The Ultimate Romance of Destruction — David Leitch “Bullet Train” Movie Review

The story takes place on the Bullet Train from Tokyo to Kyoto, Japan, which explains why I prefer the direct translation to the lame Italian translation. I don’t know if the Taiwan translation version is “Bullet Train”, so the domestic in order to avoid suspicion and deliberately avoid the renaming, in fact, completely unnecessary. An American-directed murder case, adapted from a Japanese novel and set in Japan, involving American actors, Japanese actors and British actors, involves three countries, so if you want to avoid suspicion completely, you should not introduce it. Since it was introduced, there is no need to distort the naming because of the fourth party.

What attracted me most to Bullet Train was its romantic narrative and cinematography style, which was truly the ultimate in ruinous, bone-chilling romance. I’m sorry, I just can’t find the words to better express my feelings. Anyway, it’s really great, so hurry up and buy tickets if you haven’t seen it.

About the narrative style, the use of magic realism. I know when you hear this word, the first thing that comes to mind is South American writer Garcia Marquez’s One Hundred Years of Solitude. Another name spacer, I’m really freaking out a bit. Yes, the movie and the book are the same narrative style, the difference is that the characters involved in the movie are not as ponderous, not as devastating, and the names are not as tongue-in-cheek and indistinguishable as the South Americans. But five killers, representing four forces, does not sound like a simple story. In the final reversal, I still quite like it. As the daughter of “Prince” a machine gun blast off the white death “white death”, that is, her biological father half of the head, that moment, really is the most exciting point of the film. In addition, the bloody killings in the story all took place on the bullet train from Tokyo to Kyoto, the main actors chopping and slicing bloody killings, collar can not hide the blood stains, the bar car was beaten to pieces of furniture, none of them did not successfully escape the eyes and ears of the conductor and passengers. The conductor and other passengers appeared to be blind and totally deaf. The only person who reacted to the noise caused by the fight was a grandmother with completely white hair, while other children and adults were oblivious. This is what magical realism is all about, isn’t it? Everyone is clear about what’s going on, but not interested in asking questions. The satire of today’s social problems is also insightful and pertinent.

About the photography style, I do not know what words to use to describe better, then use the theme of the article, ruinous romance it. Director David Leitch his bones the ultimate bloody romance, can make people crazy, can turn the sun, moon and stars upside down, can destroy the sky and earth. God, I love this ultimate fucking romance! Don’t get me wrong, there is everything in this movie but the useless thing of love. What impressed me most, besides the various fancy fights in the confined space, was the Japanese long sword duel. The application of slow-motion in this section of the perfect, straight to the realm, the chivalrous feelings of the children of the rivers and lakes without fear of life and death come to the surface.