Schindler’s list: a shocking movie

There are many movies exposing the Anti-Semitism Holocaust. “Schindler’s List” is the most famous one. In fact, the film does not directly describe the Holocaust, but in this context, it shows the ultimate in human nature— -The most good and the most evil. The most good is Schindler. He is actually a “liar”. He concealed his motives from the entire fascist empire, only to save more Jews. The most evil is Guth, a party SS Military officer, he is evil and crazy, killing people on a whim. In fact, they are all people who were changed by the war. Before the war, Schindler was good at dancing with long sleeves, but he was a bad business man. Guss was just a drinking dandy, and their humanity was magnified by the war.

Schindler’s List tells us the situation of the Jews at the time, and also slightly mentions the anti-Semitic Holocaust. For example, more than 10,000 Jews who were slaughtered were dug out and burned to ashes, such as those in the Auschwitz concentration camp. In addition, the director Spielberg used cold numbers to describe the Holocaust. The whole movie did not give reasons why there was an anti-Semitism. These themes are so dark and heavy, maybe no audience is willing to watch such a desperate movie. Spielberg cleverly described the story of these two people, the most good and the most evil, but they showed a sense of warmth. Harmony and goodness-human beings can still do good in the face of evil, and finally war against evil.

Schindler's List

Spielberg carefully arranged this story just to make it easier for more people to accept it. He adopted the feature film method and interspersed the historical facts of the Anti-Semitism in this story. In fact, these historical facts It was Spielberg who really wanted to tell the audience. He concealed his truth, just like Schindler in the film. For safety, he never confessed his true purpose in front of anyone until the German surrendered. Everyone confessed-he was not a profit-making arms production merchant, his factory was just a deceptive prop, just to deceive the Jews from the Nazis, he let his protected Jews guess his true purpose, even Let the SS guess (most of them are wrong), and let the audience guess. However, Spielberg gave enough hints in each of his shots, and Spielberg’s skill is amazing.

What is even more impressive is the character Schindler created by Spielberg. In order to do good, he became a bold “liar”. His first appearance was in a nightclub. He was polite and polite as soon as he entered the door. Ordered champagne for a table of Nazi officers, and after a few minutes, he sang and danced with them and became a part. He is always confident, and even when anyone has collapsed, he still looks like a landslide before him. It makes people think that he has a very stable backing behind him. He saved his Jewish assistant. This is how Deng acted, even if the train carrying Stern had started, he strongly urged the train to stop. In addition, he kept giving gifts and bribes to the Nazi officers. He didn’t mind that these officers also made a fortune in his favor. He always emphasized the value these Jewish workers could bring to him, which made people think He is a man who wants to make a fortune from war. His first factory produced ding pots and the like, and his second factory produced cartridge cases. The efficiency of these two factories was extremely low. Especially in the second factory, all the cartridge cases produced failed, which was nothing to Nazi Germany. Usefulness. He wanted to protect the Jews and produce unusable things. All this happened under the nose of the Nazis.

Schindler's List

He is like a thief wearing fur all over and walking out of the mall, no one would doubt this noble “gentleman”, even if he doubted him, he could not find the stolen goods. In fact, his stolen goods are under their noses. It was the furs that were all worn on him.

One thing he was even bolder was that he rescued his female workers from Auschwitz. Her female workers were sent to the concentration camp because of a misalignment of the train, so Schindler swaggered into the concentration camp, and he bribed heavily. After the commander, the stolen goods were smuggled out under the nose of the Nazis, which became his cover.

Schindler used all means to do good, but the Nazi officer Gus was another extreme person. He did evil without reason. Gus was first in charge of the Jewish settlement in Krakow, and later became the chief of the concentration camp. He drank and used the busy Jews in the square as targets. As for who to hit and who not to hit, there is no logic. The war inspired his bloodthirsty instinct. He likes to torture the innocent in his hands cruelly, for example, he forgives. The Jewish boy who helped him clean the bathtub, but shot him after he left, he was a lunatic.