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En kort en lang:all about love,all for love

I started to try to watch the original Danish DVDs, and after choosing a lot, acquiring some, and seeing a few, combined with my own feelings during my few months in Denmark,

Lady Bird movie review: the brightness and confusion of a different kind of youth

At the 75th Golden Globe Awards, “Lady Bird” won two awards in the categories of Best Actress in a Motion Picture – Musical Comedy, and Best Film in a Motion Picture –

Once Upon a Time in America movie review: Looking back on the past, there is no place to pay tribute to the sentiment

Once Upon a Time in America” is a classic gangster crime film directed by director Sergio Leone and released in 1984. Although the film focuses on the legendary story of the gangsters,

Better Nate Than Ever Review: A Journey to Follow Your Dreams

Better Nate Than Ever” Afterthoughts (I): A dose of seasoning under the epidemic’s tense mind It is very relaxing, because recently the epidemic is always distracted, some anxiety. I started watching this

In the Heights Review: This year’s best song and dance film masterpiece

Although “In the Heights” in the theme of exploration and the form of no cliché, song and dance scenes are also high standard, but because the film is focused on the marginal

“FREE GUY”: Write the most romantic love letter with the code of 0 and 1

“FREE GUY” can win my favor, and there is a more important emotional reason-it is a relatively rare Hollywood mainstream commercial film that values programmers and has a science and engineering romance.

Catch Me If You Can–The fake pilot tricked the vacuum sister

Frank Abanel in “Catch Me If You Can” is not a fiction, but a real person. The movie is adapted from his life and deeds. Today we will talk about the legendary

“Scent of a Woman” tells you, what are the two most beautiful words in the world

Oscar’s best actor won the first prize. The film was adapted from Dino Lacey’s “Scent of a Woman” in 1974, and I haven’t seen it. Women are Al Pacino and the most

“Pride and Prejudice”: Love cannot be “self-righteous”, love needs expression and courage

In “Pride and Prejudice,” the author Jane Austen wrote more about two happy marriages: one is Elizabeth and Darcy, the other is Jane and Bentley. However, they also experienced certain “ups and

How to comment on the notebook?

Before I saw this movie, I didn’t expect much. I thought it should be an easy love dog blood drama. But I didn’t expect that there were many things that moved me.