Ambulance review: thrilling action movie

Adapted from the Danish Hollywood movie of the same name, “Ambulance” was released during the epidemic, resulting in less than expected box office and attention, 137 minutes is also slightly long. But Michael Bay shot “the largest amount ever” bank robbery, the story twists and turns, escape, save lives, crime, redemption and other conflicts intertwined, the whole fire exciting, and enjoyable!

A veteran from Afghanistan, pulled down by his brother to rob a bank, Will Sharp and Danny, a pair of desperate bandit brothers of wisdom and courage, and not a face. Especially Jake Gyllenhaal as Danny, actually calmly let a police officer into the bank, while the camera slowly brought to the robbers hiding in the shadows ready to attack, full of tension.

After the bank robbery was discovered, many tough bandits with guns, outside the bandits vehicles rampage, the two male protagonists wounded police officers, kidnapped female paramedics and wounded police officers to escape, then shot to the fullest, hot and exciting. The two protagonists dodge the overwhelming gunfire, but also to ensure the safety of the wounded, it is a crisis!

The cost is only 40 million, but the cool explosion scenes are no less than those hundreds of millions of large productions, like a highway retrograde rampage, a time to turn over countless cars. Michael Bay director used the first view through the machine, a moment to follow the protagonist in the hall overlooking the ground, and a moment to the top of a tall building, in a high-speed dive down. But through the shuttle, swoop, turn and other shots, including far infrared lens, a unique display of shooting angles and lenses, but look a little dizzy. And the audience as a whole like a roller coaster ride, watching the whole movie after the intuitive exhaustion, but also the criticism brought about by the film shooting.

Although the female lead to the police to open the gory picture of surgery, in the mainland release was cut a minute, but the gun battle, explosions, chase all, several helicopters and even low-level chase ambulance, to show off the chase technology of Michael Bay. Jake Gyllenhaal as Danny, throwing out funny lines in rapid succession, while being able to show a certain “deranged” robber trait. For example, when he fights with his companions in the ambulance and the negotiator gets mad, you worry that the character will lose his mind and do something terrible!

Will became a robber for the sake of his family, but his conscience has not died, reflecting on his own behavior, like not killing hostages and brothers fight, and later to protect the two hostages, and gangster gunfire, and finally to their own ho brothers a shot, to complete self-redemption, but also to save others. Female paramedic originally just save the dead and wounded as a job not to substitute for feelings, and secretly in the phone to contact the police, and even in fear of using a pistol accidentally wounded Will!

On the contrary, she saw the light of the robber Will’s humanity, after returning to the compassion that people should have, led the crowd to call for Will’s rescue. Latin goddess Aisha Gonzalez, showing the fortitude, bravery, wisdom and compassion of women! From “Give and Take”, “Transformers 5” to “Ghost Agent”, Michael Bay director catch story perfunctory, a bunch of logic holes, so that people are frequently disappointed. So this time simply remake the Danish masterpiece, a bank robbery after a life-threatening frenzy within the ambulance, a decent plot starts and ends with justification, creating a gunfight popcorn boutique!

In short, both the cool camera language and thrilling fire scenes, literary drama also has a sense of tension, subtle peaks and valleys, can be in front of the big screen by this traditional Hollywood blockbuster stimulation, what more can I ask for?