How to Interpret “The Imposter”

This is a complete documentary, there is no adaptation of the elements, 100% real events. Everyone, is the party, every word, is the party personally dictation. In 1994, a family in San Antonio, Texas, USA, lost their 13-year-old son on his way home. After several searches by family members and police, the boy’s whereabouts are still unknown.

The loss of a child in the United States is obviously much more bizarre. After a lengthy search, with nothing to show for it, Nicolas Buck Ray was declared missing. The family was also devastated, gradually realizing that they would “never see him alive.” Who knows, after a gap of more than three years, but suddenly received a phone call, that is far away in Spain, found the missing Nicolas. On October 7, 1997, a couple visiting Spain called the police to say they had found a child. She was about 14 or 15 years old. She looked very shaken up. She didn’t have any identification. The police arrived 10 minutes later, huddled in a phone booth in the rain, shivering. At first, the teenager didn’t say anything until the worker patiently questioned him and finally revealed that he was an American. After running away from home by the mysterious people several times to take to foreign countries, become sexual slavery, while the other side is not fortifying to steal out, now he wants to go home.

After a missing person search, police in the United States found that he resembled the missing Nicolas and called his family to identify him. At this point in the story, it seemed that a happy reunion was about to take place. But the truth is, he wasn’t Nicolas at all. In an instant, I had a chilling feeling that immediately reminded me of The Changeling, a movie starring Angelina Jolie.

When Christine, who is raising her son alone, comes to work one day, she finds that her son Walter is missing. While frantically searching for her son, she waited for the police to inform her after five long months that he had been found. Following her mother’s intuition, Christine realized that the child in front of her was not her own son. She repeatedly asked the police to help her find the real Walter, but was repeatedly thwarted and eventually sent to a mental hospital on charges of obstructing official business.

Unlike “The Changeling,” The difference between The real and fake Nicolas in this case is far too great. Nicolas, who had blond hair and blue eyes, was 13 years old when he disappeared. The teenager who was found, however, could no longer be called a teenager. His real name is Frederic, and he was 35 when the documentary was made. He was 23 when he posed as Nicolas. His eyes were brown, and his hair, at least, was not blond. Even a rapidly growing adolescent boy would not have such a large stubble, and it would be black. If it was Nicolas, the discerning eye would know. The actor also played his cards straight from the beginning: he was a liar. For as long as I can remember, I’ve wanted to be someone else, someone that other people can tolerate. In other words, the point of this episode is not so much about his identity as how he managed to outwit the Spanish police and the Nicolas family.

He knows the other person’s psychology very well. From the time he was first spotted to the time he was taken away by police, Frederick had covered himself up in baggy clothes and a hat. Most of the time, quiet and reserved. This must have seemed strange to any human being, but it seemed reasonable to say it to a lost child.

In a strange environment, subjected to inhuman treatment for a long time, personality changes, a little bit of wind will also be highly nervous. So this is how he acted when he first met the police, provoking a grown-up to feel guilty for approaching a terrified child so abruptly. Given that the Children’s Home would not tolerate a child without identification, prolonged silence would certainly not work. So Frederick pretended to be an American and ran away from home after a quarrel with his family to get in touch with them. Because of the time difference between Spain and the United States, he was allowed to stay in the office until midnight to call his family. During this time, he pretended to be a policeman and called several police stations in the United States, asking for information about the missing children there. Give their physical characteristics to the overall and fuzzy, in order to find whether there is easy to impersonate the object. That’s how we got the missing information about Nicolas. Originally, he wanted to give himself an identity that would allow him to stay at the Children’s Home. Unexpectedly, the police quickly arrived at the family of the missing child. The game, he could not stop now. The only way is to do everything you can to look more like Nicolas. Bought some hair dye and dyed my hair blonde. Find a girl at the Children’s Home who knows how to get a tattoo, and make yourself a similar tattoo as described in the missing person poster. Sunglasses, scarves, hats, gloves, he used every possible means of covering himself so that he wouldn’t reveal himself so quickly. When he saw his sister, he immediately hugged him and said, “I found you. I knew it was you.”

Frederick was stunned. “What’s going on?” Knowing that his brother had amnesia, his sister brought many photos to help him remember, and in doing so, he got more information about the family. When applying for an American passport, he was asked to identify the photos. Four of the five were correct. And so he got on the plane back to America. Ironically, there was no news coverage when the child disappeared. The fact that the child was found after being missing for more than three years attracted the attention of the police and the media. When the police asked him what had happened to him since his disappearance, he made up all sorts of stories about how he had been put on a plane, locked up and held as a sex slave. Over and over again, the more revealing the faster.

Such as accent, he can’t speak pure accent English. If a person grows up in an English-speaking family for the first six or seven years, he or she will not forget how to speak English without an accent even after another ten years. Ears, for example, are almost immutable markers, like fingerprints. Like eyes and hair, which we’ve already talked about. There was no doubt in anyone’s mind that he was not Nicolas at all, but the family refused to do the DNA confirmation.

Is it possible that something a stranger can see, but not a family member? The police have a strong sense of justice and must not allow what is wrong to continue. They were able to confirm Frederick’s true identity by searching for a certificate, obtaining a blood sample and taking a fingerprint. A Frenchman, nicknamed “Chameleon”, has been reported to the French police posing as various missing children. Frederick, however, claimed that Nicolas had been killed by his family. They choose to turn a blind eye to the facts and pretend not to know. They gave themselves the information so that they could successfully pretend to be Nicolas, because they knew where he was. The police’s suspicions were fuelled by the fact that the mother had passed the first two polygraph tests but failed the third one. They choose to turn a blind eye to the facts and pretend not to know. They gave themselves the information so that they could successfully pretend to be Nicolas, because they knew where he was. The police’s suspicions were fuelled by the fact that the mother had passed the first two polygraph tests but failed the third one.