How exactly does Triangle’s endless loop work?

If you’re a movie lover, you’ve probably heard of Triangle. But in case you haven’t noticed, Triangle isn’t exactly a horror movie, as it’s called.


Triangle is actually a thriller. Some friends might ask, “Are thrillers different from horror movies?” There are great differences in content, both popular said, horror movies usually contain a lot of itself is very terrorist elements (such as monsters, ghosts, limb beheading bloody scenes), and thriller generally does not contain the above those terrorist elements, but through the lens, such as music, drama and love a person the sense of psychological fear.

Triangle is also one of the ugliest suspense movies of all time. Many of the details of the film are still unsettled, but the debate centers on the composition of Triangle’s perfect loop. This article is probably the most systematic analysis of Triangle so far, and all of the analysis is based on the content of the film. I believe you will have a new understanding of the film after reading this article, which will solve many outstanding questions.

For those of you who haven’t seen Triangle, watch the movie first; Read the friends, it is recommended to review after reading this article.

Triangle tells the story of a single mother, Jessie, and a group of friends on a yacht that capsized after being caught in a storm. Several people board an old cruise ship, a gruesome murder ensues, and the most gruesome of all is that Jesse seems to be trapped in a cycle of terror that is hard to break out of.


Triangle’s title seems overly simplistic, making it feel like a B-cult movie, as if the cruise ship is the movie’s main character. Triangle is the name of the boat on which several people sail, and Jess has to go through a similar loop three times in the movie.


To understand the logic of the movie, it’s important to clarify the nature of the story Triangle tells. Is it a supernatural event? Parallel universes? Illusion? Or ghost spirits? At this point, the answer is clear: the story is a hallucination of Jesse’s soul.

  1. The whole movie loop is not real

At the end of the movie, Jesse gets into a car accident with his son in his car. The camera cuts to the front of the car and Jesse appears to the audience intact. After such a serious accident, with the death of his son, it was incredible that Jessie could climb out of the overturned bus station in front of him unaccompanied; Not a single injury on the body is even more impossible. There is only one way to interpret this scene, that is, Jesse has died in the accident, and standing in front of us is Jesse’s spirit, looking back at the scene of the accident; This is a lot of European and American horror (thriller) film routine operation. The taxi driver who came up behind her could see her and talk to her, indicating that this driver was not an ordinary person. If he is not the god of death, he must be the god of death’s subordinate, the guide of the dead, so we will call this taxi driver the god of death (messenger). Even more bizarre is that Jessie let death (messenger) drive her to the dock, Gray and Victor and other people can see her this spirit and talk to her, indicating that this story is not reality. Combined with the previous scene of Jesse killing the albatross and discarding the body, this is another reminder from the director that this is still a cycle.


So it turns out that the whole cycle is not real.

2. The cycle was death’s punishment for Jesse

When the five had just boarded the ship, they saw a photo of the ship and learned that the ship’s name was “Elosia”, with a brief introduction of its origin below the photo. Aerosian was the Greek god of the wind and the father of Sisyphus. The introduction focuses on the mythological story of Sisyphus, who is punished by death and trapped in an eternal cycle of pushing stones up mountains. Then Sally’s line can be highlighted even more, saying that Sisyphus has broken his promise to death and is being punished.

After Jessie arrives at the dock, Death (the messenger) turns off the meter and confirms with her, “You’ll be back, won’t you?” Then Jessie told him that she promised to come back.


Instead she went to sea on a yacht with Gray and others. In the context, Jesse and Sisyphus made the same mistake of deceiving Death; The inescapable circle in which Jesse finds himself is similar to the punishment suffered by Sisyphus. Therefore, it can be inferred that in the film, the cycle Jess is in is a punishment imposed by death from which she can never escape.

3. Other evidence

Illusion is like a dream, which is created from reality. There are many weird scenes in the movie, suggesting that what happened on the boat is an illusion based on Jesse’s memory before he died.

(1) Time of rest

The opening credits show that Jesse and Gray are scheduled to meet at the pier at 8:30 a.m.But after several people boarded the ship, they found that the time was an eerie 8:17.Jessie’s watch matched the ship’s clock by eight seventeen minutes.But when Gray looked at his watch, it read 11:30.And when Jesse returned to the restaurant, the clock on the cruise was still 8:17. She also finds that the fresh food has gone bad (symbolizing the decay of Jess’s body, which means she is dead).That is to say, Gray’s time was normal and fluid, and three hours after their meeting at half-past eight they boarded the ship; But the ship’s time and Jesse’s time are permanently stationary at 8:17, which is the time of Jesse’s death in a car accident.


(2) Same room number

Among the many rooms on the ship, one of the most unusual is the room marked “to the theater” on the mirror, and the camera shows that the room number is 237.And 237 is Jesse’s house number.


(3) Similar yachts

Jesse and his party go out on a yacht that looks very similar to the toy yacht Jesse bought for his son, and both boats turn over. This is a re-enactance of the scene. Jessie had scolded her son about the toy before she died, so she had a subconscious sense of guilt.


