5 recommended movies for August 2022

Today I’m sharing with you 5 movies that I saw and recommend to you in July.

  1. Secondhand Lions

The film is unfolded by a young boy, who is sent to the home of two mysterious, but legendary, uncles and grandfathers with great wealth. As the story progresses, it slowly tells the legendary life of two brave old men. They chase bravery, are full of passion, and focus on their true love of life itself. The used lion is synonymous with old age, and even though he is old, he is still a brave and fearless strong man. The lion in the film died on the road to self-realization, and it “died well”. “He was a real lion, sacrificed in war, a real African beast.” Personally, I really like this kind of film about talking about the heart and life, along with the alternation of years. Just like in the film “Big Fish”, the father who loves to tell “lies”, his life is also very colorful. “If you want it to be true, then you have to believe in it, even if it is a little bit of added fuel, you also have to believe in it.” “Human nature is good, and honor, courage and virtue are priceless, while money, power and position are like straw, and remember, evil is not good. Remember, love. True love should last for days and days. Remember that it is not important to be true or false, but to know that one is convinced of it only because it is faith.” “People always put too much value on money and too much on human relations, including affection. For this reason they also do not hesitate to deceive and give up trust. So sad that the cart is put before the horse.”

  1. Gambling Medley

This film is not a movie but an anime, but still worth recommending. The film depicts an absurd and bizarre world of gambling. It starts with a game of rock-paper-scissors on the ferry “Ship of Hope”. The people on the ship are all losers like Kaiji Ito, the main character, who is muddled and unsuccessful. They are forced to gamble with their lives, and thus show the desire and greed of human nature to the fullest. In my opinion, the best part of the film is the depiction of the psychology of both sides in each game. In many gambling games, there are also revelations about the meaning of life. One concept mentioned in the film is particularly interesting, and that is the “blind spot”. “Once people believe a theory is right, it’s hard to doubt it, let alone the guy who has been winning on that theory until now. The constant positive feedback, the constant reinforcement of that view in depth, eventually becomes entrenched and leads to failure.”

  1. Najlepszy

This should be one of the most inspirational films I’ve seen recently. When I first started watching it, I felt that the pace was so slow, and I couldn’t help but take a glance at the synopsis on my phone during the viewing process. I found that this is a story of rebellion, and then I was full of seriousness and expectation for this film. The main character started out as an addict and a domestic abuser since childhood. But in the end, he was able to get rid of his gambling addiction and achieve the transformation to a champion. He relies on to be a good father, this firm belief and vision, to support himself to move forward every step And finally completed the double distance triathlon, and even finally got the championship, and defeated himself. And is based on a true story, I can not help but feel that the human potential is really unlimited. As long as you really want to, enough to think, and then supplemented by solid action to support it, there is nothing that can not be done. If the male protagonist was able to turn the tide at such a starting point, and still managed to blossom. Then people in ordinary adversity, have more opportunities and ability to change their situation. Nirvana rebirth, cocoon into a butterfly, these are inevitably in the transformation before the great ordeal and pain. But as long as you can survive, is a new world of new beginnings. The end of the world in the eyes of caterpillars, we call the butterfly.

  1. Sushi God

This movie tells the story of the “god of sushi” who persisted for 75 years. The way to simplicity, many things seem simple, but it is not easy to do. Just like making sushi is simple, but it is not easy to persist for 75 years, a lifetime of persistence. I think the biggest lesson it brings is to find a field you love and put in as much effort as anyone. Put in no less effort than anyone else, focus on one thing, while not complaining, complemented by persistence. There is a passage in the film that really struck me. The son of the store manager said that most young people nowadays do not have the ability to polish their skills continuously. They are too ambitious, want too much, but can’t bear the hardship. There is no way to devote oneself to one field for the rest of one’s life to keep polishing. I think we may not have to devote ourselves to one field for life. But we should have the determination and attitude to plow deep. And to be able to continue to iterate ourselves to cope with the changing world.

  1. The Ocean

This is the largest investment in ocean documentary in history. With the theme of environmental protection, it delves into the mysterious underwater world. I think this is a documentary that you don’t have to force yourself to be patient, you can sit for two hours and watch it quietly. One can’t help but feel awe in the presence of nature. The film is full of beauty and order, silence and turbulence at all times. The surge of various creatures in the underwater world, with just the right amount of music, brings a magnificent visual feast. “Many species are now extinct; it took them millions of years to evolve, but it took them decades to become extinct.” This includes ocean pollution and environmental degradation, which in turn will lead to further species extinctions. A very good theme, and the presentation is striking and alarming. To protect the environment is to protect humanity itself.