The Devil’s Advocate Review: Scary Humanity

Today I finished watching the movie “Devil’s Advocate”. I was really shocked by the distortion of human nature. The hero also came to his senses in the cold water wash at the end, and he interpreted the struggle of human nature to the fullest. The devil’s advocate side of the film said, “The law is closest to human nature and is a passport to privilege.”

So the lawyer can also be dehumanized and go to fight for criminals, not to uphold justice. At that time, Lomax was fighting a lawsuit against a male teacher who sexually assaulted a female student, knowing that the male teacher was a beast, but still, in good conscience, defending such a beast.

Lomax (Keanu Reeves) has an undefeated record as a young and talented lawyer, he was not practicing in New York, but one day a very influential law firm in New York invited him with a high salary and a luxury house. Unable to resist these temptations, he takes his wife, Marianne (Charlize Theron), and leaves his hometown in Florida to develop in New York. Success continues to follow him, as he wins one case after another.

But at the same time, he gradually realizes that the clients he has exonerated are not innocent. His wife pointed out that lawyers defend for money and that money turns people into demons. That struck a chord with him. Especially when his mother tells him that Mir (Al Pacino), the owner of the law firm that hired him, is his biological father, he comes to Mir with a gun. When he shoots his father Mir to avenge his wife’s suicide, he discovers that his father is actually immortal, and then a half-sister jumps out. The father actually asked his half-sister to mate with him in order to breed higher IQ and more powerful offspring so that he could help his own arm and make the company’s business branch out and grow bigger and bigger.

Lomax came to his senses at the last moment, and he would rather shoot himself than be in the company of a terrible devil like his father. So he shot his head, but he immediately reincarnated from the devil’s land to earth, from the scene of the male teacher sexually assaulted female students suddenly awakened, everything is like a dream, and everything is so real immersive feeling, he went to the side of his wife in the gallery, his hands caressed his wife’s face, he kissed his wife in order to confirm that this is real, and finally he was satisfied to open the court, and then declared himself unable to help the sexual assault of female students He then declared himself unable to help the male teacher who sexually assaulted the female student as a defense attorney.

For the first time since he became a lawyer, Lomax lost his case, but his heart has never been so light and happy. For the first time, he listened to his heart and did not temporarily discard his conscience while fighting the case, but picked up his conscience and humanity in this case.

The devil incarnate in the movie always loves the phrase: “Vanity is the devil’s favorite original sin”. Because of vanity, people will love themselves more than others, people will be selfish, everything is first for their own sake, first to meet their own needs.

The heroine of the film in the hero’s human struggle in the painful tangle once said: “I finally found the reason for my pain, all because of money, luxury homes, a good decent job, a good salary, so we have lost our way, we do not know what they want”. May we all follow our hearts and not follow the crowd. Because “you can’t fool yourself”.