Sen to Chihiro no kamikakushi : The Adventure of Dream and Fantasy in Japanese Aesthetics

Sen to Chihiro no kamikakushi tells a series of wonderful stories about a 10-year-old girl Chihiro and her parents who went into the world of gods by mistake. Their parents became two pigs because of stealing, and Chihiro went through a series of plots to save their parents. In “Thousand and Thousand Seeks”, Hayao Miyazaki combined the use of color with animation characters, showing a unique animation style.

01 Music analysis

The representative work of Hayao Miyazaki, “Thousand Aways”, is a typical modern fable of Hayao Miyazaki. In the film, there are chords and chords. Piano solos and string music are used for many times. They are made by Jiushirang and are magnificent. There are many tense stories in the film. At this time, the music is also urgent and tense. The music created by Hiroshi Kushirang perfectly matches the plot and rhythm of Hayao Miyazaki’s animation films. His piano sound is exquisite, like the ups and downs of Chihiro’s emotional world, and also constantly hints at the adventure that the little girl Chihiro is going to experience, laying the groundwork for the following plot.

At the beginning of the film, Chihiro’s family is preparing to move to another city. With the soothing piano background music and the string music with a slight sadness in the bass, it shows Chihiro’s reluctant feelings for the school and the old environment he attended before. When the music becomes urgent and tense orchestral music, it indicates a series of twists and turns that will happen after the movie plot enters the world of gods. Especially, the plot of the Chihiro family entering the ruins through the tunnel and after it. The piano music is mysterious, weird and intermittent, which makes the audience have a sense of tension to hold their breath and watch, laying the groundwork for the next plot. Later, when Chihiro met Bai , Bai worried about Chihiro’s situation and helped her escape. Then Chihiro found that his parents had become two fat pigs because of eating, and the music became more urgent and intense. The eager orchestral music set off Chihiro’s terrified heart at this time. Until later, White Dragon appeared beside Chihiro, and he sent him pills to eat to avoid her disappearance. At this time, the music was soothing, just as White Dragon brought comfort and security to Chihiro. Later, every time the white dragon appeared, the background music would become quiet and soothing, just as his courage and wisdom soothed Chihiro’s restless and frightened heart.

After meeting the little black elves carrying coal, the pictures are witty, lively and joyful, and the music is also cheerful, lively, humorous and humorous, which shows the lively and lovely character characteristics of the little elves. Chihiro started her work and really started her life here, which is the training of her personal growth. When Chihiro saw Grandma Tang, the music would become low, just like the feeling that Grandma Tang gave people, which was awesome.

After the appearance of faceless men, there will be “ding ding” background music, which is also the impression that faceless men bring to everyone. He is a symbol of loneliness and emptiness. Faceless men have the essence of kindness, and eventually return to a pure and kind heart after getting bad. The appearance of the god of corruption was accompanied by the rapid and tense music, which made everyone feel nervous and scared, and was rejected by everyone because of the dirt. However, after the rotten god recovered and flew away, it was like a battle victory. People cheered and cheered, and the background music was also warm and cheerful, rendering a festive scene. After Bai was injured, the situation was tense and the music became low. After Grandma Tang found that her baby was missing, the piano sound was tense and urgent, which showed Grandma Tang’s angry and anxious mood. After Grandma Qian and Chihiro were together, the music became melodious, beautiful and beautiful, indicating that their relationship was very harmonious. White Dragon met Chihiro again, and the music was beautiful and harmonious, just like their mutual love. When they parted, they were reluctant to part. The music was sad, which made people feel sad. Hayao Miyazaki said, “The love between Chihiro and bai refers to a kind of friend who supports each other in difficulties, encourages each other and lives strong. It also represents the relationship between human beings and nature – no one can be separated from anyone!” And every time Bai appears around Chihiro, she will give her care and encouragement. At this time, with quiet, soothing and warm music, not only in plot, vision, but also in hearing, it can comfort everyone’s heart, The audience was deeply moved.