(4) The same music

On the cruise ship, the record player played the same music as the roadside children’s band Jesse heard when he struck the bird. This suggests that the melodies Jess heard before her death are reproduced in a different form in the fantasy created by her subconscious.


(5) Same pattern on the drum surface

After Jesse boarded the cruise ship, he saw the drum of the band in the restaurant with the same pattern as the little boy’s drum before he died.


(6) The same injury site

The head injury on the cruise ship was consistent with the head injuries and bleeding of Jesse’s body at the scene of the crash.


(7) Albatrosses that appear many times before and after going to sea

The cause of Jesse’s car accident was the death of an albatross. Jesse also had a picture of an albatross in his home, and Jesse had seen the albatross many times after he went to sea.


The above detailed scenes in the film are enough to show that a series of stories after Jessie went to sea are all fantasies created by her subconscious based on her memories before her death.

4. Realistic analysis

According to our previous analysis, we can infer the actual situation of what happened to Jessie, namely: Gray and Jessie made an appointment to go to sea together, and they met at the dock at 8:30 in the morning. On the day of their date, Jesse’s son spilled paint on a painting. Jesse soiled the dress she wanted to go out in, scolded her son for being in such a hurry, and hit him. Because of the delay before going out, so Jessie was very anxious to drive all the way, accidentally hit the albatross. The son was stimulated by the sight of blood, and Jesse was very irritable at this time, so at 8:17, there was a tragic accident.

Jesse’s dead soul, looking at the child, the heart is born with infinite guilt. Death (the messenger) to take Jess away, Jess, like Sisyphus, said that he had a pending engagement, to go to the dock. As a result, Jesse, who promised Death (the messenger) that he would come back, broke his promise, and was punished by Death, and was caught in the eternal cycle of Cruises to the Terrible.


We know that Jess’s motivation for breaking her promise later is to go back in time and see the child again; We don’t know why Jesse broke his promise to death in the first place, but I think he may have died out of unwillingness.

5. Composition of the cycle

Now that the nature of the story Triangle tells has already been analyzed, let’s begin to analyze how the film’s loops are structured, which is the most mind-boggling part of the film.

As for the loop in the film, fans’ opinions fall into two schools at first:

The first is that Jessie went out to sea — got on the boat — jumped into the sea — came home — went out to sea, that is, constituted a complete cycle;

The second one is that Jesse went on the cruise twice to form a cycle. The first time he went on the cruise, he jumped into the sea, and the second time he was killed. And then wake up and start again.

Those who agree with the second group are divided between those who believe that Jesse on the second boat has a memory, and those who believe that Jesse on the second boat has no memory as he did the first time.

In addition, there are two ideas about what happens on a cruise ship, which is made up of several different little cycles:

One is that the mode of circulation on board is… ABABABAB…

The other is that the circulation pattern on board is… 123123123…

Let me explain my point first, explain the whole process in detail, and then explain why I disagree with the rest of the statement.

I think Jessie from the sea — – sea – home – a boat out to sea, which constitute a complete cycle, and each Jessie on cruise ships are no memories of the cycle, when they were just board the cruise ship of state is the same, according to whether the previous Jessie gun confrontation, experience behind the two different loop, we remember his for AB two kinds.

Jessie from the audience’s perspective in Cruise Cruise is recorded as A, and the Jessie who gets on the boat in the next round of A is B, and the Jessie who gets on the boat in the next round goes through the same cycle as A again, that is, the Horror Cruise is always marked by… ABABAB… The pattern continues to cycle.

And just to make it easier, we’re going to

Jessie who goes through the A cycle before A is A-1;

The first Jessie after A to go through the A cycle is A+1;


Jessie who goes through cycle B before B is B minus 1;

The first Jessie who goes through B after B is B+1;

It is worth noting that, in addition to Jesse’s two modes of AB, the other four people also have corresponding two endings, so they should be distinguished rather than confused. We numbered the other four people in each group with Jesse’s number.

Now that the numbering convention is clear, let’s begin to comb through Jesse’s A and B cycles along the plot.

Let’s start with A complete combing of Jesse’s experiences on the cruise ship, numbered A, based on the film footage.

