“The Hunt” was almost blocked by Trump

The most versatile president in the history of the United States, Trump has repeatedly stopped businesses, saying that no one knows the field better than he does.Movie are no exception, and this time, he’s taking aim at a Hollywood action-thriller called The Hunt.

The Hunting was originally scheduled for release on September 27, 2019, but was delayed until March 13, 2020, due to a barrage of tweets from President Donald Trump expressing hostility to the film’s political correctness.

Trump has taken to social media to directly accuse Hollywood of being racist and the movie The Hunt of being politically incorrect.

He believed that the release of such a film would threaten the national security of the United States, expose the fact that the social classes in the United States are seriously antagonistic, and it is very likely to incite or trigger the protest marches of the lower class, thus causing the division of the motherland.

In his opinion, no one understands class conflict better than I do.

It is unusual for a president to personally denounce a film and label it as politically incorrect, but “The Hunt” is more widely known for doing so.

However, “hunting” since the on-line, in the foreign public praise and scoring is not ideal, IMDB score 6.4 points, experts gathered in the MTC is directly to give a failing 50 points.

Americans hated “The Hunting” because most Americans, like Trump, were uncomfortable with the film’s unflattering portrayal of class tensions in the reality of American life. The plot of The Hunt is a dark jungle story in which an elite class hunts down inferior people.

It’s just that the director has so much imagination that it doesn’t do the usual Hollywood movie that annoys one group of people while ingratiating another. This kind of trick is very useful, most of the audience will be happy.

The Hunting, on the other hand, has the audacity to slap the elite and strip them to the bottom of their pants without thinking of giving anyone any benefit. Instead, it turns around and rub the underclass on the ground again.

That’s probably what annoy Trump the most. You stir up class conflict without trying to ease it. That’s the kind of action that makes the movie art world churn.

It’s 25 minutes into the movie that we get to know Snowball, the heroine of the movie. She was a seemingly innocuous, quiet, curvy blonde.

Therefore, I can probably understand that this film willfully offended the heroic people of two classes. The Hunting never intended to please anyone from the very beginning, but coldly recorded the normal class conflict in the law of the dark jungle and the class transition under the conflict. If there is conflict, there will be sacrifice, which is human nature and the weakness of fate.

In this conflict, we see the first fat man to wake up, who is killed before he can get into the mood. Unworldly beauty without crisis consciousness was shot in the head, blind collision, sentimental men and women have been sacrificed. The middle-aged, wary of the status quo but still desperate for life, die and escape.

On the contrary, it is those who remain conscious and calm, who have lost trust in everything around them, who walk out of the jungle alive step by step.

This dislocation of identity foreshadows the collective defeat of the hunters. But this is not the end. Ironically, after killing the elite, Snowball put on a hunter’s suit, boarded the status plane, and ate elite caviar and red wine. The flight attendant asked her how she felt. ‘It’s wonderful,’ she says.

A new elite was born. The conflict continues.

As a Hollywood commercial film, The Hunt has elements such as blood spilling, shooting, fighting, suspense and thriller. Snowball does feel her kidney ache from the beginning of the show to the end, the kitchen duel at the end.

But, as Trump, a prominent film critic, has said, “The Hunt” is a clear stab at America’s class tensions. This straightforward expression is not very artistic in the film, but it takes time to wrap it up with two fables. It sounds pretend bility enough, but under the fine detail, I only remember snowball.