Cinderella Man review: how to get back from the bottom to the top

Cinderella Man is a film based on real life, it is mainly about the generation of boxing champion Brock from the peak of the fall to the trough, how to climb back from the trough to the peak.

This is a more than 2 hours long movie, at that time seems to be due to the high rating on the hand down, the results of the first time to see the ten minutes on the show abandoned, because boxing itself is not my favorite subject matter, feel too bloody. The first time I watched it, I gave up on it because I didn’t like the subject of boxing.

At the beginning, there was a feeling that Brock’s agent was a vampire type of existence, because a game down, he ended up with the money and Brock almost. Later, as the plot unfolds, only slowly be attracted. A few years later, coinciding with the Great Depression in the United States, Brock could barely compete again due to a serious hand injury, plus failed investments, so the family of five was living beyond their means, and could not even get enough to eat.

One day, Brock’s oldest son stole a ham from the store because he was hungry and couldn’t resist. At this point, Brock promised his son that you can rest assured that no matter what, our family will never be separated. At this point, the family’s situation became even more difficult, as there was no money to pay the electricity bill, so the electricity was cut off, and Brock was injured again and disqualified from the race. Brock’s youngest son became ill due to the lack of electricity to heat the house, and his wife struggled to send the three children to his sister’s house for the sake of their health.

I couldn’t judge who was right and who was wrong, because the father had promised his son that the family would never be separated, while the wife was thinking of the health and safety of the children. At this moment, I began to understand why people often say that family matters are the most difficult to judge. After the fight, Brock went out alone, first to the relief center to collect the grant, and to this day that clip is still clearly imprinted in my mind at that time, the teller said, Brock, I did not expect to see you here. Then he went to his old boxing club and told them about his current predicament and asked them for donations, and I watched him take the money from each person with a small bag, and I couldn’t tell you how I felt at that time.

And so Brock was able to raise enough money to pay his electric bill and bring his children home. At the same time, his life also ushered in a new opportunity, due to the lack of fighters and various reasons, Brock has a chance to get in the ring again. But in his current physical condition, with his hand injury not yet healed, how could he win the fight, BUT a miracle happened and Brock won. There is no doubt that he didn’t win the match so easily or even hard, but he did it after all. I think it was his determination from his courage to fight to the death, because the match was the only way to get rid of his current situation.

In my mind, this should be the end of the story, but there’s more to come. After this battle, Brock’s vampire agent wanted him to start formal training again and continue competing. Brock’s wife was against it, saying she could endure poverty and suffer with you, but didn’t want to see you get beaten up and go home hurt. For this reason, she ran to the luxury apartment where Brock’s agent lived, and I think she hated the vampire agent as much as I did, because the two of them basically never communicated, and even if they occasionally ran into each other, they avoided it as much as they could.

BUT into the broker’s home she was stunned, because his home has basically moved inside empty, through chatting with the broker’s wife she learned that in order to support Brock continue to fight, the family can sell basically sold. The big reversal, swish, the vampire agent in my mind rose several levels. The wife was so surprised to learn that Brock was fighting by default, but she never went to watch or even listen to the radio because she was afraid of seeing or hearing the images and sounds of her husband being beaten, and even more afraid that her husband would fall to the ground.

Finally, the fighter Brock was about to face was ranked number one in the world, and he had a few misses in the ring that killed his opponent in the fight. Of course, Brock took the fight without a second thought, and you don’t have to think about it, Brock won and walked out of that ring alive. As a result, his life has once again gone to the top.

People often say that miracle is another name for hard work, and in Brock’s life, I would say that miracle is another name for faith. It was based on the belief that holding a family could live together that Brock came out of the trough and back to the top.