(1) The experience of Jessie A

A on A cruise ship. Found the key to (B-1); Saw someone in the restaurant (B-1); Saw “Go to the Theater” in scarlet on the mirror of Room 237; Arguing with Gray of Group A; Go back to the restaurant and accidentally kill Victor of Group A; Go to the theater and find Grey is dead in Group A; Witness Team A Sally and Donnie being shot by head-turners (A-1); Evading headgear (A-1); Attacked from behind by A headgear (A-1); Forced headgear (A-1) to jump into the sea; Witness Group B approaching; Tracking B and others all the way; Dropped the key and was picked up by B; Be seen by B in the restaurant; Witness the floating body of Donnie in Group A; The mistake injured Victor of Group B; Hear B and Gray quarreling after seeing “go to the theater” in Scarlet; Copied the note (in exactly the same font); Dropped the necklace; Chased B away in the restaurant; Arrived at the theater to find that Group B Gray has died; Wounded (B-1); Back to the restaurant, find that Group B Victor has been face wounds (B-1) thrown into the sea; Face injury (B-1) Stabs Donnie and Sally in Group B (this is A viewer’s view, A didn’t see this); In group B, Sally sends out A distress signal (this is the viewer’s view; A doesn’t see it). Witness the death of Sally in Group B; Witness B backkilling the face (B-1); B witnessed the arrival of group A+1; Witness (A+1) and others on board looking for the bridge; Missed the floating yacht; Witness B injuring Victor (A+1); Talk to Victor of (A+1) and say you can save him; In room 237, he wrote down to go to the theater; Dump the body of Donnie in Group B into the sea; Drag away Gray’s body from Group B in the theatre; Tell Donnie and Sally from Group A+1 to go to the theater. He took up his gun and put on his head; Kill Grey (A+1) on the second floor of the theater; Shoot Donnie and Sally in Group A+1; Pursuit (A+1); Was forced to jump into the sea by (A+1); Wake up on the beach;


Run home to kill the family himself, and snatch the necklace, put on a sweater coat; He killed the albatross and threw it to the sea; Had a car accident and witnessed the death of a child; Take a taxi to the port; Promised Death would return, but sailed out to sea; Lying to Victor about the kids being at school;Apologize to Gray; He sleeps on the boat and then loses his memory (forgetting the cycle of his son’s death and the one that preceded it). ; Heard Sally’s distress call; Encountered high waves, overturned yacht; And on a cruise ship.


(2) The experience of Jesse B

B. Found A’s key; (A) Seeing someone in the restaurant. Saw “Go to the Theater” in scarlet on the mirror of Room 237; Arguing with Grey in Group B; back to the restaurant found seriously injured group B Victor, A with A gun, fled and hid; Witness the death of Gray in Group B; Fighting the face wound (B-1) and learning that Group B Donnie is dead in Room 237 (this is presumed); Counterkill (B-1); Witness the arrival of (A+1); Tracking (A+1) and others all the way; [Fixed] A dropped key is picked up by (A+1) Seen in A restaurant by (A+1); Talking to Victor in (A+1) and accidentally injuring him; Went into hiding again and witnessed the deaths of Grey, Sally and Donnie in the (A+1) group; Witnessing A chase (A+1); Witness A being forced into the sea by (A+1); Witness the arrival of the (A+1) group (B+1); Dispose of the bodies of Victor, Gray and Sally in Group A+1; Finally, the body of Group (A+1) Donnie was thrown into the sea; Tell (B+1) Sally and Donnie to go to the theater; He took up his gun and put on his head; Kill Grey in Group B+1; Wounded by (A+1); [Fixed] Kill Victor (B+1) and throw him into the sea. Erase “go to the theater” on the glass 237; Take off their headgear and cheat (B+1) Donnie and Sally to Room 237; Stabbing (B+1) group Donnie and Sally; Pursue (B+1) and be counterkilled by (B+1).


The above is the cycle of Jesse’s two modes a and B on the cruise ship. When we saw a in the movie, because she would hear the distress signal from Sally in group B before the upstream round, she would go into the cycle of a every time. As for B and other A-1 and a + 1, just like Jesse killed by a at home, they are just NPCs created according to their own image in the dreamland of A. However, a doesn’t exist as a player with independent choice in this cycle, because she has no memory, so she will make the same choice every time. Therefore, her behavior looks like NPC, which is no different from A-1 and a + 1. The biggest difference between a and A-1 and a + 1 is that the audience follows a’s experience along with the film. This is the most special part of A. The triangle we see is actually a program designed by death to run in a cycle all the time, and this program is used to punish Jesse.


6. The Enlightenment of triangle

(1)People should pay attention to honesty and keep promises

People who are used to saying things without faith will one day make irreparable mistakes. For example, they will deceive people they can’t afford to offend, and then eat the consequences.

(2)The greatness of maternal love

Jesse in the horror cruise doesn’t usually have a good temper with her son; But in order to save her son, she can choose to go to the frightful cruise ship like purgatory again and again; And no matter how many times, the same choice will be made each time.

(3)There is no regret medicine in the world. Even if you come back, you will still make the same choice

As long as you don’t have the memory of these things, you will still make the same choice in the face of the same situation, even if you do it again, because you are you.

So don’t regret your previous decisions, because it’s all the decisions you made that make you different. We just need to learn from the lessons, let ourselves grow and change, and make a better choice next time.

(4)Life will fall into a vicious circle, must be because of their own obsession:

Correspondingly, when we find that our life has fallen into a vicious circle, the way to get out of it must be to let go of our obsession.

It is difficult for the self in the cycle to break through the cycle; However, if we put down our obsession, break our old ideas, learn new knowledge, and introduce outside help, we can easily jump out of the vicious circle.

(5)Always look ahead when driving

No matter what happens, don’t turn your head to chat with the back row. It’s very dangerous!