No Country for Old Men has a good storyline, a movie that can stand up to interpretation!

The movie I recommend to you today is a crime film directed by the “Coen Brothers” released in 2007 in the United States. I have seen the other works of the “Coen brothers”, the director’s uneasiness for the fate and the uncertainty of the future. Take “No Country for Old Men,” for example. It tells the story of a retired Vietnam veteran, Loemi, who finds a box of cash and drugs left behind by gang members on the battlefield when he is hunting. In covets and fluke drive below Lu Aimei choice takes money for oneself, suffer because of this however what killer Antong is chased after kill.

Amy narrowly fended off a killer, crazy hitman continuously for Lou Amy has attracted the attention of the old sheriff bell, though bear intention, qinghua Amy was struck, the film ultimately ended in the sheriff’s sigh, in Mexico, the story happened from the role of clothing – old cowboy hat and leather boots to the investigation of the police on horseback, To the killer’s advanced weapons and methods of killing. Bloodshed on the streets is frequent, police turn a blind eye to carts carrying dead bodies, Mexican drug traffickers fight to death has become natural… It was a horrific and bloody murder, but the young subordinate could laugh in front of him. Sheriff Bell always with a sense of powerlessness and nostalgia, the director through his mouth worried about their own world tomorrow, I do not know whether they can adapt to the new currents and changes and live.

On the other side, it is the “battle of courage and wisdom” between Luemi and killer Antong. Fate arranges Lu Aimei to encounter gang fight, let him take the money box that changes his future again, want him to be able to take money far fly only, will enter upper class society from now on, clothes and food are carefree; However, fate also arranges for the terrible killer Anton. In the words of the movie, Anton is a madman who “has his own rules”. He is so smart that he even kills his employer in order to complete his task and maintain his principles. In the end, despite all the efforts of Luemi, still not the opponent, and even implicated the whole family was Antong killed; And Antong, ironically be hit by an accident traffic accident to serious injury, bleak leave… For Lumiere, Anton is like the “fate” arranged by the director. Unwilling to surrender to the “fate”, he rises up and narrowly repels the “fate” once, but can not escape the following Mexican pursuit.

And for Antong, strong he also escaped a car accident. Through this work, the director tells us that he firmly believes in the uncertainty of fate and future, and is uneasy about it. “No Country for Old Men” is the most intuitive expression of this “uneasiness for the fate and uncertainty of the future”. There is a small climax in the film, which involves a confrontation between Luemi and Anton’s hotel. Anton finds Loemi through the tracker in the money box, and Loemi also finds Anton and the two raise their guns through a door, turn off the lights in unison, open the door, and shoot. Anton is blocked out to avoid the bullets, and Loemi rolls over and jumps out into the street with the money box.

The street was dark, and only the street lamps cast a grayscale orange-yellow light on the cold buildings. Luemi and Anton frequently appeared in the dim light that dominated the picture. Yellow is a very bright color. These yellow lights show the uncertainty of Luemi, together with Anton’s composure, they render a reign of fear. The duel ends with Loemi taking his chance to fight off Anton, then the yellow light fades as the scene progresses, and Loemi’s face becomes a pale blue reflection in the later scene on the road.

This means that he won the first battle and gradually relaxed his vigilance against the terrible security. He even tried to fight back, paving the way for his later choice and death, which undoubtedly foiled the uncertainty of fate once again. In fact, the director also has his own answer to this uneasiness. As he said at the end of the sentence, even though he was old and dead, the kindling would go on forever. This reminds me of a sentence that Sir Stephen Hawking read when he passed away: “The departure of individuals cannot take away an era. They will surpass their predecessors in their own way.” Who says not?