When did the boy fall in love with the girl in Flipped

I don’t know how many people, after seeing “Flipping,” yearn for the love of Bryce and Julie, but what the movie tells us is so flip-flopping that I’m going to say a few words about my feelings. In other words, this is one of my favorite youth love movies, especially when the heroine is young, when she looks back, she smiles, it’s really attractive!

Story happened in the summer of 1957, the day the girl jolie ushered in a new neighbor bryce, she told the little boy “love at first sight”, if we speak like a book, this is not a “love at first sight”, because the word is too shallow, there is always a kind of appearance, is much less than the movie name “bait” and describe accurately, nice. Ever since she met Bryce, Jolie has been hit by the crystal clear eyes. Although it was only for a moment, she was sure she liked this boy. Just like in the movie, Jolie says, “He’s so shy and sweet, and his hair smells of watermelon, and I’m like crazy.”

Although Julie is very fond of Bryce and dares to show her love, she is a fresh and refined girl. Besides loving her, she also knows how to limit herself. In addition to chasing Bryce, what she likes most is climbing a tall plane tree to see the world, which seems to have a panoramical view of the world at this moment.

The original own like is others worry however such a pure girl, in the eyes of bryce is another way, they just know, Julie will be pestering him, class smell his hair, have no matter to go to climb a tree, the appearance of a little girl, crazy and mad made him very upset, so that in the beginning, bryce’s biggest wish is to stay away from Julie. In order to completely break off relations with Julie, Bryce deliberately and Julie’s contacts, ignoring Julie’s help signals, but also Julie sent eggs directly into the trash can, all this is really very successful.

When Julie learned that eggs had been thrown and loved ones mocked, her dignity was hurt and she decided to stay away from the boy who did not respect her. At the same time, Julie, who realizes Bryce’s callousness, is suddenly enlightened at the moment. She finds that Bryce is not handsome, her eyes are not clear, and her previous illusion is all because she likes him. Now she doesn’t like him, and Bryce’s shine is gone.

The whole of a person is greater than the part. Later, Julie’s father told her that a person is like a painting, the part is different from the whole, and the beautiful work you see is actually a combination of pigments, brushes, painting boards and other things. Started Julie doesn’t understand, until one day Julie climbed up the trees again, this time she found the town under the tree is very ordinary, but in town at the top of the tree is very beautiful, so she understood this can also be used in humans, we see only part of the people, want to understand a person will have to see him whole.

Now we are a society based on the level of appearance, but many people still have the feeling of love at first sight, think that the first glance is right, although this may be caused by a certain detail, but we often can not deny that this is actually “see the color of the mind”. It’s nothing wrong, of course, a lot of people are willing to pay something for the “bait”, but the true love in addition to dare to love dare hate have to stay awake, we can not only see a person’s local, like bryce although he looks very sunshine, but he doesn’t respect Julie, even he did not understand love, Julie is very smart, She doesn’t deny that she likes this boy, but she also knows clearly that love should be given to someone worthy of trust.

Julie was so wonderful Julie to disappear in bryce’s life, but at this time but bryce homesick for Julie, he later this charade is grandpa he who sees through, grandpa told her that some people treasures outside its defeat garrulous among them, when bryce meet like a rainbow gorgeous people can find, after the others are floating clouds. Since bryce began to change a perspective Julie, he found that the first met too much enthusiasm, unpretending Julie and the girl who will only talk about the material was so different, such as in the face of a distorted the FIG tree, a lot of people said with a smile ugly, only jolie put her as a treasure, and love the FIG tree was cut down. Bryce was sure that the girls around him who talked about luxury had never had Julie’s eye for beauty in the world, and until now he had never looked straight at it. He liked Julie, too.

In fact, if you want to have the same style of eyes that can find beauty, it is also very simple. That is to cultivate your mind. The world you see through your eyes will also be very beautiful. The brokeback Venus, for example, many people want to help repair, or left arm sagging or over, or take the apple, but in the end is not appropriate, this time it has been found to be her arm can let a person produce infinite daydream, such beautiful indeed improve its status and honor, so long as has the eyes to find beauty, perfection is beauty, missing is a kind of beauty.

Love is mutual growth, after knowing Julie again, Bryce also learned to face the heart, will not give up Julie because of gossip, sometimes for Julie even ignore the denial of friends around, in fact, the best love is mutual growth.

In fact, such common growth also exists in reality. For example, a sloppy otaku begins to pay attention to his own image and appearance after falling in love, while the woman gradually controls her bad temper. Another example is that two people are too happy after falling in love, walking all over the city’s food both fat ten catties. On the other hand, if the relationship does not grow up with each other, one will strive for tomorrow and the other will stay the same. Such a mismatch may not matter at first, but once the gap widens, two people will have an irreconcilable estrangement.

Also, in Flipping, Bryce doesn’t care about Julie at first, and only reflects after losing her. In reality, two people can’t understand each other completely for various reasons, so they don’t grow up together at the beginning. Only after one person feels something is wrong will he think about the environment he is in and have a new understanding of himself, that is, what he really wants, so that he can take action. It’s not that we don’t want to grow, it’s that we don’t want to do long lessons.

In any case, those of you who haven’t seen “Flipped” need to do so. The film really does teach us a lot, and many people who have seen “Flipped” are thrown into memories of the past, whether you are a young adult or a parent of children. Especially the most like the sentence if people rainbow, meet the top know!