Man on Fire: Forgiving you is God’s business, and my job is to send you to God

This morning when having breakfast, I happened to think of this sentence: “forgive you is God’s business, but my task is to send you to see God”. So I looked up the movie on the Internet, watched it again, and put together some ideas to bring to you. Strictly speaking, this type of film has already been commonplace, and we may not have much hope for this film, so I recommend it to you for a laugh.

Man on Fire is a gunfight action film released in 2003. Directed by Tony Scott, the film stars Denzel Washington, Dakota Fanning, Raida Mitchel and others. Continuing in the style of individual American heroism, the film follows ex-US Marine Cressey (Denzel Washington) as he fights kidnappers in Mexico to save his bodyguard Peeta (Dakota Fanning). The film is reminiscent of the famous 1994 movie The Professional, which has completely different emotional content, but a similar story structure. The director wants to use the story of the uncle to save the girl to make a wave of box office, but the emotion in the middle is more focused on family love, the little girl’s feelings are less, also let people feel that the emotional factors between the two are too abrupt. Just because a little girl sees herself as a bear cub around her, and is completely melted into the strong, closed heart of a Marine, it’s too little of an emotional foundation. Feeling less, will aggravate the action of the play space as well as the leading role of the inner world of characterization, so after the film part is mainly about lead a person to track down the whereabouts of the kidnappers, and ultimately save pita, this also is the best part of the film, the cinema is good at shooting blasting condition of production, the film is not exceptional also, look at the National People’s Congress is synonym.

Denzel as Best Actor. Washington’s performance in the film is relaxed and relaxed. The director also depicts the inner world of the protagonist by taking close-ups of the protagonist’s face from time to time during the gunfight to express the pain, grief and anger of the drama. There’s another downside to this, Denzel. Washington’s acting is impeccable, and he delivers the role well, but the director doesn’t really appreciate it. Blindly to embarassment protagonist sadness in the heart of the world, not the sort of hard to suppress anger, for a Marine should not lack, so sometimes the emotions and actions to switch back and forth can also cause negative effect, liked that kind of sad fans, of course, is definitely a film worth seeing.