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5 wonderful scam films, one of them will lie to you

The Hollywood film “The Sting” filmed in 1973 is one of the two most famous works of George Roy Hill. This film, which won the 46th Oscar for Best Picture, Best Director,

Catch Me If You Can–The fake pilot tricked the vacuum sister

Frank Abanel in “Catch Me If You Can” is not a fiction, but a real person. The movie is adapted from his life and deeds. Today we will talk about the legendary

Why did Frank fall in love with Brenda in the movie Catch Me If You Can?

First let’s see what kind of girl Brenda is. She worked as a front desk nurse at a children’s hospital, and at first glance, she looked like any other girl Frank had

What are some movies based on true crime stories?

If movies originate from life and are larger than life, movies based on reality are best at bringing things we don’t know to our eyes through the screen. Here are a few