not quite believe, so that the film is trying to create a variety of visual spectacle to meet the audience is.

Just kidding, but since we are talking about visual spectacle, if you choose to have a larger screen theaters, such as IMAX, giant screen and so on, I think you can get a more immersive sense of entertainment, especially from Nathan they infiltrated the cargo plane, the plot began to push the climax, a thrilling fight followed by the sky into the sea.

The duel to hoist the two treasure ships that paragraph, there is a kind of look at the air version of “Pirates of the Caribbean” within the taste.

So if you say “Uncharted” like “Indiana Jones” + “Tomb Raider” + “Pirates of the Caribbean” hybrid, I do not have a problem with it, but in fact the film still revolves around more details and eggs of the game “Uncharted”.

The next will be a slight spoiler, I help you sort out some of the links and eggs between the film and the game, so that the big partners can more in-depth experience “Uncharted” which fun.

Film tribute to the game clip
Uncharted” is different from other game adaptations, taking a route to create their own stories, but many episodes still pay tribute to and restore the game’s bridge.

For example, the aforementioned action scene in the cargo hold is the classic fight sequence in “Uncharted 3”, the film first put this tense action scene at the beginning to give the audience a taste, but also echoes the game often in order to first fascinating, with a section of the game event crisis has not yet occurred as the opening.

Not only that, the film’s ending actually corresponds to the game of Nathan’s treasure hunt encounter, although each time it is climbing and wading, and driving and driving a boat and shooting and swimming and fighting all kinds of things, but also to develop brain power to crack the puzzle to get clues, through a thousand difficulties and dangers to find the treasure, and finally are not fishing benefits, in a word summary, the process and participation.

In addition, the bridge of the auction in the film, in “Uncharted4” there are similar scenes.

The film corresponds to the details of the game elements

Played the game should be no stranger to Sam to Nathan’s ring, this ring is their “family heirloom”, the legend is Nathan’s ancestor Sir Francis Drake handed down, the ring’s Latin inscription is the same as the game, meaning “greatness begins with the smallest “, which is also Nathan’s life motto.

The ring in the “Uncharted3” is an important prop to find the treasure.

Nathan’s lighter in the film, as a tool to play a key role in the duel, in the game “Uncharted4” is a key clue and prop for the treasure hunt.

In addition to Nathan and Sullivan, in fact, Chloe is also a more important role in the game, she also has a separate independent material game “Uncharted: The Lost Legacy” with her as the main control.

The red dress + black jacket when Chloe appeared in the film is also the classic look in the game “Mysterious Seas 2”.

In addition Sam in the game is actually very important, but based on the movie “Mysterious Seas” is the origin story, so Sam this role only appear in the memory clip.

We said earlier when Nathan put on the undershirt gun holster, only to see the restoration of the game’s classic Nathan look, in fact, Sullivan is also the same, feel also a lot younger than the game version, but the end of the film Sullivan with a moustache, wearing a Cuban flower shirt with a gun, but also the same instructions to the game character image close.

Game contributor Nolan North’s cameo

In the film Nathan and Chloe from the sea back to shore, specifically to a tourist scene on the beach to enjoy a sun holiday, there are close-ups and lines, as a cameo length has been given to quite a few, I believe that after seeing why we will feel.

He is Nolan North, the game Nathan’s voice and motion capture are his to complete the film, Dutchy to Nolan North express himself just crashed encounter, Nolan North also flirted with, I have done similar things.

And Nolanos appear, listen carefully if the BGM will sound “mysterious sea” game theme song variations, in the airship duel when the theme song is played more obvious.

End credits double egg analysis

It can be said that the two eggs at the end of the film are for the sequel, if the film gets a big gain at the box office, the sequel should not be a problem, first pave the way.

The first egg at the end of the film is a famous man whose face is not quite visible is locked up in prison with a postcard in his hand, this person is Nathan’s brother Sam, before Sullivan and Chloe said Sam had died, either lying to Nathan, or they do not know.

Perhaps the postcard in addition to the film to the treasure hunt clues, there will be clues to Sam’s location, waiting for Nathan to rescue, when it will inevitably play a jailbreak escape.

The second egg is Nathan reloaded again, embarked on an adventure, and a person named Gage deal, but was hit by an assassination, but Sullivan suddenly appeared to save Nathan, and then at the end was intercepted by a mysterious character.

This one is more obviously laying the groundwork for the sequel, that Gage guy says his boss is called ROMAN Roman, Gabriel Roman is exactly the main villain of 2007’s Uncharted 1.

In other words, if there is a sequel to Uncharted, it will be directly related to the plot of the first game may also be reasonable to do so, the first “Mysterious Seas” to lower the threshold to absorb the audience, the second began to plot close to the plot of the game, increasing the thickness of the content, the deeper the digging.

Oh yes, if you have seen the film we should be on the Dutchman bare-chested, and just after the shower wearing a bathrobe Chloe in a room together, but the two dry fire also did not happen what, so talk about treasure hunting is not feel very ergonomic?

Because there is still an important female role in the film did not appear, she is Elena Fisher, is Nathan’s wife, a strong and brave woman to be respected, I believe that if there is a sequel, Elena Fisher’s role will be very heavy, it is likely that the direct sequel of the heroine.