AIR: You will always be remembered by everyone

I remember when I first saw the title of this film, I really didn’t understand what the Air of this film meant, and at that time I thought it was an aerospace subject. After watching it, I realized that the original air refers to the Air Jordan, which is the basketball shoe that has become very popular today.

Although we all know how awesome Nike is today, and know how popular the Air Jordan basketball shoes are with young people. However, in the 1980s, at that time Nike in the field of basketball shoes is actually not, their hottest is running shoes, as for basketball shoes, far behind Converse and Adidas, accounting for only 17% of the market share, according to the description of the film, Nike’s basketball department belongs to the department on the verge of being cut.

So, Nike’s basketball department, how from that time the performance of the downturn, to now the big brother, in fact, this film is talking about this matter. The entry point of the story is to Nike at that time through various difficulties, signed the potential rookie Michael Jordan, and finally to create Air Jordan brand to start. So, in fact, this movie is playing a clear card. Because we all know that Michael Jordan will eventually become a basketball legend, we also know that Air Jordan will be a big seller, and we also know that Nike will be successful in the future. However, the story is to be told from the time when everything has not yet started.

The main theme of the wonderful movie is that a future is bright and the road is winding.

Although the middle is difficult, but the audience will not be so worried, because, we all know he will succeed. Now the various setbacks, are small hiccups, we are waiting for the protagonist finally burst kill the moment.

It’s like Zhang Wuji before his big breakout at the top of the light, even though he first learned the Nine Suns and then the Great Shift, but still has been all kinds of bullying and being cheated. Everyone is waiting for him to make a splash, to prove himself, but just keep pressing him, until the six major sects besieged the Bright Top, it really can’t, he finally came out, which is to hold the big move.

And “AIR” mentality is actually similar, the protagonists have been frustrated, has been a variety of bad, it is for the last everyone knows the success of the preparation it, belong to the process of building up strength.

After all, it’s not so easy to have something to feel good and happy about at the moment. I still cherish it.

The plot itself, in fact, there is not much to introduce, the thing is such a thing, the film is just talking about the process is not easy, and how to get success in the end. The specific details, we feel in the film on their own.

However, this film is still worth sharing a lot of behind-the-scenes, if you have seen this film, or interested in the behind-the-scenes, you can also pay attention to the next. For example, even though this is a film about Air Jordan, from beginning to end, it is analyzing Jordan, talking about Jordan, and putting up various visuals of him.

But in fact, the character of Jordan is not present.

You can hear his voice and even, see a flash of his back (the back is played by Damian Delano Young), but the character is not showing his face.

This is where the film is very clever.

Ben Affleck’s explanation is that, as a basketball superstar, Jordan is really too famous, everyone knows him and understands his movements and demeanor. If you really want to find someone to play him, everyone will say, this is not Jordan, or this person does not look like Jordan.

This, on the contrary, will interfere with the film, or affect the perception of this real-life adaptation of events.

The intentional absence of this treatment now allows the audience to make up their own memories of Jordan into the film, which in turn will increase the film’s sense of reality.

It is a very advanced way of handling.

Of course, Jordan’s role did not appear, but, Jordan’s mother Deloris Jordan is always there, and is an important role, this role is played by Viola Davis.

And from behind-the-scenes news, when Ben Affleck intended to make the film, also specifically asked Jordan to talk about the project together, and he consulted with many details at the time, but also in many aspects to get his permission.

Jordan also made several requests, first of all, he said that his mother’s role in this signing was very big, and he hoped that he could mention it positively (Ben Affleck also met his request). At the same time, Jordan clearly mentioned that his mother, hoping to invite Oscar winner Viola Davis to star, it can be seen that he is also very satisfied with Viola Davis’s performance.

And from the final performance effect, Viola Davis is indeed also very good to complete the task.

Interestingly, Julius Tenon, who plays Jordan’s father in the film, is also married to Viola Davis in reality, which equates to two people who are married in and out of the theater, which is a very interesting thing.

At the same time, Jordan’s mother did help Jordan a lot in his career.

According to Forbes, as of March 2023, Michael Jordan’s net worth is around $2 billion, most of which comes from his work with various businesses, especially Nike (while he earned just under $100 million in salary during his NBA career). And in 2022 alone, Nike paid Jordan a share of more than $100 million.

And in the negotiations with the brand, Jordan’s mother did play a big role, her pragmatism and love for her son allowed her to secure Jordan’s future.

At the same time, the film actually changes some details in order to increase drama and suspense. For example, adding to the difficulties, the film says that the character played by Matt Damon bypasses Jordan’s agent, David Falk, and negotiates directly with Jordan’s parents.

But in fact, David Falk only objected to Nike using 500,000 to sign three players, but suggested that they all be used on Jordan (or the style of the agent, to maximize the benefits). At the same time, the meeting between the protagonist and Jordan’s parents was actually arranged by him (and not an opponent).

Also, in terms of costumes, it was intentional that several of the main characters were slightly so rustic that they were behind the times. In particular, Matt Damon’s look, especially like a somewhat bloated, awkward middle-aged man, completely out of step with fashion.

In a way, this is also a show of weakness, the more such an image, so that the audience can feel that he is a failure, no way to make things happen, in the end, people succeeded instead, which is a surprise.

Of course, Ben Affleck’s look is still very unique, from the costume can also see that he is a very personal boss, which is also the reason he can succeed, right?

Finally, I still want to say that Matt Damon that line, that is, he is in the film that very wonderful speech, although will feel too design, but really is the climactic paragraph of the whole film.

He said: Forget the shoes, forget the money. You’ll make enough money that it doesn’t matter. Money can buy almost anything, but it can’t buy immortality.

A shoe is just a shoe, and it doesn’t mean anything until someone wears it. The rest of us just want to have access to that greatness. So we need you to put on these shoes, not so that your life has meaning, but so that our lives have meaning.

Everyone at this table will be forgotten after we leave here – except for you.

You will always be remembered by everyone because some things are timeless.

You are Michael Jordan, and your story will make us want to fly.

This speech was a really interesting perspective and really convincing, as well as the love the creators have for Jordan. I think this quote is probably why they wanted to make this movie.