The finale “Always with me” is the most representative piece of the whole film, and also a classic work that is popular all over the world. It is sung by a warm and friendly female voice accompanied by piano sound. The music is soothing and quiet, giving people the comfort and beautiful feeling of warm sunshine like winter, telling people that life is a wonderful journey, and telling people to experience and grow, It reposes human’s desire for beautiful dreams and memories.

02 Role modeling analysis

Miyazaki has made an in-depth analysis of several characters in the work “Sen to Chihiro no kamikakushi”, with the purpose of showing the characters of different characters to the audience and improving the emotional connotation of the work.

1 Analysis of Grandma Tang’s role

For Grandma Tang, she is the ruler of the whole movie, completely controlling all the behaviors in the “soup house”, and requiring the members in the “soup house” to work hard, otherwise they will become pigs. Chihiro’s parents should become pigs because they ate Grandma Tang’s food, which is the result of breaking in without Grandma Tang’s permission. In the works of Thousand and Thousand Searches, Grandma Tang represents an ugly witch. Her room is empty and luxurious, while the room of Thousand Searches is small and simple. This environmental contrast can better reflect the character of Grandma Tang who regards money as her life. In addition, Grandma Tang likes to control others and impose her own will on others, which is completely a negative witch image. Although Hayao Miyazaki has portrayed Grandma Tang as a vicious negative role, there are still positive contents. For example, even when the stinky god of the river appears, it still requires employees to open the door and warmly welcome her, instead of closing the door; When the shameless man ate and drank, Grandma Tang did not panic, but chose to control the situation calmly. Grandma Tang’s performance of this kind still needs to be learned.

2 Analysis of the role of faceless men

There are reasons for the appearance of the faceless man in the works of “Sen to Chihiro no kamikakushi”, which represents an indispensable role. In the film, the faceless man has no name, his appearance is not clear, but his whole body is black, and the expressionless white face under the mask gives people an atmosphere of fear. At the beginning of the film, the faceless man is just alone, without friends or relatives, while Chihiro does his best to help him. At this time, the faceless man also feels a little warmth, laying the foundation for the two people to become good friends in the second half of the film. In the soup house, the faceless man can turn clay into gold, and countless small partners began to show their kindness to him. The faceless man gradually lost himself and became extremely greedy. At this time, the faceless man changed from a lonely man to a greedy man. In the second half of the film, Chihiro stabilized the mood of the faceless man. The faceless man also spit out his food. He is no longer the brainless greedy man. It means that we are facing countless temptations at all times in our life, and the greedy heart will grow bigger and bigger, just like a balloon that grows bigger and bigger, and will be destroyed one day because it cannot bear. Hayao Miyazaki designed the role of the faceless man in “Sen to Chihiro no kamikakushi”, leaving the audience endless imagination space and triggering the audience’s thinking. In life, we need to look at our life and work. We cannot be controlled by our inner desire, and we must be pure.

3 Analysis of the role of river god

The role of river god represents filth and authority. Dirty is reflected in the foul sludge on the body surface, and authority comes from the status of his own god. When the river god entered the “soup house”, the stench of the river god made other people avoid it. Chihiro washed the mud for the river god with kindness. It was also because of Chihiro’s continuous efforts that he cleaned the mud on the surface of the river god. Chihiro also received the due reward – a magic pill. Miyazaki added a lot of exaggeration in the video of the river god bathing, which made the audience feel how bad the river god was, so that the mud poured out of the bathtub and spread to the whole bathhouse. This exaggerated approach can arouse people’s reflection and hope that people can protect the environment, no longer destroy nature, and give us, and even the world, a healthy home.

03 Color metaphor

Color, as the most intuitive and appealing visual element of animation art, endows animation films with more metaphors. The application of film color can form a beautiful color space and outer package for the film, so as to meet the audience’s visual enjoyment and requirements, and can better shape the image of film characters and reveal the theme of the whole film.

