‘Joker 2’ Continues the Mythos with Harley Quinn’s Stunning Appearance as the Twin Kings Team Up to Get Things Done

The Joker 2 is finally returning, and with a whopping $200 million investment this time around, it looks like Warner really put their money where their mouth is. Since the last one won two Oscars, as well as more than 10 other awards. So this movie, which originally had no sequel, was forced to make a second movie.

The first trailer is amazing, especially the last shot where the Joker is once again behind bars. Harley Quinn, played by LadyGaga, comes to visit him and draws a smiling lipstick on the visiting glass window, and the Joker complements and blends with that lipstick, as if it were two people kissing across the room, and the intertwining of soul and entity.

The moment has become a kind of art, and the value of this shot is definitely no less than that back-pulled shot at the end of Common Security Area, which will surely become a classic in movie history.

The first shot of the trailer shows the Joker locked up in an insane asylum, which is most likely Arkham Asylum, as the original had Harley Quinn working here as a trainee nurse and accidentally falling in love with the Joker. However, there are some adaptations this time around that won’t mirror the characters’ identities, and Harley Quinn may not be a nurse as much as a patient.

The first line of the short is “The show’s on,” and then it’s a mental hospital worker saying to the Joker, “Fleck, any good bits today?” , from which we find out that the Joker has been locked up in a mental institution for a long time, since his last big bust downtown, and that he tells daily segments to the people in the asylum. As the camera continues to pull away, the Joker has been arraigned from the asylum and is being escorted to court by four policemen.

In the middle of the road, Harley Quinn of the asylum, through a doorway, sees the Joker, and the two of them seem to be destined lovers, they just glance at each other, they can connect mentally and sense each other’s presence. The Joker even stopped for Harley for a short while then, only to be pushed by the police behind him. From here, Joker was escorted outside, when it was pouring rain outside, and he was surrounded by four policemen, who also had four different colored umbrellas. This scene is also a reflection of his true heart, “rain” represents depression and boredom, indicating that the Joker’s heart at this time is not happy.

Then, the camera pans to show Harley Quinn, who arrives on the same street where the Joker used to walk, the classic scene from the first movie where the Joker danced. Immediately after that, the eye-to-eye scene from the insane asylum is recreated, this time completely different from the last time, a different perspective is shown, with Harley saying that she’s an ordinary person who has never blown up and made a big splash like the Joker, while at the same time, she gestures her hand in the sign of a gun and points her finger to her temple, an obvious gesture to commit suicide. And it’s this gesture that the Joker is watching her gesture for the moment he stays for her, and from that moment, the two connect on a psychic level.

And then the later shot is interesting. It’s the scene where the Joker and Halle go to the theater together to see a musical play, when another Joker is singing on the stage, and later Halle interacts with him, dancing together. The cool color of the stage, combined with the subtitle of the movie, “Double Delusion”, suggests that the scene on the stage was a fantasy of the two of them, and the director speculates that the stage may have been a pair of other actors singing, but the two of them fantasized that they were performing, and that they were both entering into the same fantasy scenario together.

At that time, Halle on stage was going to take the Joker’s hand, but their relationship didn’t seem to have reached the point of physical contact, so Halle drew back her hand and leaned close to the Joker’s ear, whispering to him, “Let’s get out of here.”

It’s clear from here that the stage show is definitely fantasy, as the last dancing shot on stage instantly bridges to the real dancing scene, and the image changes from a blue tint, to a colorful and highlighted scene.

Subsequently, the short film enters the second act, the street is three clowns chasing each other, this shot is also very interesting, the director speculated that the first one is his real real body, the next two should be the police chasing him, he will be the middle of the fantasy of the clown, and the last person is the shape of the first work of the clowns, this should be Haley fantasized, because from the time when the clowns wear this outfit, she began to be obsessed with the Joker.

Finally the Joker is dragged by his legs once again, into the middle of an insane asylum, and at the moment the people dragging him are not asylum staff, but actual police officers.

The core plot this time must be that Halle seduces the Joker from the asylum and plots a large-scale crime with him, the two can be said to be spiritually interconnected, thoughts merge into one, and ultimately the celestial unity.

LadyGaga also dresses up and wears a costume exclusive to the Joker, as well as painting her with Joker makeup, completely transforming into a clown girl, she is surrounded by a group of clown fans in the carnival, and here is presumably the climactic moment of the movie, where she dances with the Joker in the middle of the crowd together, starting a carnival belonging to psychopaths.

The final ending of the clown was arrested again, and he is no longer alone, because his back has always been a Harley in support of him, even after he was imprisoned, Harley also came to the hospital in the identity of a normal person, came to visit him, and will be their own lipstick painted on the glass, at the moment, the clown and the lipstick fused together, but also means that the two people completely spiritual communion, Harley is just a clown in the outside world of the spirit of the extension, and the clown is the Harley’s soul support in prison.