Scarface: That’s what men should watch

The Godfather is a classic movie that is said to be a man’s bible. But when I saw the movie, the boring dialogue, the dull rhythm, every time I saw half of the fall asleep. Just like a glass of water, just like an old man who has never drunk Coke, Sprite, Fanta 7-Up and Mirinda, I can’t experience this return to simplicity without any sensory stimulation.

“Scarface” was also an Al Pacino movie. Different from “The Godfather,” as the same theme of gangster movies, the content is very different. Pacino has created a very different character from Michael Corleone, Tony Montana.

There are good statistics, the film a total of 165 times with the beginning of the F word, and the beginning is the chainsaw saw people bloody scene is intolerable, full of drug abuse, gunfight scene is unbridled, no inhibitions. I’ve seen some of his films, Mission: Impossible, Razor’s Edge, Dawn of the Owl, and Snake’s Eye, and this is perhaps the most perturbed of them all. It shows a villain’s rise, growth, and death in a way that makes it impossible to stop watching.

Tony Montana is one of Al Pacino’s most successful characters in my opinion. He is probably the most blatant asshole in the movie world. Tony, a typical street gangster who is not afraid of heaven and earth, comes out in a foreign land, becomes an arrogant drug Lord, and finally goes to ruin. The reason why he can stand out in many genre films is because he is ruthless and arrogant enough, and he has outdone those gangsters.

Tony’s experience because of his aggressive personality appears simple, fierce: flee from Cuba to Miami, first clean stab killed a drug Lord’s enemy compatriots, then trade with Colombia’s drug dealers, risk was chainsaw death, finally money and drugs returned, eventually became the drug Lord’s right hand. Don’t think that’s all Tony wants to do. First he’s having sex with his boss’s woman, then he’s taking a big deal with a Venezuelan drug Lord, and getting rid of a thorn in his side as well. The boss sees his ambitions as defensive, but Tony, a fully-fledged man, takes him down and ends up being the drug Lord in charge. By the way, the boss’s girl is also his girl.


Like most nouveau riche, Tony, who could not eat enough yesterday, is today a man feared by everyone. He is inevitably out of balance. He starts to become paranoid, alienating his brothers and doubting his women, even though deep down he loves them. Precisely because he didn’t want to involve women and children in an assassination attempt and ended up with a Venezuelan drug Lord. Tony has already been drug corrosion of the mind gradually chaotic, he shot his best brother, only because he touched his eyes only sacred sister, and originally, two people are to give him a surprise — they just got married. The crazed sister is naked and ready to shoot Tony, and the drug lords have sent a mass of killers… The final scene of the gun battle is more than a tragic, the body of several bullets in the Tony crazy clamor that he is not dead, human nature is also at that moment to achieve the extreme.


This is the end of the most outrageous asshole in movie history. What I’m saying is, though we can’t do all the wrong things and kill ourselves, as he did, there was something in Tony that was not afraid to die, that was not afraid, that was going forward, that was never lying; He loved his family and deified his sister. He is in love with the eldest brother’s woman and finally take over, never leave. At least this heinous villain was a man, a man who stood up.

Al Pacino, the short man, my hero, stole so much power somewhere. Some people say that his acting in this work reached the ultimate arrogance, but I don’t see it that way, I clearly think that Lao Pa is trying his best to restrain the expansion of the character’s inner emotions, arrogant, surly, neurotic performances are Lao Pa’s masterstroke of the soul under the compulsion.

You may not be a Pacino fan, and you may hate this movie, but as long as you are a man, certainly a man with a little heart, and as long as you love movies, you should at least look for it. Don’t say I haven’t told you that there are certain flaws in this film, such as the plot dragging, but as long as you want to find some excitement in the slow time, even moved, then watch it. Oh, and a final word of caution, don’t take your lady with you, lest she get hooked on that asshole.


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