1 Red metaphor

The red metaphor in the animated film “Sen to Chihiro no kamikakushi” represents the red dress of Chihiro and Fangbao. At the beginning of the film, the protagonist, Chihiro, dressed in gray and grass-green casual clothes, gave people a fresh and lively feeling of a girl with vitality, mixed with lazy childishness. During a move, Chihiro and his parents accidentally entered a mysterious town, and their parents were turned into pigs because of eating food from the temple. This sudden change made the little girl feel at a loss. In a panic, she went into the soup house, the bathing place of the gods. If she didn’t work in it, she would be turned into various animals. Chihiro got chores at the expense of his real name and started his own journey of training. The color of the main character’s clothes also turned red. As the main color widely used by human beings, red gives a strong visual impact by virtue of its bright and bright characteristics. According to the analysis of human experience, red directly represents the animal’s sexual characteristics and blood color. The primitive people found that blood was red, and people or animals would lose their life after losing blood, so red also represents vitality and vitality. At the same time, the worship of fire has also become the main source of red cognition. In the film, the thin Chihiro began to work: washing the floor, rubbing her back, and serving food. She treated the dirty river god equally, educated the lonely faceless man, and lifted the seal of the evil girl on the white dragon. Throughout the process, Chihiro gradually became strong and brave, and the sublimation of personality and red clothes set off each other. Here, red highlights vitality and bursts out the positive meaning of self-improvement and perseverance.

In the film, Fang Baobao wears a red suit when he appears, which echoes the character he portrays. In real life, once a person is angry, his face will turn red and his blood pressure will rise, and Fang Baobao’s red clothes reflect his character from the side, that is, irritability. Fang Baobao is wearing a bright red belly pocket with the word “Fang” printed on it. Although the whole character is a big figure, the author gives him a simple baby face. He not only likes toys and pillows, but also cries when he is unhappy and likes to torture people in prison. Therefore, the red color in the film also implies some negative metaphors such as being unruly, overbearing and unreasonable in the character.

2 White metaphor

According to modern people’s life experience, white has snowflakes, clouds, fog and other things, which means white represents blank, indifference and ignorance. The white representative in the animated film “Sen to Chihiro no kamikakushi” is Grandma Tang’s assistant – the unsmiling young man in white kimono, who seems to be free to come and go, but in fact, he often does some petty activities to cater to greed and unconditionally obey the order of the old witch. White Dragon was cold and arrogant. In his early years, he sacrificed his real name to practice magic, but lost his way home. Until Chihiro spoke about his childhood drowning experience, White Dragon remembered his past, changed back into human form and thought of his real name – “See Amber Chuan in Relief Early”. Here white represents foolishness, aloofness and confusion. The encounter of Little White Dragon and Chihiro in the supernatural world inspired Little White Dragon’s inner goodness. At the beginning of the whole film, Chihiro has been lonely since his parents were in danger. He came to the bath only after being rescued by White Dragon, which shows the good nature of White Dragon; He was seriously injured when stealing. After recovering, Bai repented and admitted his mistake to Grandma Qian, reflecting Bai’s frank character. According to human experience, the day refers to the period from sunrise to sunset, and white also represents sunlight, just like the sunlight makes the world full of light. Therefore, white also represents kindness, justice and sincerity.

3 The metaphor of black

The darkness of the night not only engulfs all the hustle and bustle, but also distinguishes it from the day. Therefore, black gives people a simple, pure, heavy feeling, including wisdom. In the whole film, the most typical representative character is Grandpa Boiler. Although he has a beard and a bent body, his black glasses reflect his wisdom and experience. He has six black arms, and can stretch freely. He also serves as the head of the bathhouse, and holds all the hot water and medicine. Although the surface seems inhuman and stubborn, the heart is soft and warm. He refused Chihiro’s request to find a job in the bathhouse, but found a friend to cover Chihiro and help him find Grandma Tang to get the chance; When Chihiro was waiting for the god of the river to take a bath, it was the boiler grandpa who helped Chihiro to show great grace and was valued and respected by everyone in the soup house; When Bai was seriously injured and in danger, it was the boiler grandpa who stood by and gave Chihiro his long-cherished ticket, so that he could return the seal stolen by Bai to the original owner and resolve the resentment between them. It can be seen that black in the film contains the meaning of calm and introverted, implying that the heart of the people is childlike and wise.