What do you think of The Truman Show?

When do we think someone is stupid? Most often when he’s doing something stupid and doesn’t even know it. Truman fits the bill.

The Truman Show, of course, is about Truman. A 30 – year – old man who seems normal and even a little happy-go-lucky. After all, early in the morning, he would have the pleasure of directing and acting a little play in front of the mirror.

He would say good morning to everyone on the way out. His life was secure, his family was harmonious and his work was smooth. Perhaps it will arouse the envy of many people. But there is a subtle feeling that something is wrong. Truman seems to be being watched and watched by someone. Like when Truman was driving. When he walks, even when he goes to work, we can feel as if there is a camera filming. In fact, what happened to Truman was far worse. Truman’s life is not only captured by 5,000 cameras in every direction. It is also broadcast live on television around the world 24 hours a day. The candid photo shoot has been going on for 30 years since Truman was born. The whole world is enjoying it, except for Truman. It was on air for 30 years, and Truman was kept in the dark for 30 years. He had no idea that his life was being watched, that it was being broadcast live. I didn’t know that my parents, my wife, my friends, and even the strangers I met on the road every day were all selected actors for this live show. He has lived on Taoyuan Island since he was born and is taught that Taoyuan Island is the best place in the world.

But Taoyuan Island was actually set up for this live broadcast. Inside the sun rises and the moon sets, rain or shine rain and snow are achieved through artificial control. For 30 years, Truman thought he was just an ordinary man, but he didn’t realize that the life he believed to be true and managed seriously was actually arranged. Hasn’t Truman seen anything wrong with such a piece of bullshit in 30 years? Of course. Like the light falling from the sky.

Those who deliberately can no longer deliberately implant advertising. The raindrops that landed precisely on Truman’s head. And the “back from the dead” dad? It seems to be full of holes. But why doesn’t Truman doubt it? Quite simply, because we are used to accepting reality. Whenever Truman saw something was wrong in his life and wanted to doubt and struggle, people around him would tell him to “forget it”, “You must be thinking too much”. So Truman accepted the world’s absurdity, helplessness, arrangement, and then step by step compromise, and finally trapped himself in Taoyuan Island. To be a monkey to be played with.

When did Truman lose his freedom? Is it the first time he tried to walk out of Taoyuan Island when he was a child, but his father fell into the sea and died?

When he met the girl he fell in love with, and was forcibly pulled away saying she was mentally ill? Is it when he has to get married when he clearly has something in his heart?

Or is his heart clearly blood did not disappear but a compromise to life? Truman’s life is also the life of many people. Rules live, paste confused smear dead. Ready to go all my life but never out of line. Probably the biggest benefit is that we can walk down the street without people pointing at us and saying, “That guy is weird, like a dog.” When did you lose your freedom? When I was a child, you are not easy to have a dream, want to do a selling ice-lolly, there are endless ice-lolly. They said no, there’s no way to sell popsicles, you have to change your dream. You hesitated for a long time and gave up on your dream. You lose the freedom to dream. After school, you not easy to make good friends, you go out in pairs, happy to live. Others said no, you this friend is ignorant, will lead you bad, you have to stay away from him. You hesitated for a long time and gave up on your friends. You lose your freedom to make friends. Graduated, you want to take advantage of the young in the big city to make a career, experienced several twists and turns. Others say no line, your ability is not enough, go home as early as possible take an examination of a civil servant life without worry. You hesitated for a long time and gave up. You lose your freedom to work. When you’re working, you want to work from 9 to 5 and spend half your life working and half living. Others say no line, working overtime is the value to you, you not only want 996 working hours, you hesitated for a long time, gave up rebellion. You lose your freedom of time. Later, you also lost the freedom to love, procreate, gender freedom… You’re not the Truman Show, you’re not living on a reality show, but you’re still programmed and bound.

Is it hard to find freedom? It is very difficult. The hard part is not making a decision, but sticking to your freedom no matter what gets in your way. When the feeling of weirdness gets stronger, Truman finally decides to leave Peach Land. But the whole world is trying to stop him. By plane? There are all kinds of disasters. Truman’s first escape was blocked, only to find that Truman stole away one night. The whole city turned night into day in an instant in search of him. In an attempt to stop him, the sea began a storm pattern that threatened to capsize the boat. Truman was not afraid. “The only way to stop me is to kill me. Finally, the director knows that there is no way to stop Truman from leaving, and the sea is calm. But before Truman could enjoy the calm, the sailboat reached the far end of the sea and tore a hole in the wall. Too sad, you so poetry and distance is actually a broken wall. Looking back on the rest of his life, Truman would think he was a joke too. This is the price of seeking freedom. That’s what it means to seek freedom. Only when the old world is broken can a wider new one be opened. Like the moment we left our mother’s warm womb, most of us were crying unwillingly. However, through half life looking back at that moment, will still feel coming is worth it. So when the director of the reality show tried to dissuade him one last time, Truman still chose to leave.

The end of the film is full of irony. Truman finally said goodbye to that false world. The audience outside the stadium cheered for him and was moved by him. Then, in the blink of an eye, you’ll forget Truman’s relentless search for the next show. The audience doesn’t care if Truman is doing well or not, knowing the truth or not knowing the truth. Truman’s life is just something they can talk about at dinner. So, don’t you get it? Your life is also, in the eyes of the beholder, a changeable variety show. Most of the time when people are judging, praising or criticizing your behavior, it’s not the life advice you want. It’s the instinct you can’t help but say something after watching a show. What’s more, this instinct is often accompanied by some unknown secret, from envy, to walk in despicable. You can’t stop other people’s instincts, but you can stop yourself from being a jerk. When do you think someone is stupid? Chances are when a man does something stupid without even knowing it. Is clearly in the heart of blood is not breath, but along with the other people’s mind for a lifetime of compromise. Life is more comfortable, the more to reflect, after all, life is like a play, all rely on acting. There is no guarantee that your life will not be a puppet manipulated by others.