In order to quell the scream of “lamb”, cannibals and saints become the same kind

Every audience who has seen The Silence Of The Lambs will inevitably be attracted by Hannibal.He talks about cannibalism like a devil, and understands the essence of human beings like God. This kind of supernatural and magical unity beyond ordinary people makes him dangerous and charming.Why does Hannibal eat people? Why help Starling? If we understand these two problems, we can understand Hannibal.

“Someone once wanted to investigate me. I ate his liver with broad beans and wine. “

Cannibal images are not uncommon. Several films named after cannibal present ugly and sluggish monster archetypes. A flower in Dali Temple diary is trapped in cursed immortality and hunger. In reality, Sasakawa and others are more from wrong cognition and pleasure.

But no one can talk about eating a person as much as Hannibal does about a wonderful dining experience.

The Silence of the Lambs

His predecessors and posterity are driven by cannibalism. Compared with human beings in civilized society, they are more like beasts of instinctive desire – low-level, pathetic and failed “people”.

But Hannibal is not.

He is more civilized than the civilized, knowledgeable and skilled in medicine. He can also speak Italian and Latin in the middle ages. He is also good at tasting incense and wine, collecting and playing piano. Hannibal was like an elite genius favored by God. In his cell, he said “good morning” politely, forgetting that his pulse did not exceed 85 beats per minute when he ate the nurse’s tongue.

Compared with those who “want to be human but not be human”, Hannibal is the only one who voluntarily gives up the identity of “human”. He treats people as food, just like picking out a lamb from the pasture to eat a lamb chop, killing and cooking without psychological burden.

The Silence of the Lambs

Hannibal doesn’t eat people to satisfy his hunger or to kill others. In this sense, cannibalism has great symbolic significance for him.

——In order to confirm their own rule over the human species, just like man over animals and God over man.

Our fear of Hannibal comes from his understanding and attitude towards human beings.

“When the horror film entered the 1960s, it entered an era in which the scope and expression methods were increasingly vague and the contradiction of social noumenon was more and more reflected, just like all the postmodern cultural narratives.

——Andrew Todd

The Silence of the Lambs

It is difficult to see such a abnormal Hannibal in reality, but “Hannibal” itself represents the interrogation of essence under the normal phenomenon.

In the process of his childhood when his sister was eaten and became a psychiatrist, he saw too much greed, selfishness and arrogance of human nature. Hannibal used his high IQ to constantly try to find out the darkness and tyranny in everyone’s heart, and finally completely disappointed with human beings.

It is not a product of dangerous science by chance, a trisomy or heteromorphism examined by external forces, but an endogenous product of postmodernism and a symbol of out of control factors within civilization.

In a warm society, all the cruel implications are imposed on one person, who is bred by the out of control society, and then bites the decadent society with his own teeth.

Our fear of Hannibal is more because his metamorphosis is rooted in the metamorphosis of modern society.

So far, there is still no despair of mankind.

In the last meeting, Hannibal teases the prey, explores Starling’s Secret spiritual world, tries to manipulate her subconscious and behavior, and proves that human beings are incurable.

But starling tells an unexpected story of trauma, which makes this spiritual mentor like the devil Mephisto stunned for a long time.

In the middle of the night at her cousin’s ranch, Starling heard the scream of the lambs in the slaughterhouse. She opened the gate to save the lambs. However, the lambs were confused and didn’t know how to escape“ I picked up a sheep and ran away. I thought I could save at least one sheep, but it was too heavy. It was really heavy. I was stopped within a few miles and sent to the orphanage. “

The Silence of the Lambs

The failure of childhood salvation made starling cry from time to time, which became her motive to rescue the hostages.

“The silent lamb” is the only conversation that appears in more than half of the movie, but it has become the name of the movie. It is this dialogue that makes the whole film have a soul, from a conventional crime thriller to a deep thinker of human nature.

In the Bible, lamb is a substitute for sin and a gift to God. The Lamb who does not know how to escape under the butcher’s knife is like a hostage under siege, and also like all living beings.

“The devil is fighting against God, and the battlefield of the struggle is human heart. If the devil wins, he will go to crime; If God wins, he becomes a saint. “

The Silence of the Lambs

In order to seek the lamb’s liberation, Hannibal ate them who didn’t know how to run away, while starling chose to try her best to carry them out of the slaughterhouse.

The former is the mercy of a demon God, direct, distinct, cruel and sublime.

The latter is a saint’s mercy, fortitude, courage, difficulty and greatness.

Hannibal found the same kind.

Maybe he saw a glimmer of hope in his disappointment with the lamb. After listening to the story of the lamb, Hannibal rarely avoided the camera and looked into the void. His fingertips crossed the fence across Starling’s fingertips, just like when God created Asia, God recognized man, and Hannibal recognized starling.

A new shepherd came into being in this society where the abnormal cannibals were born.