“FREE GUY”: Write the most romantic love letter with the code of 0 and 1


“FREE GUY” can win my favor, and there is a more important emotional reason-it is a relatively rare Hollywood mainstream commercial film that values programmers and has a science and engineering romance.

To be honest, a few days ago, I didn’t have much hope for the movie “Free Guy”, which was set to be a cliché and temporary airborne theater, because it was a film that could be seen at a glance.

However, after actually watching the film, this film was far beyond my expectations: only in terms of content, it is indeed not “fresh” enough, but through sufficiently humorous and skillful commercial film techniques, it can tell a traditional story enough. It’s fun and beautiful, which once again proves that “skills” still play a pivotal role.


“FREE GUY” can win my favor, and there is a more important emotional reason-it is a relatively rare Hollywood mainstream commercial film that values programmers, shows design thinking, and has science and engineering romance. Therefore, out of selfishness, I will focus on compliments below.

Since it is a game-themed movie, I have to mention a few words about the strong “video game feelings” in “FREE GUY”. It is not difficult for anyone who knows the game to see that the “Liberty City” in the film is a tribute to the “Grand Theft Auto” series. This film even has a “Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Legend” style poster.


In addition, the design inspiration of “Sim City”, the detailed features of “Fortnite”, the teleport gun of “Portal”, the beam cannon of “Rockman”, etc., have achieved a small and precise moisturizing.

Regrettably, probably because of the lack of copyright, there are not many classic game stalks in “FREE GUY”-but on the other hand, 20th Century Fox, which has been included by Disney, has shown another kind of “copyright”. “Muscle”, Captain America’s shield + “Peach President” Chris Evans’s Tucao + Hulk’s fist + Star Wars lightsaber show, which made me feel a little bit when watching “Invincible Destruction King 2″… Big hills and lots of copyrights are awesome.

As for my “selfishness”, to put it bluntly, there are many programmers, designers and other Internet industry social animals in “Out of Control Player”. The game character DUDE is the master of this concept and detail display.


Dude is a semi-finished NPC (non-player character) that has not yet completed the design and is forced to go online. Everywhere on his body is revealed the daily hair loss of the R&D department and code farmers-although it is covered by the bank staff of “Liberty City” (Guy) It’s a prototype, but obviously the employees didn’t think about how to design this muscular killer, basic shoes and pants, with a naked upper body and blue icon on the left chest, and copied Ryan Reynolds but didn’t make a model. The optimized face is filled with the simplicity of the “new folder”.

What’s more, Dude used the imperfect voice effect to say three things he loves to do “Flat, to be determined, enter the third option”, even if you are not a program developer, I believe that as long as you have done any courseware document Things like PPT can get the scrawl and laziness behind this joke.

Before Dude went online, the art department leader said, “Guys, we are going to lose our jobs collectively.” Afterwards, thinking about it, I really laughed and made me feel comfortable.

With such a perspective and attitude from the perspective of the developer, the story of “FREE GUY” is naturally not difficult to see.


The movie has two clear story lines, one is the in-game NPC cover. Out of admiration for the player character “Molotovsk Girl”, he began to develop self-awareness. After his own unique efforts, he succeeded in winning the kiss and saving the beauties. A feat in the gaming world.

As the main selling point of “FREE GUY”, Guy’s growth adventure is superimposed on the settings of “Trumen’s World” and “Western World”. Although the process is much easier and more interesting, there is nothing that should be included. few.

Tiredness and suspicion of stylized life, brave execution of throbbing heart, eagerness to upgrade the game, hesitation and determination of the truth… all these experiences are owned, plus his NPC-style sluggishness and artificial intelligence learning Evolution makes this journey very interesting.

The most typical part of the bridge is the pure pursuit of the “Motion Bottle Girl” machinery. The undisguised awkwardness and enthusiasm is a love that is difficult to reproduce in a mortal body.


There is also the conversation between Gai and his good brother Buddy about self-existence, which also reflects two completely different but different wisdoms: Buddy who only knows how to operate according to the program, chooses to believe in the truth of “living in the present”, and settles with the situation. , Happily knows one’s fate; to overcome this point, to obtain peace of mind, isn’t it “there is only one kind of heroism in the world, that is, you still love life after seeing the truth of life”?

Another story line in the real world of the film seems simple, but it is more realistic and romantic.

Millie and Keys were originally a pair of independent game developers. After their small studio was acquired by the boss of a large company, Antoine, the original open-world game based on “growth artificial intelligence” was hidden. “Liberty City” launched by the company soon became a global hit. The discouraged keyboard felt that it was impossible to resist and chose to work for Antoine, while Millie, who firmly believed that Antoine had stolen his own underlying code, was aliased as “Motion Bottle Girl”. Try hard to find evidence in the game.

The uncompromising Millie, the swallowing keyboard, the data-oriented Antoine, and even the mouse with distinct loves and hates are all images of developers with distinctive personalities.


Although “FREE GUY” did not focus the narrative on the conception of these gamers, the trend and ending of the plot still follow the basic universal logic, that is, idealists who pursue freedom and innovation defeated the worldly ones who chased copper’s notorious reputation. people.

But having said that, the deal Antoine reached with Millie before destroying the server still seemed to turn him into a vulgar stupid. The “Liberty City” series, to put it bluntly, is still an “upgraded high-end version of “Grand Theft Auto” “Plus” game, as long as the application of technology continues to iteratively upgrade, we can play it sooner or later, and “Free Life” based on self-growing artificial intelligence is a veritable “open world” with unlimited possibilities, not only subversively created New gameplay, and its significance has long gone beyond the narrow game category (the current AI technology can’t be achieved anyway), and the values ​​of the two cannot be compared at all. Antoine actually thought Millie was making a huge loss at a loss. No vision.

Of course, this kind of small problem is innocuous. The core theme and focus of “FREE GUY” is still “starts from people and belongs to people”, which is specifically manifested in the interaction, integration and sublimation of the two story lines.


Guy’s adventure is to get rid of the fate of the tool man and live his own life; the journey of Millie and the keyboard is to regain the fruits of their labor and find each other who they belong to.

The keyboard was written with “Milli’s hobbies, characteristics” and “own anxious mood” as a courtship NPC cover. When Guy realized that he had set the cornerstone and informed Millie, he really jumped out of the original code. Circulate the frame and begin to explore their new future, and the dull Millie and the timid keyboard also pierce the long-existing window paper, and achieve each other, and the merits are complete (but I still have to complain, since the keyboard is already interesting , Why didn’t I recognize the NPC I designed carefully before? This is a bug). Director Sean Levy has directed popular commercial films such as “Museum Wonderful Night” series and “Steel Armor”. At the same time, he is also the co-director of the American drama “Stranger Things” series. He has a certain grasp of the combination of fantasy elements and warmth themes. Set, now it seems that he has contributed a masterpiece above the standard. Finally, I want to end this article with my favorite scene from “FREE GUY”.


After being reset, Gai had forgotten his previous experience. In order to restore his memory, Millie kissed him directly. In an instant, all the source code and AI autonomous log records burst out behind Gai’s head like a colorful movement. For the first time, I feel that extremely stylized code can also have such a poetic beauty.

Binary composed of 0 and 1 will never deceive. With countless 0s and 1, you can write unlimited possibilities, romantic love letters, and vows of great love.