Recommend 4 classic action movies, shocking and vast

4 recognized supercombustion action movies, the story is rich and watching is so thrilling.

  1. Mad Max 4

“Mad Max 4” is a franchise that is arguably one of the most wryly stylized Hollywood action movies in years, and it’s a miracle that it’s done so well. The first 30 minutes alone were amazing, the Storm soundtrack was a masterstroke! The crazy strength of the flavor of the cult runs through the whole film, the drama is little no nonsense directly cool, so male action film did not have straight male cancer, but told a story of the awakening of women’s rights, each female role in the film have realized self-worth, highly recommended to watch!

Netizens’ impressions: and burning and sad western version of the doomsday chivalry line. Theron is persistent and can fight against the height of men, so the goddess should be. Things brush clothes to go, deep work and name, soup teacher really · chivalry is also. Cool colors, cool guitars. Well, it’s a lot better than Avengers. I said the girl looks familiar, supermodel ah! The dead warlord has a good eye.

2. Crank

The Crank film series, starring Jason Statham, Crank out all the ingredients of a violent R-rated movie and Crank it up for a hot, visual feast. In particular, this kind of fast-paced movie, which completes the task within the specified time or scope, is like a shot of strong injection and always gives people a kind of exciting feeling.

3. Banlieue 13

This drama photography, editing is very fan, action components from needless to say, two parkour founders do not even double, can be said to be the true characteristics of show business. There is no reason not to recommend such a waste of a second of the movie, highly recommended to watch!

4. The Raid 

“The Raid” is a simple story of tough cop versus tough bandit violence, but from gunfight to knife fight to hand-to-hand combat, this clip, The action is so cool. Even though there is no story, no plot, the action and the shootout are enough to carry the whole 140 minutes without urine.