The real discrimination comes from the self. Review of the Green Book

“Green Book” is based on a true story about Tony, an Italian-American bodyguard who is hired to drive Don, one of the world’s finest jazz pianists. The pianist will begin a tour in New York, telling the story of a friendship between the two men that spans race and class.

In the beginning is the male hero’s complicated life is really noisy, the American sports industry is really fast and a long time. Male Lord, explained very clearly. An ordinary white American with ideas but limitations, at which point another hero also enters the scene. At first, the white male lead Tony went to look for the black male lead Don. He first found the concert hall downstairs of Don. My first impression was that he was right. But how could they meet in an empty hall? Of course, this also sets the stage for Don’s people – a musician with depth, not just a musician. The layout is very good, the whole hall is empty, only him a person, the reception lady said thank you for buying a ticket and then the real boss appeared, is a man like Tang Chiefs. Ironically enough, the boat capsized in the hands of old Babbitt Tony.

Play hard to get. One detail. Did Don say you were married? Tony says it’s over, and Don says it’s not so good. The result refers to the family is not too responsible, really is very warm, there is a human interest, although finally let the housekeeper go home for reunion, a bit repetitive. Thus began the two men’s south tour. At first, Tony said the price was OK, there were too many things, really, for such a sensitive thing, the price, should have been set at the beginning. Tony was as good as his word. True gold fears no fire.

Along the way, two misfits are constantly colliding. I remember Don compromising for the first time with fried chicken. Tony’s first compromise was at the end in a Birmingham restaurant. He also realized that he could have ended it all by sticking to it, and of course this time Don’s toughness was really the perfect ending to the trip. In the process of this trip, a large number of such graphics were constructed, basically with the feeling of PPT and a story at a fixed point. It was a little like a drama, but it also incorporated the ideas of modern painting composition. To be honest, it was fascinating, and you can tell where you’re going by the intent of the camera. And it’s not abrupt, it’s harmonious, and I think it’s like a textbook shot. I feel like I can see the shadows of a modern composition in just one screenshot, two people, three people, a group of people, and one person, each of which makes you feel comfortable and natural. It gives you a visual sense of what it’s like to read a novel, especially in the scene where two people are in a car, one in front of the other.

I don’t even know if I had a gun when I tried to save Don. I think the director will not pay attention to this, because he knows that such people will always find a way to solve the problem, of course, we also see from this life is really cruel. There are times when you can pretend to have a gun, but there are times when you really need it and that’s when the timing of the gun is very important, and that’s why Tony is known as the problem solver.

Don: Don’t ask me how to be successful. Get respect first.

Tony: Don’t ask me how to succeed. Go for the opportunity and solve the problem.