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‘Joker 2’ Continues the Mythos with Harley Quinn’s Stunning Appearance as the Twin Kings Team Up to Get Things Done

The Joker 2 is finally returning, and with a whopping $200 million investment this time around, it looks like Warner really put their money where their mouth is. Since the last one

The Little Mermaid: beauty mixed with interest, just like dead fish

Compared to the casting of actors, the live-action version of “The Little Mermaid” the bigger problem is the plot. Disney in this movie clearly chose a new image instead of the traditional

The Sound of Music : the dream of music woven to love

The famous American movie “The Sound of Music” is a legendary masterpiece in the history of cinema, adapted by the famous American director Robert Wise from the Broadway musical of the same

La La Land: A Round Dance of Dreams and Reality

After its release, “La La Land” won good reputation and box office, and won the Oscar for Best Director, Best Actress and many other awards, showing the eternal theme of Hollywood movies:

Les choristes: The Beauty of Music and the Love of Humanity

Les choriste is a film based on music, directed by Christophe Barratti, which was released in theaters in 2004 and won the French box office that year for its simple, heartfelt story

Review of Dead Poets Society: Drawing the Essence of Life

This story takes place in a high school called Wilton Preparatory Academy in the late 1950s. The school’s motto is “Tradition, Discipline, Honor, Excellence. The school motto is “Tradition, Discipline, Honor, Excellence”.

Jagten Review: How terrible it is to be falsely accused of wrongdoing by a girl

The Danish crime film “Jagten” was born in 2012 and won the Catholic Spirit of Humanity Award and the Vergne Prize at the Cannes Film Festival, and the “sexiest man in Denmark”,

“Fall” movie review: the dark horse of the year beyond imagination, scared out of their wits

Fall” movie review: the dark horse of the year beyond imagination, scared out of their wits First of all, people who are afraid of heights should not watch this film. Even if

Death on the Nile” in theaters: Why is Branagh’s adaptation hardly a classic?

Recently, Death on the Nile, directed by Kenneth Branagh, was released in theaters. This is Branagh’s second adaptation of Agatha Christie’s speculative novel, in the 2017 release of “Murder on the Orient

The Father” Review: Telling Stories Beyond Time and Space

This is a very “London contemporary” film, whether it is the scenes, colors or music matching, there is a strong tone of London. When “Hannibal” Hopkins and “Queen Anne” Coleman turn into