Jagten Review: How terrible it is to be falsely accused of wrongdoing by a girl

The Danish crime film “Jagten” was born in 2012 and won the Catholic Spirit of Humanity Award and the Vergne Prize at the Cannes Film Festival, and the “sexiest man in Denmark”, Max Mikkelsen, was also awarded the film’s crown. The film’s narrative is smooth, cold and restrained, showing the teacher was falsely accused by the girl wronged, when the lie became the mouth of the people, it is terrible!

Treating people sincerely, kind and gentle Lucas, after divorcing his wife, he works in a kindergarten. On weekends, he would go hunting in the mountains with a group of close friends and swim in the lake.

His son is about to move in with him, and even his beautiful co-workers are throwing themselves at him.

When his best friend’s daughter, Carla, grows attached to Lucas and bursts into love with him! This seemingly innocent and pure little loli gradually gets Lucas in big trouble!

The little girl would pretend to get lost and wait for Lucas to come out in front of the supermarket to accompany her for an extra walk; she would secretly make gifts and stuff them in Lucas’ pockets; she would also rush in to kiss Lucas while he was playing with the kids …. When the hero politely refused Carla and got into trouble!

After being taught by Lucas not to kiss anyone other than his own parents, the neglected, little girl who puts up with her brothers watching pornography is furious! She actually went to the kindergarten director, spitting out Lucas had exposed to their private bottom!

The psychiatrist asks Carla about the truth of the matter, and Carla lies again, causing the headmistress’ psychological defenses to crumble! From then on, she told all the parents the lie and things started to go in an uncontrollable direction!

At first, the head gardener talks to Lucas, and the hero, bewildered and overwhelmed, is forced to take a leave of absence. Then the gossip spreads and gets more and more sinister, which leaves Lucas at a loss for words! After all, people do not believe that a little girl can lie, they would rather believe that Lucas is a perverted pervert.

After the impulse, little Lori Carla also calmed down. In the face of renewed questioning, she would only say, “She doesn’t know”, “She didn’t say anything”, “She wanted to go out and play”. This instead made the adults more convinced that Lucas sexually abused the little girl, leading to the hero simply being arrested by the police.

Many children testified, they even described Lucas home sofas, carpets and basement walls are what color, the police actually found Lucas home pressure no basement, which is obviously a rumor. So far, all evidence is insufficient, the hero was acquitted!

Mr. Good well aggrieved, originally cleared of injustice, according to reason should go with everyone to start a life of peace and friendship. Jagten” behind the three big conflict scenes, one more intense, towards a hard hit everyone’s face!

First, Lucas home windows were smashed late at night, his beloved dog Fanny was the so-called justice people brutally killed, the hero can only bury the dog in the rain, bitter and depressed helpless!

Then, Lucas went to the supermarket shopping, directly blown away by the clerk, and eventually evolved into a group fight! Big deal, even if his head is bleeding and limping, Lucas has to come back, beat the clerk and get back what he bought!

His girlfriend questions his character, the kindergarten dismisses him, his best friend leaves him, the police summon him on a daily basis, and the supermarket blacklists him. A town that was once like paradise has turned into hell all of a sudden! Especially when the girl’s father whispers in church, condemning Lucas’ behavior, getting him beaten up by the hero!

Back home, little Lori Carla said to her father: “Lucas did nothing”, Theo lowered his head and educated his daughter: “The world is actually full of evil everywhere, we must hold each other to get through!” Then he went to Lucas’s house to apologize!

A year later, Lucas life returned to peace, little Lori Carla saw him, only in the mumbling: “I do not know, there are so many lines!” Lucas carries her over and advises her to “just be careful”, symbolizing their reconciliation!

No one expected a shocking accident at the end, Lucas and his son hunting in the woods, almost by this “justice from heaven” hiding in the depths of the woods a shot to the head, the whole film abruptly ended, shocking!

Director Thomas Vinterberg, who won the Grand Jury Prize at Cannes for “Family Celebration”, has made a powerful adaptation of “Jagten” based on true events! Although the pace is slow and the viewing is not great, the details are wonderful and the “Uncle Battler” who starred in “Hannibal” is a fine actor who makes people reminisce.

After all, when faced with the birth of some “sexual assault” grievances, people always make subjective assumptions and go wild to see the hilarity, but never think about the pressure and pain of the protagonist at the center of the whirlwind of events, the truth is often abandoned and the protagonist of the grievance is deeply affected.

The Hunt” shows a rumor of gossip, lies, hatred and suspicion that ruins a man’s happy life, illustrating the horror of man’s words! When childish talk opens the door to rumors, how many people are crushed and wronged by bad opinions and malicious speculations?