What is the deep meaning of good will hunting?

To a certain extent, the movie reveals how far a person is from trauma to being cured.

Will was abandoned by his parents, raped by his stepfather, and thrown around in many foster families. The pain of abandonment led to serious psychological trauma, resulting in a variety of antisocial tendencies and behaviors: rebellious personality, making trouble, emotional isolation, fighting and self deception.

Good Will Hunting

In order not to waste his mathematical talent, Rambo invited many psychological experts to coach will, but will was very resistant, and the experts were helpless. At a loss, Rambo turned to his best friend at University, a psychologist with rich emotional experience who has tasted all the joys and sorrows of life. Although will’s defense was still very deep at the beginning, and his resistance to psychological counseling was very strong, he met an intelligent and emotional psychiatrist, just like a genius meets a genius. They were both teachers and friends, constantly fighting and fighting, and their hearts collided with each other. The ending is very good, will finally open his heart, cured heart disease, found his own life goal. In the process of helping will, Thorne also walked out of the shadow of his wife’s death and was confident to prepare for a new future.

Many people know how much influence a person’s original family and growth experience have on him. But what makes people curious is, how far is the distance from trauma to cure? After watching this film, many people feel that will is really lucky: because of his talent, he has been paid attention to by the professor, met with powerful psychologists, and his friends who care and understand him wholeheartedly, so that a miserable childhood can feel his family like satisfaction and sense of sureness, and make his existence more real and full of motivation and expectation, Finally, the shackles in my heart will be released. But who can see and untie the heartache and shackles of ordinary people with mediocre qualifications? If they want to cure themselves thoroughly, isn’t it a long way to go?

Most people in life are ordinary people. But like will, you may be suffering from the pain, pressure or inferiority brought about by your own mistakes. For example, the fear of intimacy. Just like will, when his relationship with his charming Harvard girlfriend became closer and closer, his inner trauma was aroused. In order to avoid being hurt by this relationship, will chose to run away. For example, will always has a belief that “I don’t deserve it.”. He thinks that he doesn’t deserve a good life, a gifted IQ, and love from others. Once things go in the right direction, the idea of “I’m not worthy” will pop up and urge him to do something to destroy them. Then, he continued to go back to work as a part-time worker, which seemed to be the way people like him were allowed to live.

Have you ever been influenced by such beliefs and fears?

Can we really only attribute the happy ending of will to his talent and luck? no In fact, we can see his efforts and struggle. He is so good at mathematics that even Professor Rambo looks up to him. His knowledge of history and law is admirable. There is an inherent element of talent here. But if he doesn’t love reading and work hard for it, no matter how much talent he has, it will be a cloud. If will just wants to be a cleaner and can do it anywhere, why would he choose the top Ivy League university? Since I’ve been a cleaner all my life, why do I have to go to Professor Rambo’s math problem to solve it, or twice? Although in the consultation with several psychotherapists, he showed resistance to psychological consultation, seemingly cynical, challenging authority, but exploring the reasons, we can find that he is actually exploring, looking for a person who can trust and really help himself, struggling for his future. Therefore, it can not be ignored that will has the inner motivation to grow up. If he didn’t want to save himself, he wouldn’t walk into Thorne’s office after all five therapists failed. At this point, we all understand. It’s hard for genius or ordinary people to save themselves by looking up to the outside world. Everyone needs Thorne in his life. Everyone wants to have will’s talent, but not everyone has such a lucky encounter like winning the lottery. Besides, there are many conditions and uncontrollable factors to meet the chance encounter. Even if the conditions are met, it also includes uncontrollable luck.

But each of us can be our own Thorne.

From trauma to cure, we are only separated by one heart.

You can see and embrace the heartbreak and shackles you have suffered. The counselor will also see, understand and accompany you to grow up. As ordinary people, if we have a heart of self-awareness and want to grow up, when we encounter these situations, we can solve them through hard study and positive action at the first time. Whether it’s expanding our social support system, seeking support from trustworthy people, or seeking the help of professional counselors like will, I believe we can do it for ourselves. Self growth can not wait, escape cost is too expensive to imagine. As our own masters, each of us has great energy and ability to face and solve all problems. It’s not your fault. It’s not your fault. It’s not your fault to have talent. It’s not your fault to protect yourself. It’s not your fault to be afraid of failure. Even if you’re not a genius or even have many shortcomings, you’re still a free person who deserves to be loved, A person who is worth pursuing a better life and getting a better life.)